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Author has written 3 stories for Pokémon, and Kung Fu Panda.

I know it says I wrote kung-fu panda fanfiction but that was just to prove there wasn't just 'good' and 'evil' I don't like the movie AT ALL.

UPDATE: (19th September 2010) Haha, my laptop broke and then I got caught in the real world... not helped by the relese of Mockingjay! But anyway, now I'm back and ready 2 rock. I've been busy writing with pen & pad but I have to tipe it up lus it's back to the-secrate-thing-I-do-which-I-can't-tell-you-about-because-it-might-give-you-a-hint-of-my-age which pretty much rules my life so don't be expectng updates daily imaginary people who read my profile.

UPDATE: (18th August 2010) I update too often but it's fun talking to imaginary people who care about updates. Anyway I made myself a new avatar which has a scene from my pmd fanfic which I'm brainstorming, the summary is at the bottom under Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Stardust Fighters.

UPDATE: (16th August 2010) My brother stole the house laptop to play starcraft on for three days which is why I haven't written anything. But now he's gone I can write again MUHAHAHA. The problem is that no one execpt my friend Neodragon11 (Who has not yet registered on fanfiction.net) knows I write fanfiction so they don't understand why I'm hogging the computer so I might have to revert to paper and pencil to be typed up later. Oh and thanks to INKYONE for adding 'caged' to his/her faverouites list and animalgirl127 for reveiwing 'the choices we make'. Ooh and started writing 'The Unnamed' but haven't posted it yet. Look at the bottom to see the summary.

UPDATE: (13th August 2010) I don't know why I even bother to update, I mean who actually looks? But anyway I changed my avatar *which is obviously by me) and it's meant to say 'the choices we make' but for some strange reason it's come out as 'he choices we make'. It features two main charecters from my fanfiction, 'the choices we make', Sin and Hope. Now I shall post Part one of 'the choices we make' in celebration, but I warn you part two is far from finished.

UPDATE: (10th August 2010) I'm back from my crazy holiday and am so happy about recieving reveiws from StaraptorEmpoleon. I'm going to write a third part for 'Emotions' and as soon as I can find a title for the Absol PMD fanfiction I'll post it. And I've started a new fanfic (Parting Feelings)

NAME: Just call me Yrane, wolf or Absol (neither of which is my real name)

OTHER USER-NAMES: Mainly Yrane, Wolfs_Tears (Yeah there should be an apostrophe but most stuff doesn't do that) Tears_of_the_wolf, Neverine but occasionally something like Shadow_Absol

AGE: If you care then you're probably a stalker or want to use identity theft. Either way I'm not telling :) But young enough to surprise people with my morbid writing!

GENDER: Female. *stalker cheers in joy*

INTERESTS: Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.Pokémon.

OTHER:Hmmm... you want my phone number? Address? Postcode? Well tough luck.

PERSONALITY: You might have gathered I'm paranoid. Very. And a pessimistic, sarcastic person. But also ridiculously positive to other people and huge arguer. I prefer to be on my own than with other people.

I am possibly the biggest Suicune and Absol freak in existence, I am still trying to write a fan fiction that doesn't involve an Absol. In total on all of my Pokémon games I have spent about two thousand hours.

My favourite books are the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, Fell, the Sight and Fire Bringer by David Clement-Davies, Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke and the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer.


'Though parting hurts I leave the rest in your hands' Grovyle Pokémon mystery dungeon explorers of time\darkness\the sky.

'"Good. Now... if you trust in yourself..."


"...and believe in your dreams..."


"...and follow your star..." Miss Tick went on.


"...you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy. Goodbye."' Terry Pratchet, The Wee Free Men.

'"Killing is to easy," Mo said, "Dying is harder." Cornelia Funke, Inkdeath

'...means four in French and we add another one because we're English...' My bell-ringing teacher.

Fanfictions (At some point I'll get around to posting them all, these are only the ones I could bother to write blurbs for and I like working on lots of fan fictions at a time):

(Divided into parts): The Choices we Make (in progress and part one posted): A complex story divided into sections that can be read just as one part or as the entire thing. So far the sections are (in bold if posted, I haven't written half of them only planned them): Part one: I am a Sinner, Part two: We wish for Freedom, Part three: My Broken Heart, Part four: So I chase the North Wind, Part five: That Spirit within us, Part six: The Darkness in our Hearts, Part seven: The Sacrifice some must give, Part eight: As we Stand in the Daylight

(Collection of One-shots) Emotions (third part in progress, first two parts posted): A friend gave me a topic to write about, so I wrote a depressing morbid fic about Eeveelutions, then I wrote another emotional fic so I decided to turn it into a series.

(Chaptered) Unamed (in progress, unposted until I find a name): PMD one from Absol's point of veiw. He is exiled but once he was happy, delves deeply into the mind and fictional background I made up for Absol. Based on the one sentance Articuno says something along the lines of, 'I can feel the earth screaming in pain'

(Collection of one-shots) Parting Feelings (almost finished, part one posted): At the end of the first part of the story on PMD2 the Pokémon all felt betrayed. These parts portray their feelings.

(Chaptered) The Unnamed (Unposted): An Absol Pokemorph awakes with a haunting feeling of guilt and no memory. She journeys to find out the past of the Absol and the human and in the process discovers those who hate her. A foolish attempt at a journeyfic.

(Chaptered) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Stardust Fighters (Unposted): Unlike most Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fics the main charecter isn't a human-turned Pokemon but a Pokemon-turned Pokemon. A world is divided into compounds for each Pokemon type with high walls and violent guards preventing escape. inside hunger and poverty rule, there is no law and only those who grow food (or kill others for theirs/eat other Pokemon) have it. A Swablu called Sora is part of a small free band in the mountains, but when mysterious Pokemon burst in her beloved leader Absol seems to fade before her eyes after giving her a mission to escape and lead more freedom-fighters. She recruited an Electrike called Hiro but when a Shinx sees them through a crack in the wall he follows them, thinking of a free new life he follows them. Then Prologue over. A Vulpix wakes up with no memory execpt that she wasn't a Vulpix before. Meanwhile the Shinx and the others have been seperated by patrolls. The Shinx meets her, they agree on the temperory name for her of Amber. Together they try to free the Pokemon.

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Parting feelings
After Grovyle had gone to the future on PMD2 everyone felt either betrayed or guilty. In this series of parts they go into their feelings.
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