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Author has written 19 stories for Pokémon, My Little Pony, and Harry Potter.

The latest news: Graduated! Not very inspired, though, so it's slow going.

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Oh hi. Welcome to my snorefest of a page! :D

Who am I? Well, let's just start with the basics. I'm SugarPesticide, though you can call me SP or Pest if you like.

Since people love random trivia: I love all sorts of Pokemon, from Charizard and Beedrill to Serperior and Reshiram. However, I try not to stuff my fics full of only the species I like; doing this leads to interesting things. Before writing my journey fic, for example, I considered Drowzee to be one of the most nauseating, worthless Pokemon ever created. Having written one, though, I've now moved it to the category of ugly-cute, loyal buggers with nasal voices. It goes without saying that I like them more now.

Shippings? I don't have many Pokemon ships that I firmly support, besides Serperior/anyone, Ash/Pikachu, Dia/Pearl/Platina, and Youngster Joey/Rattata.

Yeah, I'm not as into shipping as people might assume from PV.

- - - x - -

My wordiest project is Blazing Frost, a Pokemon journey fic I began writing in 2008. It started out as a mediocre, Mary-Sue-toting fic with no particular plot in mind; it's since developed into its own story ... which involves general jerkassery, more plot threads than even Homestuck could handle, unnecessary edginess, superfluous drama, and enough angst to feed a third-world country. It is indefinitely on hiatus.

Then there's Project Valentine, which is full of one-shots concerning all kinds of shippings. It's a nice breather between agonizing over chapters for other fics. A Christmas special, Project Carol, has also been put up as its own story.

Speaking of one-shots, there's also The Core of Fairy Tales, An Age of Light, Apology, and Still Life, none of which are particularly cheerful. :D

River Styx (formerly titled "Those Whom I Could Not Save") is a Pokemon/HP crossover takes a bit of a different spin. Here's the basic premise: Sirius, after being blasted through the Veil (you should know this already) wakes up in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon world, remembering nothing about his past life but his name and a vague memory. Soon he forms a warrior-mage partnership with a Pokemon who seems ever so slightly familiar. But it's not all fun and games: shadowy forces from mystery dungeons and the nests of legendaries threaten to consume all of Pokemon civilization. And Sirius can't help but wonder if there are others like him.

Our Mortality was originally going to be a one-shot in Project Valentine before I decided it would be getting far too long. It's based on My Immortal (yes, that My Immortal), but it has an actual plotline to it: the evil teams are getting dangerous enough that Oak makes it mandatory for all underage students to attend an Academy in Cerulean. Misty meets up with Ash, who she hasn't seen in a long time, and the two start to fall in love. Meanwhile, dangerous fluctuations in space-time begin to break out, indicating that a showdown involving the legendaries will soon ensue. Naturally Misty and Ash have to prevent the conflict to save the world from cosmic horror. It's the fic I put the least interest in, and the only fic I don't have a firm resolve in actually finishing, since I'm mainly writing it for the lulz. So if you like this story more than my others, you're probably a single-minded Pokeshipping fanatic who only reads Ash/Misty fics to look for fluffy/angsty OOC-ness. :D This is on hiatus.

My NaNoWriMo project for 2011, Strings, is a MLP:FiM fic that takes place three thousand years before the current day. Six unlikely friends are brought together to defeat a vicious evil from the past with some mysterious artifacts known as the Elements of Harmony, but that's only the beginning of their adventures. As they explore the bounds of their friendships, they will have to deal with the terrible truth of the state of the world ... and they will learn that in the end, even friendship has a price.

A silly little shipping fic that probably will never be finished is Dressing in Style, in which we explore what happens when G3 Rainbow Dash starts to take over G4 Rainbow Dash. And since her new interests coincide with Rarity's, they naturally start falling in love, because that's how it happens all the time, right? Thus weirdness ensues. This is on hiatus.

The aptly named Diary of an Aspiring Tyrant explores what shenanigans would occur if Luna wanted to take over Equestria even before coming Nightmare Moon. Think of her as a more scheming and thoughtful version of Doctor Doofenschmirtz in a pony's body. The problem with her constant planning and plotting is that she can't recognize a losing battle when she sees one. A side story, Diary of an Opining Sycophant, explores the struggles of a sloth who was briefly seen in the main fic.

Hexachromalurgy, is a Pokémon/MLP AU crossover in which humans and Pokémon invaded Equestria forty years before the return of Nightmare Moon. Now Roseluck and her companion, a Rhyhorn named Halimium, travel across the land in search of answers while trying to avoid capture. Due to less than stellar reception, this is on hiatus.

And my latest story, 3:14 PM, involves Pinkie Pie dying horribly ... only to find herself stuck in a time loop, which resets every time she dies. Now she has to figure out how to break the cycle before she completely loses it.

And all it leads up to this:

Total words archived: 627,469

Average number of words per story: 33,025

Eff yeah.

- - - x - -

My philosophy as far as stories go? There's no such thing as pure, sugary happiness - not without strings attached, anyway. Your saccharine pixieland isn't paradise, it's a facade with a horrible secret to hide. Every spoonful of sugar comes with a dash of vinegar, or even poison. Hence my name. :D Not to say that characters can't be happy, though! They just have to earn it.

As for reviewing, I tend to be busy enough IRL, making even churning out my own fics a bit strained as far as time is concerned. However, if you just feel like you want me to review your fic for whatever reason, feel free to send me a PM telling me to get off my butt and do so.

More stories to come soon, so stay tuned!

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