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My mind works in ways few understand and even fewer wish they didn't.

A little about me I suppose:

I'm broody, and dark, bitter and cynical. Life hasn't been to nice to me, and I suppose it shows in my attitude sometimes (although I'm very good at faking it). I swear alot, can be arrogant at times, shy at others, and my ego is flexible. I act larger in life sometimes because its expected, and because I like to shake things up at times. I trust very few, if any - no one knows all aspects of me.

I also have a huge problem with procrastination, and honestly think I have ADHD because I can't concentrate for very long on anything.

I hate being in my own head sometimes, and I feel like I fake my way through my life. Writing is my least destructive method of coping with the fact that I feel like a stranger in my own head. Books, TV, Movies, Music, Writing. They are my escape, the reason I am relatively sane, and what enables me to be around people without feeling like ripping them apart for being so fake. We're all fake, its just a matter of to what extent.

I write mostly original stuff, but I read alot of fanfiction. Its unhealthy how addicted I am to it, but I think I read fanfiction because I feel that the writers of the shows or books that I read this stuff for have failed in some sense: not being trueto the characters or the theme, failing to exploit the chemistry between 2 characters (built up or accidental) or haven't lived up to the true potential of the world they created. Fanfiction is a catharsis that eases that niggling irritation at the back of my brain.

There are many writers, but few truly talented ones out there, and I feel privileged every time I come accross a work that sets the bar I raise even higher.

My Fandoms:
Star Trek 2009
Harry Potter
Wizards of Waverly Place
depending on when I feel like it, I will eventually update this list, but these are things I'm always interested in reading.

I detest when people are morons and don't use the spellcheck their computers were blessed with. It takes 5 seconds to look something over and realise you used 'their' instead of 'there' and its irritating to be constantly bombarded with this crap. Honestly, if its your only mistake its irritating but I will get over it if I like the story. Otherwise, I'll just junk it. Why should I waste my time if you couldn't even spend some time on the thing you're about to POST ON THE INTERNET where people form opinions based on what you post. You form a reputation if people give enough of a shit about what you do, so do the smart thing and read it over first. If english isn't your first language, there are people out there willing to help you...if you're idea or story or whatever is good, or they like it. Let them be the judge. Who knows, I might even be that person.

If I like your work, I will review. I will never flame anyone because I have fingers and a brain, and will simply press the magical back button if I don't like what I'm reading. If I review, and you wish to hear more of my opinion for some odd reason, feel free to PM me or even email if you're feeling particularly adventurous and we've gotten to the point that I feel comfortable with you doing so. If I express interest, I will always be willing to beta something - I love bouncing ideas around, or edit.

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Korsak and Frost attempt to bond. Booze, it turns out, is not the answer to all problems. Also, Frost is pretty sure that Dr. Isles is evil. Spoilers for "I'm Your Boogie Man." Rizzoli/Isles. This is Korsak- and Frost-centric but features the girls too.
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