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Age: 16

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Ganon (aka evil music techer)



"Ducktape, I'll Give Him A Ducktape!" - Creepy Professor dude in CBFD

"Like Cats, Hate Those Bloody Things!" - Greg The Grim Reaper

"Your Boyfriends A Real Asshole ..." - Rain(Res Evil)

"Moving the pain in my ass ..." - Me

"But WHY is the rum gone!" - Jack Sparrow

"So what are going to do Nene?"
"I dunno your the weasel, you tell me"
"I think you screwed"- Nene talking to herself with her toy weasel (Bubblegum Crisis)

"I'm insane, whats his excuse?" - Spike

"My eye's won't stop me from looking ... damn eye's" - Buffy

"Spike has a soul now .."
"Oh you mean like Angel?"
"NO! i'm nothing like angel- Angels as dumb as a tabel lamp!" - Buffy, Faith and Spike

"Thank God we're hot chicks with super powers" - Faith

"Look there are 3 things i don't do. Tan, date and sing in public" - Angel

"I Have To Go To School Tomorrow ... Must ... Go To ... DOUBLE JAPANESE! faints" - Me

After having the concept of yaoi explained to her: "But they're both guys! Where would they put it if they're both gu-OH MY GOD! O_O" - Jess



Ok, I started out at fanfic.net when I was 13. I was full of INSANE crack!Zelda stories and crap-ass fanfiction. Looking back, I improved. Although most of my stuff is still EMO!

I'm now 16. Back in the day I LIVED here. Now I just can't find a reason to stay. The fanfic here has gone down in quality. Not saying that I didn't contribuite to the crap, but it's seriously no fun here anymore. I mean no script form? Some of the best fanfiction I ever read was script form.

In conclusion. I'd like to leave this here.

Fanfic.net helped me gain writing skills. And I've got some DAMN good memories from some stories on here and from the days I roamed around here with my friends.

To the writers who inspiried me (most on my Favs list). Thank you. I really mean it. I may not write pretty much at all these days, but it's still inspiring me in other areas now.

To the new writers, don't ever let flamers get you down. Keep writing and improving.

To the AWESOME writers left, Good luck.

Finally. To EVERY person who ever reviewed my stories. It has always meanta lotto me (however corny that may sound) It always gave me a reason to keep writing.

So finally THIS is the mark I leave on my first creative endevour.

Have fun, keep writing.



I may finish the 2 stories I have here one day ... no promises.

A Hot Day Just Got Hotter
One Shot
I wrote this ages ago while bored. It's random kinki YamixYugi-ness.

Its Just Another Day
Chapter: 4/?

To be Loved
One Shot

Two Halves Make A Whole
Chapter: 4/8
Finally UPDATED!

As You fade To Black ...
Chapter: 6/6

Tonight My Yami Murdered Me

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