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Hello world!! Mayzing here:)

There is waaay to much to know about me because usually I'm a complicated person like that. XD Course I don't put out personal info online soooooo here are just the basics ...

* My name is Lora and its spelled the old fashioned way because I was named after my grandma:) So you can either refer to me as Mayzing or Lora. It really doesn't matter.

* I'm currently a freshman in college this year:)

* I live in the mid-west of the U.S. I don't say where because I don't like stalkers :/

* My favorite color combo is purple and black, my other is red and black

* I tend to get obsessed with things easily and when I get obsessed ... well the longest its lasted was 3 years so we'll see how that goes.

* Writing is MY LIFE. Even though I never really update, I'm always writing. I have a huge journal at school that I write fanfiction in when I'm bored. Ideas come to my head that I never remember so I'm always writing at school. I always hide my stories when people try to look at them because I tend to get embarassed easily. If anyone is caught looking (or about to grab) my book, I glare at them and they back off. Yeah ... I'm interesting.

* I also write actual original stories, songs, and poetry:)

FUN FACT: I am a very different person and I like to be that way.


1. R5, an amazing band from L.A. thats on tour right now. I've been obsessed for awhile and cannot go a day without talking about them:) My absolute favorite member of the band is Riker Lynch. He is also Jeff the warbler on Glee so you might've seen him. I honestly love them all though :D

2. Harry Potter, Even though the movie and book series is over, I still read and watch it everyday and love it. It was my childhood.

3. Writing, I've already mentioned how much I love it so no need to continue.

4. My Babysitters A Vampire, I loved this show when it aired on D.C. I can't believe they took it off :(

5. Austin & Ally, another show on D.C. that I love :3 Ross Lynch who is also a member in the band mentioned in #1, is in this show and I really think he and Laura Marano would make a cute couple.

FUN FACT: My username originates from a nickname my mom called me as a child. My middle name is May like the month and she always said "You are aMAYzing." It stuck with me and now its my pen name :D

Two years in the Golden State ... Staying up and writing way too late

FUN FACT: My very first obsession was 'Suite Life On Deck' and Cole Sprouse. Sadly, he is now replaced with Riker Lynch ... Even though I'm a brunette, I seemed to always have crushes on blondes ...

November 18th and 19th, 2012. A day that will live in fangirl feels. The day I met R5.

Well I hope you guys have an AWESOME life and I will try to update ASAP even though I have been dealing with a serious curse of writers block right now.

And to all new authors: Never stop writing. Its a way to be creative and let your feelings loose. A way to make an impact even if its just making someone's day. You ALL have the power to change the world.

Lets Ready Set ROCK this place!! :)

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Iris Acker became best friends with the Lynches when she moved to Littleton. Riker was the one she was closest with. So two years later, when they move to California, it breaks her heart. But R5 getting famous could possibly reconnect their friendship and lead to feelings that they had left behind in their childhood. Written by R5inmysoul
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