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Author has written 19 stories for Pokémon, My Little Pony, and Harry Potter.

The latest news: Another semester has started for me. Updates might be sporadic, but I'm not throwing in the towel.

- - - x - -

Oh hi. Welcome to my snorefest of a page! :D

Who am I? Well, let's just start with the basics. I'm SugarPesticide, though you can call me SP or Pest if you like. I'm an 21-year-old female just making her way through college with an obsession for Pokemon, Harry Potter, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (yes, really). Probably an extremely unhealthy obsession. XD I have three younger sisters and one younger brother, all of whom are annoying as heck. If I seem bugged about something, they're probably the collective reason why.

I can be rather manic-depressive, alternating between being an extreme downer and a chick drunk on giddiness. I also have a short attention span. When I'm not stressing over school, I browse TV Tropes and read/write fanfics. Gee, I wonder if I don't have a life ...

Since people love random trivia: I love all sorts of Pokemon, from Charizard and Beedrill to Serperior and Reshiram. However, I try not to stuff my fics full of only the species I like; doing this leads to interesting things. Before writing my journey fic, for example, I considered Drowzee to be one of the most nauseating, worthless Pokemon ever created. Having written one, though, I've now moved it to the category of ugly-cute, loyal buggers with nasal voices. It goes without saying that I like them more now.

Shippings? I don't have many Pokemon ships that I firmly support, besides Serperior/anyone, Ash/Pikachu, Dia/Pearl/Platina, and Youngster Joey/Rattata. Please do not mistake me for one of those people who fawns over Poke/Contest/Ikari; just because I am writing an Ash/Misty fic does not mean I feel anything for PokeShipping. It's not supposed to be taken seriously anyway.

And on the MLP front, I guess I support Discord/anyone, Doctor/Colgate, Twilight Sparkle/Rainbow Dash, and Flim/Flam/Trixie, though I don't take offense to others.

Yeah, I'm not as into shipping as people might assume from PV.

- - - x - -

My main, ongoing project is Blazing Frost, a Pokemon journey fic I've been writing for the past two years. It started out as a mediocre, Mary-Sue-toting fic with no particular plot in mind, I'll say that straight up. (Hey, I was a noobish 15-year-old, cut me some slack!) Luckily, I realized that mistake before I was too far into it, scrapped any semblance of future plotlines, and worked instead on creating a character- and plot-driven story that goes above and beyond the usual generic journey fic. The result? A riproaring tale following the misadventures of Leaf, heroine of the plot, who gets chosen by the Twins of Fate to save the world from the Shadow Pokemon. Hilarity ensues due to issues concerning her quiet starter, vengeful main battler, and trademark shiny. Easily my longest fic, yet it's nowhere close to being done. And it's currently planned to be the first of a series. o_0 Yeah, I'm going to be about sixty when I finish all of that. However, it is currently on hiatus.

Then there's Project Valentine, which is full of one-shots concerning all kinds of shippings. It's a nice breather between agonizing over chapters for other fics. A Christmas special, Project Carol, has also been put up as its own story.

Speaking of one-shots, there's also The Core of Fairy Tales, An Age of Light, Apology, and Still Life, none of which are particularly cheerful. :D

River Styx (formerly titled "Those Whom I Could Not Save") is a Pokemon/HP crossover takes a bit of a different spin. Here's the basic premise: Sirius, after being blasted through the Veil (you should know this already) wakes up in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon world, remembering nothing about his past life but his name and a vague memory. Soon he forms a warrior-mage partnership with a Pokemon who seems ever so slightly familiar. But it's not all fun and games: shadowy forces from mystery dungeons and the nests of legendaries threaten to consume all of Pokemon civilization. And Sirius can't help but wonder if there are others like him.

Our Mortality was originally going to be a one-shot in Project Valentine before I decided it would be getting far too long. It's based on My Immortal (yes, that My Immortal), but it has an actual plotline to it: the evil teams are getting dangerous enough that Oak makes it mandatory for all underage students to attend an Academy in Cerulean. Misty meets up with Ash, who she hasn't seen in a long time, and the two start to fall in love. Meanwhile, dangerous fluctuations in space-time begin to break out, indicating that a showdown involving the legendaries will soon ensue. Naturally Misty and Ash have to prevent the conflict to save the world from cosmic horror. It's the fic I put the least interest in, and the only fic I don't have a firm resolve in actually finishing, since I'm mainly writing it for the lulz. So if you like this story more than my others, you're probably a single-minded Pokeshipping fanatic who only reads Ash/Misty fics to look for fluffy/angsty OOC-ness. :D This is on hiatus.

My NaNoWriMo project for last year, Strings, is a MLP:FiM fic that takes place three thousand years before the current day. Six unlikely friends are brought together to defeat a vicious evil from the past with some mysterious artifacts known as the Elements of Harmony, but that's only the beginning of their adventures. As they explore the bounds of their friendships, they will have to deal with the terrible truth of the state of the world ... and they will learn that in the end, even friendship has a price.

A silly little shipping fic that probably will never be finished is Dressing in Style, in which we explore what happens when G3 Rainbow Dash starts to take over G4 Rainbow Dash. And since her new interests coincide with Rarity's, they naturally start falling in love, because that's how it happens all the time, right? Thus weirdness ensues. This is on hiatus.

The aptly named Diary of an Aspiring Tyrant explores what shenanigans would occur if Luna wanted to take over Equestria even before coming Nightmare Moon. Think of her as a more scheming and thoughtful version of Doctor Doofenschmirtz in a pony's body. The problem with her constant planning and plotting is that she can't recognize a losing battle when she sees one. A side story, Diary of an Opining Sycophant, explores the struggles of a sloth who was briefly seen in the main fic.

And my latest story, Hexachromalurgy, is a Pokémon/MLP AU crossover in which humans and Pokémon invaded Equestria forty years before the return of Nightmare Moon. Now Roseluck and her companion, a Rhyhorn named Halimium, travel across the land in search of answers while trying to avoid capture. Due to less than stellar reception, this is on hiatus.

And all it leads up to this:

Total words archived: 489,458

Average number of words per story: 32,631

Eff yeah.

Aside from those stories, I have several other ideas that I may or may not get around to working on:

Follywood: parodies fanfiction by casting it as a fantastical Hollywood-type setup, as seen in the ContestShipping chapter of Project Valentine. However, this will be a much darker parody, as an almost unused Pokemon watches his more popular associates suffer the physical, mental, and psychological effects of stardom.

For Time and Eternity: An AU(?) in which the Pokemon world is ruled by a tyrannical League and haunted by eldritch gods. Its only hope: Cyrus. Yes, that Cyrus.

Explorers of Depravity: A seriously dark PMD fic, loosely based on Dante's Inferno. To say more would be to risk spoilers.

Dead Ends: Nine humans and four Pokemon have been placed in a deathtrap-ridden maze, in which there can be only one survivor. But who is its creator?

And now, for those of you wondering what to write for your next Pokemon fics, feel free to look through the below for an idea:

Ye Olde Story Prompts

Tobias. We all know his victory over Ash was pretty much the biggest asspull since the dawn of time. But more to the point, how did he manage to capture those legends? Is he even human? And what kind of backstory could he have that could possibly justify all this? So much left unexplained ...

The Musketeers fight to protect Pokemon from destruction caused by humans. But how did they begin? When did they adopt Keldeo? Why do they take such an active stance against humans? And how could Team Plasma's goals fit into all this?

The mystery dungeon world adventures start near a town full of friendly, helpful Pokemon who genuinely enjoy helping Rescue/Exploration teams. But what if that isn't the case? What if everything that happens in the town is run by some sort of sinister force (mafia, eldritch abomination, etc.) that manipulates, recruits, and threatens as it pleases, growing in power and wealth? It would explain why Chatot always takes ninety percent of your money, that's for sure.

Imagine if you were too late to prevent Cyrus from commanding Dialga and Palkia. Everyone is thrown into a new world without spirit, a truly dismal situation. But how can you possibly stop a god? Incidentally, how could you summon the will or righteous anger to go against him, or even plan any resistance at all when he controls your every thought?

It isn't easy being a legendary. What if one of them decided that immortality and nigh-unstoppable powers aren't what they're cracked up to be? What if they just wanted to become an ordinary, mortal Pokemon? How would they make this transition, exactly? And how supportive of their decision would their fellow legendaries be?

More to come if they happen to cross my mind. In the meantime, please let me know if you'd like to use one so it can be removed from the list.

And on another note, I present:

The Weekly Super Crazy WTF-Inducing Crack Pairing Challenge

Your insane challenge this week, if you think you're up to it, is to write a one-shot involving either Janine/Charmelon, Cress/Keldeo, or Butterfree/Poliwag. Gogogogo.

- - - x - -

Moving right along, there are some little tidbits of truth that some fic writers don't seem to understand.

1. Yaoi/yuri is explicit homosexuality. No, by explicit I don't mean two guys kissing in public. If you mean slash/femslash, say it. Otherwise there'll be a lot more K fics floating around with yaoi/yuri sitting there in the summary, which is going to raise a lot of eyebrows - nobody will take you seriously if you advertise a kid-friendly fic as having a lemon. Which brings us to the next point ...

2. Lemons. For the love of Arceus, people, know what the word means before you use it! A lemon is a fic involving graphic, explicit sex. Its cousin, the lime, is highly suggestive and even erotic, but not explicit. Look at the guidelines: even the M-rating calls for "strong but non-explicit adult themes". So why are there T-rated fics bragging about containing lemons? Honestly.

3. "What will happen?" See those words on a fic summary often? Gets annoying fast, doesn't it? And that's aside from the fact that it's completely redundant, since finding out what happens is the entire point of reading the fic in the first place. Really, people.

4. There's something about songfics that begs scrutiny. A song and a fanfic can pack a lot of punch separately, but they're two completely different media. It's really, really hard to convey emotion through typed words that look like they were pulled out of a goth kid's journal, especially when said words are surrounded by a scenario that's only marginally related, or when the reader has never heard the song in his/her life. And let's not get started on the copyright issues.

5. Originality is good. Nonsensicality is not. Combine them and you get a mess, or worse, a Mary-Sue. Remember the canon, guys; you don't have to cling to it like an obsessive fanboy, but you do need to keep the source material in mind. Even the crackiest of the crack contains a grain of "truth".

6. Humor is not the same thing as parody. Humor makes the audience laugh (or at least, attempts to), while parody pokes fun at something else. While mocking something often causes laughter, it doesn't always - I've read parodies that are pretty depressing, and humor pieces that didn't even reference anything else. Learn your genres, please.

7. High school fics? Really? There are whole worlds full of crazy magic and science and adventure out there, just waiting to be explored to their fullest potential ... and you decide to ignore all that in favor of sticking your favorite characters in high school. Um, what. Drama, romance and angst can take place anywhere, not just in a school. It's true that sometimes there's a good backstory to justify a high school AU, but otherwise it's just an excuse to plug your best-loved shipping(s). They're way, way overdone.

7a. High school is hell. There, I said it. If you really must write something with high school in it, remember that it's not fun and games at all. Now I know many of you are fourteen- or fifteen-year-olds simply glad to be out of junior high (which is admittedly worse), or else you've never been there at all and are only familiar with it via High School Musical. Sure, your friends are there and once in a while there's a club full of decent people who don't make you want to curl up in a ball in the corner of the room. But you can't forget the mental and psychological stress, the sadist teachers, having the last of one's innocence destroyed, etc.; and simply showing these as cliched stereotypes is not endearing at all. You know when your parents go on about how high school was the best time of their lives? If they're not being ironic, they're talking about college. Believe me.

8. Shipping names are mixed up oh so much, which can really confuse newbies and annoy veterans. OldRivalShipping, for example, is Green Oak/manga!Blue, not Green Oak/Leaf (MidoriShipping), Gary/Leaf (LeafGreenShipping), game!Blue/Leaf (ConflictingShipping), game!Blue/manga!Blue (unnamed so far), or Gary/manga!Blue (also unnamed). Look here if you're not sure about the namings.

9. Quit saying that your summary sucks. Nobody's going to take you seriously if you do.

10. The word is "okay", not "ok".

11. If you're writing something to do with adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, tragedy, comedy, or pretty much any genre at all besides romance, then remember to follow the golden rule: never, ever, ever, ever, EVER derail your story with romance. This is not to say you can't use romance at all; by all means, add a romantic subplot if you want. Just remember that if it's not an actual shipping fic, that subplot has to remain a subplot. Otherwise it completely takes over the story, becoming a romantic plot tumor. And only diehards for the ship you're writing for will continue following, though that's less due to the story and more due to their like of the pairing.

12. If you can't write, don't write. A simple enough rule, it's amazing how many people don't follow it.

13. Finish what you start. There's probably at least 8,000 incomplete fics in the Pokemon archive that haven't been updated in over a year. Annoying is an understatement here: not only does it clutter up the archive, it brings all the action in the story itself to a screeching halt when readers reach the end of the last chapter that's been posted. Don't just put up one chapter and then drop the entire thing. When you come up with an idea, write out the first couple chapters of your fic beforehand, to see if you're actually interested what's going on. If you are interested, by all means keep working on it; if not, think of what you really want to write about instead, and stick with that. (Yes, I know I'm a bit of a hypocrite here, but at least I tried my damnedest not to be.)

14. "Accepting OC submissions!" No. Just ... no. There isn't a high enough number to describe how many things are wrong with this. For starters, it indicates a lazy writer who a) can't be bothered using canon characters in those same roles, which would make a lot more sense considering we're actually familiar with them and can believe what they're doing for the most part; and b) can't be bothered to think up a character by themselves. It's less of a quality thing and more of a popularity thing: if you weren't accepting OCs, then people wouldn't bother reading it, reviewing it, or putting it on their Favorites list unless they like cliched romances or crappy high school fics for whatever ungodly reason. Then there's the whole inevitable Mary-Sue thing. Even if the OC doesn't fit the mold of the traditional sparkly Mary-Sue, there's an extremely high chance that he/she still counts as a Sue/Stu. Person owns a Pikachu/Eeveelution/Gardevoir/Dragonite/legendary? Check. Long-winded, unbelievable backstory? Check. Cute, gorgeous, or attractive in some dark way? Check. Personality that doesn't fit with the mood of the story? Check. Under the age of twenty? Check. Shows up pretty much out of nowhere for a random battle or unrelated story arc, and then disappears forever? Check. I could go on and on and on about this, but I don't want to break the world record for longest web page ever, so I'll leave it at that.

15. Spelling and punctuation. Learn how they work. For the love of Arceus, learn how they work. Or els yur stori's luk lyk dis n onli idoit's wont notise it cuz dere idoit's an dey'res somtin rong wit de're heds lol. Seriously, it isn't hard to spell-check; MS Word will be quite pleased to tell you that you spelled that three-letter word wrong. If English isn't your native language, don't use that as an excuse for not putting in any effort to look legible. Just write it in your native language, for crying out loud. Anything to keep from running into misspellings of words like "romance," "summary," and "is"(?!).

16. Don't randomly save your characters from a seemingly unsolvable problem. Or randomly screw them out of a happy ending at the last second, for that matter. Resolutions have to come logically, because unless you're saving/ruining the situation to be funny (assuming you can pull that off), it shows us how lazy the writing has become.

17. Titles. They're the first thing someone notices about the fic, so what you want to do is make an impression with them. As opposed to putting in cliched buzzwords in it like everyone else, that is. There are millions of fics out there, and if you want to get readers, you're going to have to come up with a title that people won't just pass over without seeing anything. And really, does something like "The Dark Chronicles of Legend" even mean anything anymore?

18. Don't give your OC a name that's the same as a canon character's. It can be really confusing. The only way it's justified is if a) the OC was named after the canon character, or b) it's a common enough name to be excusable.

19. Characters are more than the sum of their parts. Here's what that means: they have pasts, mentalities, beliefs, attitudes, and other such features that can't just be ignored. Writers often give big old lists to show a character's traits - how tall she is, her hair color, her eye color, what she's wearing, how old she is, her current facial expression, her favorite food, what her relationship with her boyfriend is like, et cetera - but without context, none of that means anything. She's just a silhouette without a soul. When you create a character, physical appearance should be the last part that you come up with.

20. Semi-related to the above: show don't tell. Show don't tell show don't tell show don't tell show don't tell show don't tell show don't tell SHOW DON'T TELL SHOW DON'T TELL SHOW DON'T TELL SHOW DON'T TELL SHOW DON'T TELL. Get the message yet? This doesn't mean "omg you need to describe every little detail of what they're wearing and how pretty they are and what every last tree around them looks like" or whatever. What it means is that you can't just say something is true without evidence and expect us to believe it. Say we have a character, let's call him Bob. Bob, according to the creator, is supposed to be a badass. If it's merely mentioned that he's an awesome warrior, and then see nothing to support that, then that's telling. If Bob spends at least a scene or two in combat against mountain-sized aether demons while wielding swords forged from the twisted souls of his enemies, then that's showing.

21. Don't go with the most boring plot available. If you're writing a fic in a setting torn apart by war, or discovering a hidden species, or whatever exciting event is currently happening in the world, put the story into the action. Nothing is more pointless than having a "war fic" take place in an average neighborhood halfway around the world where the fighting is never going to come. (Unless you're exploring the social and psychological repercussions of the event, but those could be more easily addressed in or near the action anyway.) This is part of why high school fics are so moronic.

21a. Just have to expound on this subpoint: Teen drama cannot be a story on its own (yes, even in shipping stories). It is literally all the same. Most of the cheesy YA romance novels out there have at least an undercurrent of something else happening when there's no smooching, because without it they'd be recognized as following the tired old patterns that falling in love always entails. Even if your story breaks from the norm with the teenagers acting like actual teenagers and having the romance be all awkward the way it is in reality, the readers still know how it's all going to end. In every story that's worth reading, teen drama should either be just a subplot, or be nonexistent. No exceptions.

Might add to the list if I notice more terrible trends. And if I feel like it.

- - - x - -

My philosophy as far as stories go? There's no such thing as pure, sugary happiness - not without strings attached, anyway. Your saccharine pixieland isn't paradise, it's a facade with a horrible secret to hide. Every spoonful of sugar comes with a dash of vinegar, or even poison. Hence my name. :D Not to say that characters can't be happy, though! They just have to earn it.

As for reviewing, I tend to be busy enough IRL, making even churning out my own fics a bit strained as far as time is concerned. However, if you just feel like you want me to review your fic for whatever reason, feel free to send me a PM telling me to get off my butt and do so.

More stories to come soon, so stay tuned!

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