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Who is this schmuck...?

Formerly (for about 1 1/2 weeks) known briefly as Mr. Darkseid until me and the original owner of this nick came to an agreement that allowed me to change it to this, my usual online nick.

I'm a college student in my mid-twenties, working on a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. Writing, for me, is a way to escape my pressures of life, and my first published piece of fanfiction is a direct result of that. Besides that, I also develop my own ideas and universes, and am seeking graphics artists who would like to make them come to life - if you are interested, get a hold of me please.

I take inspiration from a lot of things, but most of my writings tend to favor a bit of a supernatural bent.

Besides writing, my other interests lie in videogaming, emulation, and amateur voice acting talents.

I am also one of the co-founders of the website, Project2612.

I hope you enjoy my work. I worked long and hard on it, through long nights and boring days. If you enjoy it, please look for more from me in the future, including my own ideas.

Like all authors, I do enjoy reviews, so please review my work, whether you like it or dislike it. I will reply to all reviews that aren't obvious nonsense, assuming the reviewer has an account and isn't anonymous, that is. Even if you dislike it, please review it and state why - criticism is just as important, if not more so, than praise.

Works In Progress

My definition of a work "in progress" differs from what most people would consider it. To me, a "Work In Progress" is something I've already fully written out in rough draft form, and I simply expand upon this rough draft before posting it here. What most would consider "Work In Progress" - that is, something currently being written - is posted in the "Additional Projects" section, which is just below this one. This is because I hate dead fics, so rather than start a story, get bored, and stop, I'll write it out in rough draft before I post a single chapter. This way, if I get bored with an idea and drop it, its only existence is a simple codename and a status report... not a story that will never get finished.

1) Of Leaves and Lilac - Tsukihime.

A year after the events of Tsukihime, 17 year-old Tohno Akiha is still living life the way she always has - a student by day, and master of Misaki City by night. Even with all of the events that occurred last year, her life has, for the most part, remained steady and consistent. But, can she remain this way forever...? Re-Rated M for Graphic Violence/Sex. WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS OF SEX, VIOLENCE, AND PHILOSOPHY. Updated every Sunday.

The result of four long months of writing, and a lot of refining. It is a long story, of (several) novel length. One chapter a week will be published, every Sunday.

2) Suzaku: Writer's Cut - Tsukihime.

A year after Tohno Akiha suffers a seemingly-permanent Inversion Impulse, Tohno Shiki has taken over the reins of the Tohno household and finances, tending to them until she returns back to her usual self. However, will she ever return to normal...?

Finished (sadly) 9th/15 in the 2010 Type-Moon Fanfiction Contest, but in terms of actual prize-winning entries, 5th/11. Will probably be getting a bit of a revision/extension, as the original version had some mistakes, and was originally to be a 75,000 word project, which was then cut down to 35,000 and later re-expanded to 45,000. Its final length may or may not be 75,000 (and I'd personally bet on not) but what will go up here is a bit stronger than what was submitted. And yes, I did win the figure I wanted to win. :p

Additional Projects

Additional projects planned: 5. Please don't ask me about details on these projects, as I do not announce details publicly, or even privately, very much - unless there's something you can offer me (art, etc.) for the stories, I tend not to divulge them. As I do not like to create dead fics, I do not release details on them until I am sure the story will be put out - which is usually when I have the story complete in a rough draft form.

1) Project Night. Outline complete. Prologues done. Chapter 1 in progress.

2) Project Indian Summer. Outline completed, at long last. Chapter 1 of Story 1 complete in rough form. Likely on hold for after Project Night.

3) Project Bloodline. Outline complete, but still needs some adjustment. Likely on hold until the first two are done.

4) Project War. No outline yet, but ideas aplenty. May be done before or after Project Bloodline.

5) Project Eclipse. A collaboration with AlfheimWanderer. Wouldn't you like to know what this is...? :)

(Profile last updated: March 10, 2011.)

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