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SUP GUYS. Hello and welcome, to the lair of the questgiver! The lair of the Etherdrone! The lair of... the me. Apparently!


I am the Ether Drone. What can I possibly say of use about me?

Well, I can start saying that I love reading what grabs my attention. What that is however, is completely random. I don't like or dislike anything in particular as long as the words contained within capture my eyesight for more than just an hour.

I'm also not really that hard to please - at least I think I'm not - and I'm also not that good of a critic. I can't really analyze something with the eyes of criticism as a whole, because I always see what I like or dislike about something. And not what people might hate or not.

Oh well.

I'm currently 25 years old. I double-checked, so I'm sure I'm not making a mistake this time.

Warn me when September 1st comes around, so I can update this.

My name is censored and locked away to secure and protect the innocent. But at least I can say I'm female, and that I'm rabid.

I absolutely love comedy and action.

And Animes.

And Games.

A ton of them. Really, I means it.

RTS and RPGs are my favorite types of games. Fighting games and adventure/platformers are all on second places. FPSs are awesome, but they go into third. All of the rest go to the fourth and below shelves, and don't cry about it to me, Fate/Stay Night. I loved you but I would still rather control some badass hero and cut a Dragon's head off.

Don't show a sports game to me. I will eat it and puke it out of the window.

Oh yeah! A sports anime too. I'll do the same. With extra puke.

Thanks to that, my favorite Touhou Games have to be Immaterial and Missing Power / Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and its add-on, Hisoutensoku. Beating the everliving shit out of a random Touhou never gets old.

I'm currently playing Starcraft 2 and Dragon Age: Origins to full extent. I'm hardly a master at these games, but I am having a blast. You all also should. Or all the one people that might read this profile.

If you read anything made by me, then please send me a message about it! I am still a novice at writing, and any sort of criticism will greatly help me improve - allowing me to provide you all with more quality awesome! Because seriously, my ideas are awesome. Awesome sauce.

The current fanfiction I am working on right now is:
Touhou Chronicles.

I could give a short summary, but that's what a forum is for, isn't it? I'll get into that soon enough I hope. But even if I do, I'll probably not edit my profile so it'll stay here as it is.

I also have a blog of some description! Go check it out, I talk about all kinds of shit:

I also post my own original stories there, called "Overcast". Go check it out!

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