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Author has written 24 stories for Digimon, Phantom of the Opera, Hunter X Hunter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Wicked, Fruits Basket, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Spiral, and Gravitation.

001. Updates

01/25/07 - Ummm... I didn't die! (Just forgot to update my profile! . ) Two new chapters of Pride of the Kuruta Eyes added!

01/16/07 - New story! 'Break Down' is a song fic to "Nightmare" Kurama's image song, and focuses on Kurama, thought it's still H/K!

01/15/07 - New story added called 'Gravitation Comes Around'. A Suguru/Shuichi story full of humor and angst for all you Gravi lovers!

01/13/07 - New story called 'Lullaby For A Stormy Night' added. Another H/K piece of fluff for ya'll. _

11/19/06 - Final chapters of Kingdom Hearts: System X and Blind Faith added.

002. About Me

Nickname: Christine Lennoire

Age: 17

Birthdate: September 23rd

Birthplace: Pennsylvania, US

Music: Anime and Video Game music, musicals/showtunes, techno, rock, or metal

Movies: Inuyasha: Affections Transcending Time, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Producers, Corpse Bride, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and SawII

Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Stella Deus, and Final Fantasy

Anime: InuYasha, Fruits Basket, Spiral, Witch Hunter Robin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Zatch Bell, and Naruto

Food: Ramen and Oreos... seperately of course! ~shudder~


~Kingdom Hearts
Riku/Kairi or Sora/Kairi

~Star Ocean



~Fruits Basket
Yuki/Tohru or sometimes Kyo/Tohru

~Yu Yu Hakusho

~Stella Deus


~Final Fantasy
Cloud/Aerith or Cloud/Tifa


~Witch Hunter Robin

Subaru/Silver Knight

Illumi/Hisoka - (mainly because Hisoka needs to stop stalking Gon... . )

AND because I love to hear from random people that want to talk to me, here's some contact information_

AIM: phantomesschris


YahooMessenger: christinelennoire

003. My Stories

No, this isn't all of them... mainly just the multi-chaptered novels, or some of the more popular one-shots! With it, I'll add a little bit of the thoughts and feelings behind the writing, so... enjoy!

~ Mashou no Tenshi (On-going)

Yeah, the title brings HxH and Yu Yu Hakusho together. The song's from HunterXhunter, being Killua's image song, though it's a YYH adventure following up where the show left off. Although there's lots of action and mystery, like most of my stories, it's also got romance.

The idea for this story came shortly after the completion of Kingdom Hearts: System X. I wanted to do another adventure, but I had to pick a show that could be fun and still have more to be developed, and that's YYH for ya. Besides, this show gives me room for humor, angst, and all around chaos_

~ Notions and Blind Faith (Complete!)

My first 'series'. Notions came first, starting with two very different people with two very different ideas, and bringing them together so that they could see eye to eye.

Then Blind Faith came about, following the previous one, and showing how you can have faith without having a reason and showing you how it works out for Demyx and Zexion.

I love this story, and it's plot just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, just like the thought of this pairing. The story is sweet, and yet focuses on thier thoughts on their non-existence and the emotions they shouldn't have, yet, they can look past it and believe in what they cannot see anyway so that they can become happy.

~ The Box (Complete!)

This is my first Fruits Basket story. It focuses on Yuki and Tohru.

Yuki has issues with Akito, everyone knows that. But let's take a closer look at the mental scars Yuki has, as he begins to open up to Tohru. But when she sees what's in his box, will she be able to look past the scars and see the Yuki she remembers being such good friends with or will it all crumble?

It's my first darker/sadistic story, and so far, I'm pretty happy with it. There's still a happy ending, but with a bit of dark mystery and suspense, it just can't go wrong!

~Kingdom Hearts: System X (Complete!)

This is the first story I've ever made where the plot has been truely developed and pre-planned. I had to think this one out really hard and even had to do a bit of research on my own.

It follows Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, and some new and oldfriends on a new adventure to stop System X, a group that used Organization XIII to get the four princes that held the key to opening all four doors and leading the world into utter chaos. But they don't have Roxas or Sora yet, and so the race is on.

This is my favorite story of the ones I've written and is a continuation of the original story of Kingdom Hearts II.

~For Good (HIATUS!!!)

After I saw Wicked, I just couldn't resist making a happy ending.

Galinda gets drunk and has a nightmare like the events of the musical and movie, The Wizard of Oz, and now Elphaba's having strange dreams. The shoes and the Wizard are both connected to this mystery, and Galinda and Elphaba have to work together to make it work out.

~Love Just Is (Complete!)

Definately my most popular.

Follows the desperate Davis in his attempts to woo Kari, when an essay contest comes up asking the kids in their class what love is. When things seem bad, the get better, but how long can it last? Love just is... that's what his essay said...

I'd like to thank everyone for all their reviews. I was so happy with how it turned out, and getting over a hundered reviews was amazing and wonderful, and thank you all.

It is finally finished.

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