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Hi! As you probably know, I'm TheJadedDolphin. Since you're probably here to learn something about me, let's get to work.

Name: Call me Jade

Age: Between 0 and 100

Gender: Last time I checked, I was a girl

Race: I'm a reluctant American, although I'm not above criticizing Americans.


Teen Titans

Robin/Starfire: The completely awesome former Batman sidekick and the totally sweet and yet completely kick-ass alien princess. This couple is completely amazing, and who doesn't love it? Crazy people, that's who.

Jinx/Kid Flash: He converted her to the good side, gave her roses, and nearly kissed her on the day they met. If that doesn't scream 'Ship me' I don't know what does. Plus, they have completely awesome chemistry.

Beast Boy/Raven: I understand completely that this is not canon, but I DON'T CARE. I love how his quirky goofiness balances out her dark, mysterious personality. They're just awesome together. If you don't believe me, watch 'Spellbound,' or 'The Beast Within.' *Happy Shipper grin*

Argent/Hot Spot: Another kind of crack couple, but I fully support it. The hot tempered flame boy and the awesome New Zealander goth girl. Now that's an interesting couple.

Jericho/Kole: They're adorable together, even if they never meet in the show...

Harry Potter

Harry/Ginny: I love them together: What with her eternal crush, him slowly realizing his feelings, and all that her incredibly heartbreaking reaction to his supposed death in Deathly Hallows, I fell in love with this pairing. I'm so glad they got their happy ending.

Ron/Hermione: Great chemistry! The amazing brainy girl with the big heart, and the goofy, awesome red-head, who just needs a good shove in the right direction in order to see how he feels.

Lily/James: Another awesome couple! Wish we'd got to see more of them!

Luna/Neville: To bad it didn't happen... I could so have seen it! Luna is completely awesome, and she is amazingly open-minded, and Neville just gets so amazing in the last three books.

Dean/Luna: Could have seen it as well, since he actually listened to her stories about the crumpled-horn snorkacks.

My Story: I republished the infamous Harry Potter Fic 'My Immortal' with my friend Olivia (See Olivia's corner below), since we love to laugh and mock about that story. Here are some links, just in case you are interested about that story:

Poll results: What do you think of 'My Immortal?'

1 I fear for the future of the human race, because no one should be able to write that badly.

22 » 30%

2 My eyes... my EYES!!

15 » 21%


7 » 9%

4 It's a joke... right???

7 » 9%

5 Thanks for re-posting this!

7 » 9%

6 How dare you mock such a sophisticated piece of literature.

7 » 9%

7 WTF?

6 » 8%

Olivia's Corner: Olivia is my friend who now shares this account with me. Since we differ on many things about shipping and other stuff, I thought she might as well have her own little place to talk about her thoughts.

Pairings I (Olivia) like:




Pairings I'm Okay with...




Pairings That I hate:




I'm way into music, and I love a good song fic. I actually write songs, but I probably will never do anything with them. I've also been playing the piano since kindergarten, so I'm pretty darn good if I say so my self.

I also love a good laugh, and that is why I put up that story.

Olivia and I probably won't be publishing anything else. We tried something a while back, but it turned out badly, so we never put it up here. And then she deleted it. And then we found out that our premise had been very famously used already. So you will never see it. Sorry! (Unless we can find My Immortal II, by a different author, somewhere on the Internet. The minute we do, we will post it for you guys.)