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Author has written 3 stories for Heroes, Gossip Girl, and Blue Bloods.

Hi I am Livvie or Liv.

My Pen name was xXxSammiLixXx but I have changed it to 'Bread-Like Real Love-Took Time' because well I really like the quote lol. And felt it made a nice name lol

"Bread- like real love- took time, cultivation, strong loving hands and patience. It lived, rising and growing to fruition only under the most perfect circumstances. If the water was too warm, it killed the yeast; too cool and the yeast was not inspired to grow the bread. Without enough sugar, the yeast would starve, leaving the bread flat and lifeless; if the air was not humid enough, the yeast could not spur the bread to reach its full potential." - Something From Tiffany's By Melissa Hill. (This was my favourite quote from the was a beautiful book and a definite must read.)

I love reading and writing. I think that is where I am most creative. Since having a gap year it has given me more time to read and write. Well not now since I have started University. Which is now a bundle of work. Sigh lol

Huge fan of the Blue Bloods Series. I was a HUGE Twilight fan and I did suffer from OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder) Yeah...not anymore. Edward Cullen Move over Jack Force is the hot new vampire in town. Also I have massive love for Kingsley and Oliver, but of course hardcore Jack fan lol

I love Glee & Gossip girl. And of course Heroes...but now that's canceled :( I also love to watch re runs of Charmed & Friends :)

My favourite movie is LOTR :) I love the books tooooo oooh and Mulan :)'Dishonour on your family, dishonour on your cow.' lol I love Nicholas Sparks books and the movies... A Walk To Remember and The Notebook...still cannot decide which one I love best lol

Costa Verde Heroes:I am currently writing my first fanfiction for Heroes (tv program) It will focus mainly on West Rosen & new characters Maggie Hope & Aaron Tyler-Samuels. I have also included Peter Petrelli & Jessica/Emily Chan...who originally were suppose to be secondary characters. Maggie and Aaron develop into their powers, something that will test and perhaps put a strain on their relationship. Peter will finally learn he father a child when he was 16, but the question is will he ever find his daughter?

Hardly anyone is reading it because Heroes was cancelled? eek :(

British Socialites:I am also writing a fanfiction for Gossip Girl (the TV series that is) Which like the heroes one I have introduced new characters who are the main focus Edie Russo & Will Redknapp. With regular appearance of the upper east side gang. Especially Nate & Serena. Will has been in love with his best friend for years, one day he hopes that she would love him back, truly love him back, but the question is will she? Or will she just fall into the arms of one of our St Jude lads?

This story WAS is proving rather popular...I see that lots of people are reading this...and not reviewing :(

If There Is A Will, There Is A Way:I have now also started my first Blue Bloods Fanfiction! Exciting? I think not ha. It is only slowly coming together and there are so many good BB Fanfic out there, there is high expectations! I barely have reviews for this one...I know BB has high very high expectations...Anyway it is set after the Van Alen legacy. Jack & Schuyler are in Italy seeking information on the gatekeepers. Mimi wants to get revenge, she won't let Jack be happy. So she heads for Paris seeking an audience with the Countess. Avery & Taylor also blue bloods they have been asked to help Mimi & save Jack & Schuyler. In this story you also learn about the past, about Rome, about Gemellus aka our very own bad boy Kingsley Martin. This has developed quite nice now, and after about chapter 30 we shall enter a new arch to the story. I hope you enjoy.

Care to leave your thoughts? It helps me as a writer...pretty please...

Future projects?

English Roses - A Charmed FanFiction...but English Charmed ones :) Not related to the original Charmed ones...But they could appear? :) Story of three best friends Allie, Aggie & Andie...(YES three A's!) They discover their powers at the age of 16! The twist too all this is that the girls are not related...but are destined to be the post powerful Europe anyway...since the Charmed ones dominated USA...I am going to be using some of the same words like Book of Shadows...and Charmed ones...unless I can come up with something different...and the powers will pretty much be the same...With a few additions...(Piper was the main focal point...and in this Allie is...she is the youngest of the Charmed ones but the most powerful) Lots of boy drama...since their powers are tied to their emotions! Well with the exception of one Charmed one who was very lucky in life to find her soulmate at school.

Parallel Worlds - A spin off to 'If There Is A Will, There Is A Way' A friend of mine, suggested I create a spin off story, to one of the worlds Taylor Bennett travelled too. A world where Schuyler Van Alen doesn't exist. A world where Lucifer reigns as king. So I guess I just may. Though I need to complete 'If There Is A Will, There Is A Way' first :) But yes the general idea would be what you saw in chapter 30 & 31 of the original story. But of course starting from the beginning. Most likely going to start from where Lucifer first escaped and all hell broke loose. Where Kingsley and Mimi ran off together, Jack left alone and the new Regis. Allegra tries to save Charles. Taylor and Avery are torn apart.

Of course not starting any new stories up till I finish at least one of the three outstanding stories lol.

Livvie xoxo

Sorry if it seems I have totally given up on British Socialites & Costa Verde Heroes...I have not. I am just getting really into my Blue Bloods one at the moment.

Ooh and uni makes it hard to post regularly...but I do keep trying... :) Reviews always help the motivation

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