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Author has written 2 stories for Valkyria Chronicles, and Mass Effect.

As my list of fanfics suggest, I'm a huge Valkyria Chronicles fan, Selvaria my favourite character.

Originally I made my first fanfic (Embers of Life) roughly a year or so ago. Despite the many positive reviews it received, I felt the need to take it down in hopes of improving it, and after several delays out of both events beyond my control and my personal laziness, the chapters for the new and improved Embers of Life shall be posted as soon as possible.

These are my Valkyria Chronicles Character Bio's for my Embers of Life Fanic:

Eloc Oxford

Standing at a height of 7'3 and weighing in at 385 pounds, Eloc Oxford was one of the largest Lancers serving in the Empire during EW2. Speaking only when he feels absolutely necessary, he prefers quick action over planning and believes only the strongest warrior deserves to lead. His most striking characteristic is his sense of honour and the code by which he lives. NEVER will he sacrifice his honour, no matter the situation.

Oxford is well known all throughout his homeland of Fhirald by the title "Beast of Theoks", a ring name he acquired from the animosity he showed in the arena before the war and which the Gallians find themselves confronted with. Officially, Oxford has earned over a hundred victories without a single defeat since his debut in Fhirald, a record he plans to expand further after the war is over. Outside the arena however Oxford is actually very kind and caring, seen often as a gentle giant playing with the young children. Those who see past his silent and imposing demeanour can see he is quite intelligent, easy to get along with, and has a great (albeit deadpan) sense of humour.

When they first met, Oxford believed Selvaria to be unfit for leading as a General for His Grace's army, openly challenging her worthiness on several occasions. Things came to a head when, disgusted by what he at first saw as false courage in the face of insubordination (his own refusal to follow her orders) he challenged her one-on-one for leadership. The battle concluded with Selvaria giving the Beast of Theoks his very first defeat, breaking his arm before he finally submitted. Realizing the strength of her heart and iron-clad will to win no matter the cost, he has served her with an undying loyalty ever since.

Mostly indifferent to how other people treat one another, Oxford is openly disgusted at some of the extremes some Darcsen haters take their prejudice and has defended Darcsens many times in the past. He also dislikes it when one hides the truth from others in an effort to save them from pain. Hiding the truth in his eyes causes more pain because it deceives the listener with false hope. Better the hear the brutal truth than believing a tender lie.

- "Cell Block" by WWE (Jim Johnson)
- "Warrior" by Disturbed


Carn Nitsew

Selvaria's mentor since she first arrived in the Empire with Maximilian at only ten years of age. Strict and gruff as necessary, Carn is a calm and kind-hearted man willing to give advice to anyone when asked. Despite his age (62) he still knows how to show the youngsters a trick or two.

Carn is one of the very few to know Selvaria's complete history, including the horrors of the research facility and the loss of her only family. He found out the truth only by complete accident, but has sworn never to reveal it to anyone unless they already know. He knows all too well the darkness brought about by one's failure. This vow has earned him Selvaria's absolute trust.

On more than one occasion he has been demoted for his "unsafe methods of training", including one instant where he allegedly threatened to shoot a young recruit unless they fired on him first. More often then not this is because he wants them ready for the perils of the war. There are no do overs in a real battle, nor will the enemy show them mercy. Surprisingly, the men are grateful for such an approach, and defend him when necessary. His demotions are also often counteracted by the success of his squadrons, who have had the lowest casualty and failure rates in all of the Empire.

Though he never says it aloud, he is incredibly proud of Selvaria, the "young lass" as he often calls her. He hopes that she can one day find the happiness she deserves. He may not ever see it, but he knows one day she'll marry the man she loves, the same young man she has helped many times before.

Themes - "Winterspell" and "Master of Shadows" both by Two Steps From Hell


Note: I have given fellow author and friend "Jarl of the North" my permission to use some the characters above for his fanfic, "The Darcsen Demon"
... ...He just happened to get his story posted first, so I apologize for any confusion this may have/will cause

Other Fanfics I am currently working on include:

- (Valkyria Chronicles) "War of the Valkyrur" --> A detailed account of the events prior to and during the War of the Valkyrur

- (Dragon Age Origins) "Last of the Grey Wardens" --> My first play through of DAO written into a story. Fem. Cousland main character, other origins included.

- (Star Wars) "KOTOR: Quest for the Star Forge" --> My story of the first Kotor. FemRevan & Carth.

- (Legend of Zelda) "Silent Maiden" --> An AU of Twilight Princess. Zelda is mute, and travels the land alongside our heroes. Reasons will be explained in story.

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