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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, and Song of the Lioness.

There may have been other stories here at one time, but the shame was too great to be borne! And they had to go.


(-ahhh private joke...am so witty)

My profile pic, which has turned out with v bad resolution was drawn for me by the wonderful Saulone at www.thereandbackagain.net for an RPG that never really got very far. In case you were wondering the character's name was Breginda (wild heart) and she was a laiquendi elf.

'The White Fire'

Another HP fic, but it really only touches on true canon. The possibilities of a life at Hogwarts to someone whose life isn't contstantly at risk ahem Harry. Actually, I'm not really sure what to say about this fic. Personally, I think it gets better as you go on, mostly because it's been a work in progress so long. Anyway, I'm moderately happy with the way it came out and Tanwen's next year is in the making. This next one I fear will be more of a trial for Miss Gray.

Status: COMPLETE (but secretly rubbish :p )

'The Moonlit Ones'

This is another HP fic, Lily/James with a difference. Totally different style to 'The White Fire', less fun and flirting and more mysticalness and plot. Ever wonder why Lily's life is such a big secret? Well read and find out...‘Whenever the innocent are in danger the Huntress will ride again.’ Lily has done everything in her power to go unnoticed, but sometimes average just isn’t a choice...

Status: Complete! Sequel in progress


Another Tamora Pierce one that I started a while back. It's the story of a girl raised by a dragon set post PotS

Status: Pretty much dead I'm sorry to say. I just don't have the time and energy to devote to this. I know a lot of people would like to see this carried on, but honestly if I did I wouldn't be satisfied with the result. However if I do ever decide to restart this then all those who have left emails in their reviews or have logged accounts will recieve emails. It's the best I can do I'm afraid.

'Gifts of the Giftless'

A Tamora Pierce ficlet. A short, humerous reflection of Leanne of Conte's life, with a few irresistable digs and Mary-sueisms and the same tired plotlines that get cycled over and over. Complete - and my best story!

'New Moon Rising'

The title of the sequel to 'The Moonlit Ones'. Just restarted, will try to update more frequently than before. Really.

'A Bird's Eye View'

A short I wrote in a spare half hour at work. It started out as just a little scene I saw in my head, but then actually turned out to be a quiet introspective moment for Hermione. It ends a bit abruptly, but I still quite like it. And also, my first completely canon HP

Status: Complete. After all, it's only a one shot.


Another one-shot, written in my spare moments. Basically a window into the mind of Regulus Black, offering one suggestion for his actions and feelings about Sirius. It has a very sad, slightly depressing after-taste imho.

Status: Complete

Fav quotes of the moment:

'Forgiveness is the name of love practiced among those who love poorly. The hard truth is that all of us love poorly. We need to forgive and be forgiven everyday, every hour, unceasingly. That is the great work of love among the fellowship of the weak that is the human family'- Henri Nouwen

Success is somebody else's failure. Success is the American Dream we can keep dreaming because most people in most places, including thirty million of ourselves, live wide awake in the terrible reality of poverty. No, I do not wish you success. I don't even want to talk about it. I want to talk about failure.

Because you are human beings, you are going to meet failure. You are going to meet disappointment, injustice, betrayal, and irreparable loss. You will find you're weak where you thought yourself strong. You'll work for possessions and then find they posssess you. You will find yourself- as I know you already have- in the dark places, alone and afraid.

What I hope for you, for all my sisters and daughters, brothers and sons, is that you will be able to live there, in the dark place. To live in that place that our rationalizing culture of success denies, calling it a place of exhile, uninhabitable, foreign. Ursula Le Guin

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