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Poll: Favorite Pairing for Percy Jackson! I want to know what your favorites is/are! Whichever pairing gets the most votes is the one I'll write a story for! Vote Now!
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Hello everyone! It's Forever New Yorker!

Welcome to my oh so humble (Not really :3 ) fanfiction profile!

I will be giving you some information about myself, so here I go!!

Name: My name is Elizabeth, but I go by the name "Elle" so feel free to adrress me as "Elle" in PM's or whatever.

Origin of My Pen Name: My Pen name is Forever New Yorker. I call myself this because I lived in New York all of my life, but my dad's job transfer made us move to North Carolina. :/ But, you can never remove that New York quality!

Stars of the Stories: At the end of every other chapter or so in my stories or so, I will interview a character from the story. I call myself FNY in that, which stands for Forever New Yorker, of course! In a review or PM, please tell me who you would like to see interviewed; it makes it easier for me to choose who will be basically tortured X3

Favorite Colors: Blue, green, orange, pink, etc. You get the idea, right?

Favorite Animal: Hippo, definetly a hippo. Hippos rule. And beavers. Beavers are awesome, too.

Age: I'd rather not say

Purpose for being on Fan Fiction:I love to write. I have always liked to write stories in my spare time, and I have a great imagination. If you ever want ideas for your stories, please ask me for help! I'd be more than happy to!

Favorite Genres:






Horror (occasionally, if it is funny as well XD)


Agnst. (Not so much that I will cry, though!)



Favorite Categories: These are the topics that I enjoy reading about. Note that I will not read about ALL ANIMES and ALL BOOKS, etc.





TV shows

Favorite Ratings:

I like reading stories rated T much more than stories rated K and K+. It's just the way that I roll. Don't judge. I'd rather not read about lemons, though!

Favorite Topics to Read/Write About:


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood




Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Maximum Ride






Tales of Symphonia (My favorite game of all time X3)

Tales of Vesperia


Harvest Moon

Favorite Pokemon:

Alright, so most of my favorite pokemon are Kanto, 1st generation, because they are A.) Classic B.) The best C.) Awesome D.) My generation E.) Better than the others.
Next is Johto, then Hoenn, then Sinnoh. They go in order, I kinda hated Sinnoh...sorry! Unova was alright, in my opinion; it had its ups and downs. But, yep. Here I go!

Actually, scratch that. I'm just going to list the team that I use...all Kanto, nothing more!

Rapidash (Shiny!)
And a level 100 Pichu that I use for contests and trained myself!

Thoses are my top 13, well, there are tons more, but those are the pokemon that I always use!

Favorite Pairings:

I like reading about the pairings that are IMPLIED in the story. I will read about any pairing though...but I prefer not reading about yaoi or yuri.

Fullmetal Alchemist:



AlXMay (It's grown on me...what can I say...)






MomoXOC (Arashizu Yamasaki)

HisagiXOC (Mizumi Yamasaki)














Percy Jackson:




TravisXKatie the moment [ PS: Ending of the Lost Hero made me cry ;'( ]

Connor goes with my OC. He's taken!

Harry Potter:

Hermione X Ron

Harry X Ginny

Lily X James

Lupin X Tonks


Maximum Ride



All of the pairings that are in the stories are my favorites...that's too many to count.

Tales of Symphonia:






Tales of Vesperia:


I believe that Rita and everyone else need an OC to be with

Sonic the HedgeHog:





I love Team Rocket (Jessie and James and Meowth) With a freaking passion! They are some of my favorite characters...and...hmmm...I love love love love the original motto...and I was so sad when they changed it! So in all of my future pokemon fics, they will ONLY use the old motto! NOSTALGIA PEOPLE! And, I love that one episode when Ash had his rematch against Brawly in Hoenn, and they raided a fridge, and here's how it went...something like:

To protect the world from devastation
To unite all peoples withing our nation
To denounce the evils of a yummy pear
To extend our reach to a chocolate eclair
Team Rocket's blasting off with all of the four food groups
And believe it or not that includes matza ball soup

So, it was hilarious, because...Jewish here...and...oh...I cried of laughter. I love Meowth, because he has the Brooklyn accent...HAHAHA! And, they said it like they were eating with food in their mouths, and also...because Meowth said that in the end...great great great stuff!!!!

(How the hell do they not fall for Jessie and Jame's disguises! They put on glasses, and suddenly, they have no freaking clue that it's Team Rocket! Idiots!)

I'm also very upset with the new voice actors, and Team Rocket's new motto. I'm rewatching the entire series, and I am not pleased. James doesn't do the high pitched voice, and Meowth doesn't talk like he's from Brooklyn anymore! Ash's voice just sucks, and May sounds like Misty, so I'm all confused!






BrockX...T_T An OC perhaps?


I loooooooooove those pairings. Ash and Misty are just so adorable, and meant for each other. There's so much evidence! But, I will not bag on the others, i will only say that my most favorite pairing is Ash and Misty.

Here are some of my fave Ash Misty moments:

Tower of Terror: Misty was so scared that Ash could be dead! It was so sad and adorable. Not to mention he picked Misty up and flew around. But, he dropped her...and Brock caught her (grrrrrrrr)

Pokeball Peril: OMG I loved this episode. When Team Rocket caught Ash and Misty, and Meowth said "They're lovebirds!" It was so freaking cute. They both blushed so much!

Wherefore art thou pokemon?: In the end, when Ash said i wonder if people change when they get kissed. Misty then said "I guess we'll just have to find out!" Ash is so dense!

Misty Meets her match: ASH WAS SO JEALOUS! When he let out Charizard, he SO didn't goof! He did that on purpose, but I bet he meant to burn Rudy. In the end, when Rudy told Ash that he's a lucky guy, he was dense. AGAIN! Oh, and when Misty started cheering for Ash, Rudy said "She wants him..." MWAHAHAHA!

The stun spore detour: All that I will say is that Misty was really sweet for once...and Jessie... lol

The light fantastic: When Nurse Joy told Ash "What a cutie!" (She was talking about Pikachu!) Misty was insanely jealous. Like, when Melody was flirting with Ash in P2K

The Heartbreak of Brock: Ah, the conspiracy. When that girl was all over Brock, and said that they would get married, Misty told Ash "you and I will be married some day too, you know." Ash nodded and said yeah, and then turned and yelled "WHAT?" With a shocked Pikachu. Misty looks at him briefly, and looked like "oh crap, did i say that out loud?" But didn't say anything.
Also, when Misty was talking to Brock, she said it's better to like someone who likes you than someone who doesn't. Trust me. Then, she instantly shuts up, not knowing Brock to know her secret, but I'm pretty damn sure that he already knows. Misty drops so many hints.

Gotta Catch ya later: OMG I CRIED! I was so sad seeing Misty go! And, it was pitiful how Misty ran off, and I love how Ash and Brock followed her. It was sweet! But, anyway, I'm pretty sure that when a girl gives you a handkercheif, it means she likes you. Especially if it's PINK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

I think that Prof. Oak one time said that pokemon reflect the feelings of their trainers. No wonder why Pikachu likes Misty more than all of the other girls, am i right? You betttttt!

FAVORITE COUPLE ALL TIME! (For this series, it is (; )

As for DrewxMay, it's the same thing. Guys tease the girl that they like. It's a known fact! DUH! All of the roses that are for beautifly? COME ON ALREADY! PSH! SUCH A LAME EXCUSE! The oldest lie in the Pokebook! XD

Who what where when wynaut?: My favorite Drew and May episode, I think. SO SWEET! May actually saved Drew. Heh, normally, its the other way around! Isn't it! Well, when May was playing with all of the Wynaut, Drew was watching her. Really, really sweet! But, yesh, he has feelings for herrrr!
And the way they got to Mirage Island? So funny! I can't wait to use an excuse like that in my own stories!

Hi Ho Silver Wind: When May and Drew are talking, Harley comes in, and suspects that they're in love! After May asssures him that he's wrong, Drew walks away in a huff.

Deciet and Assist: Drew was watching Harley the whole time, trying to catch him. When he does, he tells may! Yay!

Rhapsody in Drew: In the end, when the two are at the beach, Drew walks off, and May watches him, blushing. When Ash comes up from behind May, she was in a complete daze, and then her mother teases her about Drew! I love her mom! She's just like meeeee!

Harley rides again: The rose, I'm pissed that it wasn't from Drew. Meh.

Spontaneous Combuskin: FUNNAY! May was so surprised that the rose wasn't from Drew. And he blushed in embarrasment. When May introduces Brianna to Drew, he blushes when she calls him Mr. Rose, and Roseilla teases him. Like I said before, pokemon reflect their trainers feelings! Rosellia is so wise! Like Pikachu!
When Brianna asks how May feels about Drew, she fidgets, and blushes, saying that she hasn't thought about it. YEAH RIGHT!
In the end, she once again blushes as Drew leaves

Harley and Caroline are so playing matchmaker! Heh heh

The unbeatable lightness of seeing:
That was reallly cute in the end! And when May told Drew that she was just thinking about him. Really sweet, and Harley had to ruin the moment!

And like Rhapsody in Drew:
Drew scared me o.O
But still, it was a moment nonetheless

AND he gives her roses. RED ROSES. May is so dense, thinking that they're actually for beautifly. At one point she asked if the rose was for beautifly, and he told her "Yeah...something like that"

The Marina & Jimmy pairing from the Pokemon Chronicles: Legend of thunder. Really cute.
Marina is constantly flirting with Jimmy, and he's acting cool, like he doesn't care at all.

Near the beginning, Vincent asks if Jimmy loves Marina. He blushes, and hangs up.

When he's talking with Marina, asks if he likes her or something like that, Typhlosion gives Jimmy this "knowing" look, and it was hilarious.

Finally, in the end, Marina calls Jimmy, and gives him her number. Jimmy makes this "YES! I DID IT!" Gesture, and it was really funny. He SO has feelings!

This ship doesn't get enough love and attention!

...Now I will say that I hate Paul, and I think that Kenny and Dawn is really cute! ;)

There are just so many cute moments and stuff, and they have history, too :p
If Paul is mean to pokemon, what makes people think that he would be nice to girls?

Like, seriously. Paul is such a dick head to his pokemon. In my upcomming fic, I'm serioously gonna make him lose horribly in a battle, to show him who's boss!

When he left Chimchar, I cried just like Team Rocket. It was so sad! I seriously wanted to jump in the computer screen and beat him up, which I will be doing in a fic coming up!

As for Dawn and Ash...I will go back to when Prof Oak said that pokemon reflect the feelings of their trainers. Dawn's buneary has a crush on Pikachu, but Pika doesn't feel the same way. I think that shows that Dawn has a little crush on Ash, but he doesn't feel the same way. AAAAAND, since Ash is so freaking dense, he doesn't know that he's leading Dawn on a little bit.

After all, Misty said that she loves Ash in a bunch of songs! :D

Oh! OH! AAAAAAAAND When Misty left Brock and Ash at the end of Johto, she said "Well, Ash Ketchum, I finally know how you feel about me!" And she didn't say it crying, she was smiling! She would only smile if she was happy, and heartbreak is NOT happy! :D And Ash didn't cry when May left.

Oh, and as for Gymshipping, the only thing that I have to say is the following.
Brock only falls all over girls older than him.
When a younger girl falls for Brock, she always has hearts in her eyes.
Not once has Misty had hearts in her eyes for Brock. Not for Ash either :( she only does that with water pokemon. :)

So, yep, if you think that I am bashing other pairings, I assure you that I am not, because I signed the pairing war treaty...but I still have my opinions. :) Everyone has opinions. I'm sorry if it seems like i am bashing characters.

But, I will never character bash...but i do prefer certain characters and pairings over others.

My source is Bulbapedia! Rockin site!

My Favorite Characters:

Fullmetal Alchemist:

Edward Elric: No duh

Alphonse Elric: Once again, no duh

Winry Rockbell: I do love that gear head

Gluttony: Favorite Homunculus by far

Roy Mustang: Enough said with his name (:

Riza Hawkeye: :3 Once again, enough said

Alex Louise Armstrong: We have the same middle name; and he's the only guy who can sparkle and get away with it. I love him to pieces.

Havoc: So. Freaking. Funny.

Hughes: I miss him so much ):

Alexander: (The god) How many dogs can attack Ed and get away with it? Just one.


Ino Yamanaka: She is so misunderstood; I do love her, though.


Stories on Fanfiction That are In Progress:

The Black Dove ~ Story One: The Titan War

This is a Percy Jackson story starring my OC Emily Beauregard. It is done in advance and the first of about 6 stories. I worked hard on it, and could really use the reviews! I love the story to pieces, as do I love Emily! It takes place during the Last Olympian, by the way! Read it and Review!

NOTE: I have taken down most of my stories because they were going nowhere. I'm going to rewrite them eventually and then repost them. Sorry about that, but they'll be much better later on!

Stories that are in Progress, and will be posted soon:

Pikachu's Great Adventure: (PGA)

Pikachu will living a happy life in the forest, when Mew comes to him, and calls him to the Poke Park. There is an emergancy, The Great Stone has been stolen by the bad guys (who I have yet to come up with! There will be one pokemon from each region. PM me with any ideas!!)! It is sort of like that game Poke Park: Pikachu's Great Adventure, I am calling it that after all, lol. But, it will be different too! PM me with any ideas, and read when the first chappy is posted.

Pokemon: Gotta Catch 'Em All: The Untold Story of Elle Ketchum: Kanto

4 years ago, Elle Ketchum, the adopted Daughter of Delia Ketchum, was about to begin her pokemon journey. She was about to chose her starter, Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, when she saw a pokemon egg. Professor Oak allowed her to hold it, and when she did, it hatched into (Read the story when it is posted to find out!) She decided to wait 4 years to go on her journey with that pokemon, and is traveling at the same time as her adopted brother, Ash!

Although, Delia warns Elle not to say anything to Ash about his father, because it brings back painful memories. What will happen as Elle travels Kanto on her quest to become Pokemon Master?

Along the way, she meets friends, and catches all of my favorite (and special colored pokemon that I thought of on my own ;)) pokemon! Will she become the pokemon master of the Indigo Plateau?

So, I have a few chapters done, but now that school is starting, i won't post it until i have a.) free time and b.) a bunch of chapters done!

Read when posted! It will be awesome, and funny!

The fanfiction folder on my flashdrive is literally overflowing with stories; there are about 60 stories that I either have a great story idea for, am currently writing, or are in development. Eventually I'll write them all, but for now...they'll happen, I sure do hope!


I'm gonna go by series

Fullmetal Alchemist

Nicki/Nicole: Al's girlfriend in After the Promised Day. She has brown curly hair, brown eyes, freckles, and is shorter than Al. She has a good personality. Her father is Richard Rodgers, Mother is Penny Rodgers, and her Uncle is the millionaire, Bob Rodgers.

Richard Rodgers: Nicki's father. He was a drinking buddy of Mustang a long time ago. His brother is Bob Rodgers, and his wife is Penny Rodgers.

Penny Rodgers: Looks like an older Nicki. Wife of Rich Rodgers.

Bob Rodgers: A snotty, stuck up millionaire who is planning to overrun the military. He is the brother of Richard Rodgers, and the uncle of Bob Rodgers.


Mizumi Yamasaki: The 3rd seat of the 9th Division. She has an older brother, Arashizu Yamasaki, and grew up with Renji and Rukia. She has dirty blonde hair that is kept up in a ponytail, but her bangs on the right cover half of her face, and the slight hair that falls on the left side of her face is pinned down with green clips. She has green eyes. Her Zanpakuto is Suisei Shin'en (Aquatic Abyss). It's release word is Liberate, and when it is released, it grows in length, width, and is transparent with water flowing through it. Her attacks are water based.

Arashizu Yamasaki: The 3rd seat of the 5th Division. He has a younger sister, Mizumi Yamasaki, and grew up with Renji and Rukia. He had dirty blonde hair that is more like Ichigo's hair. He has green eyes, and his Zanpakuto is Okeanousu, and doesn't change when in Shikai. He has obtained bankai, and when he uses bankai, his Zanpakuto takes over, like Ichigo's inner hollow. His attacks are also water based.


None yet

Tales of Symphonia:

I have some in development, but that's a secret!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians:

Emily Beauregard: Ohhh boy...this could take a while.

Emily is the blood sister of Silena Beauregard; daughter of Aphrodite, of course. She loves inner beauty, and fights with her only sword in the beginning: Mesa Omorfia, which is kept in her geode necklace. She is a strong fighter, and a natural leader. She has dark brown hair with crystal blue eyes, and doesn't like to look her best, leading her to dress in old clothes and such. Her siblings, all but Silena and Mitchel...all of the non-vain ones, bother her to no end. She is good friends with Percy and everyone, yet her best friend is Connor Stoll.

I could go on about her for hours, so I'll stop now. (:




Elle Ketchum:

This might take a while to explain!!

She has green curly hair, green eyes, and always has hats on.

I will put a better series of pics on my freewebs page!

Personality wise:

Adopted daughter of Delia Ketchum, making Ash her adopted brother.

bubbly, happy, and has a teensy weensy temper problem.

has a love for pokemon

afraid of bug pokemon, like misty.

Is 14 as she travels in Kanto.

Eh, maybe that DIDNT take as much room as I thought it would I didn't go NEARLY as in depth as I could, though! (;

Friends and Great Reviewers Section:

This is a section where I will take the time to talk about my friends on Fan Fic, and all of the great Reviewers that I have.












This is all that stuff that you copy and paste into your profile!! Feel free to put it in yours. I'm gonna find more soon!!!


By copying and pasting this in thy profile, thou vowest to respect other pairings and the people whom like them.
Thou shalt not insult them, explain why they can not be together, or say that they would rather be with someone else.
Thou shalt have thine opinions, but shalt not insult pairings. Thou shalt avoid them if thou hatest them.
Thou shalt keep an open mind about stories even if thou despisest the pairing.
Thou shalt paste this into thy profile.
Thank thou.

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