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Just another yaoi fan with too much time on her hands that thinks she can write.

Name: Becca.

Age: Guess.

Sex: Um, female.

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 115 lbs

Hair Color: Blond (Well, it's red at the moment...)

Eye Color: Blue

Favorites- Season: Autumn; Color: Purple; Book: Brave New World; Song: Live for Better Days by Ignite; Food: Candy; Person: Robby

And now you know me.

My SasuNaru rec list!


Weak Knees Goldilocks by Kaminiko

Summary: Like the title suggests, a Naruto parody of "Goldilocks and The Three Bears". Sorta funny... I guess. Lime. (KakaIru, SasuNaru)

A Very Good Bus Ride by TsukiHokori121

Summary: “Yes, you are. You blush prettily, you smile prettily…everything you do is pretty…the way you groan, the way you gasp…the way you try to hold back moans when I touch you here.” Naruto has fun with Sasuke on a hot bus. Pissed Sasuke!Horny Naruto! A/U

And Then Naruto Screamed by michelerene

Summary: It started off innocently enough with car troubles, but then all the scariest stories start out with innocence. SasuNaru

Don't Get Caught by StaresWithDisbelief

Summary: One-shot! In which Sasuke and Naruto are arrested and deal with the consequences for getting “caught in the act”. And it's exactly how it sounds. AU, mild SasuNaru.

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Clause by Doodlelover

Summary: Little Hanami never expected this. Implied SasuNaru/NaruSasu, SasuSaku, and SaiSaku. Rated for language.

Is This A Dream? by Jinxypoo

Summary: Sasuke is a normal high school boy. After he has an odd dream about a blond boy. The next day he sees the same boy on the cover a manga. What happens when this boy appears to him, telling him to wake up? Is his realty all a dream? Yaoi BoyXBoy

It's Not Over by notmyrealaccount

Summary: End of the Manga. SasuNaru.

No Logic in Love by Quack says the T-shape

Summary: Sasuke first had to convince Naruto they were in love, then that they were in a relationship, and finally, that they should have lots of sex. SasuNaru

Sasuke's Little Slip by If You Know What I Mean

Summary: Sasuke ends up saying something... unintended during sex.


Beneath the Anger by Twisted Vixen

Summary: Sasuke was back. Everything was supposed to be great right? Well then why was the team falling apart? SasuNaruSasu

Daddy Rooster Head by dragon dreams

Summary: [AU] Orphan Naruto is sent to a private school through the generosity of DaddyRoosterHead! Definitely Sasunaru! Epilogue up! Thanks to all who reviewed!

Fireworks by FlamesEmbrace

Summary: Ah, spring... The songs of birds, the smell of flowers, the gentle THWAK of Cupid's shruiken... For some, love hurts. On kapaa, chocolate syrup and the absurdity of True Love. Fluffy SasuNaru. Complete! R to be safe...

Hormonal Five Year Olds by theallpowerfulme

SasuNaru, KakaIru. Tsunade left them in her office for one minute and when she got back they were five year olds covered in potion. Did I mention they still have their hormones?

I think I better leave right now by purrfectly679

Summay: [COMPLETE] After 5 long years, the heir to the Uchiha clan is finally back, engaged to a certain pink-haired girl... But old emotions reawaken as the 2 rivals once again meet face to face, eye to eye... And heart to heart? SasuNaru. lemon link in profile

Road Trip by Lunar Chasmodai

Summary: What begins as a road trip between six friends turns out to be a nightmare when everything that can go wrong DOES go wrong. With confused individuals, MapQuest, and a van named Murphy, this journey is more than just a trip [AU SasuNaru, ShikaTema GaaNeji]

Rosuto Rakuen by Datenshi No Uzumaki

Summary: AU, SasuNaru, ShounenAi: Moving into a new home, Naruto stumbled upon an old book, transporting him into another world. Now given a chance to start a new life, and find new friends, hope, and maybe love, he has to save the worlds from darkness...

To Be King by Monkeyface17

Summary: Prince Sasuke never expected to fall in love, least of all with his idiot servant. But as Sasuke and Naruto discover more about their past they ask themselves in a world shrouded in mystery and littered with dirty little secrets is there room to love?

Craving by o0Kitsune0o

Summary: It all started when Kakashi locked them in a room together as a punishment for bickering. Who knew falling so hard in love you could barely focus would be such a journey? It should be smooth sailing.. right? SasuNaru Team 7 lives together. Chapter41 UP!

All summaries belong to their respective authors.

(By the by; All of my favorites are there so I can read them before bed. On my cellphone. Sometimes, I don't even like the stories on there, so keep in mind that they're there before I read them.)

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Cherry Syndrome by ChikaMikk10 reviews
Strangers are a sign of change. And not always a bad one. Harry knew what this meant...Edward Elric was a change...a change to his newly aquired peace and life as he knew it. Yet another chaotic school year was about to begin. HpFma AnbuPair sequel RoyEd
Crossover - Harry Potter & Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 22 - Words: 70,726 - Reviews: 261 - Favs: 272 - Follows: 354 - Updated: 8/26/2013 - Published: 1/22/2009 - Edward E.
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