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note: I changed my pen name because I wanted to sync this one with my tumblr account. haha but it's still me...


Okay People!!! Be good to me!!!

My name is... not really that significant... (that's a fairly long name haha)

Anyways I'm AGELESS haha let's just say I'm old enough to read and write... but not too old or not too young...

I'm hoping that this (writing) would help me with putting my ideas to good use...

I've been reading a lot of your fan fictions and they were absolutely beautiful and they inspired me to make my own... I hope I'll be as good as you guys one day...

Things about me:

- I am very lazy =)) but i definitely put my heart, mind and soul in my work...

- To be honest I really dislike writing since it requires you to think and put some efforts which is definitely not something a lazy person would want to do.. but i find happiness in doing it for some reason...

- I am not very good at English as well (isn't it obvious???) because its not my birth language, I have a small amount of English vocabulary and this mainly includes the basics which are cat, dog, house, etc. Oh! and I'm also not good with the grammar thingy?? But I try!! HARD... And that's a good start, right?

- Like I said, I dislike writing but I just love the feeling of being free and I write because I want to express my ideas and not because i want to impress people with my exceptional grammar and big words, I mean come on people, do you read because you want to learn big words?? I don't! I read because I enjoy the stories and I don't care even if the the stories have grammatical errors as long as I get the idea, I promise to keep reading...

- And also I dislike reading as much as I dislike writing. How so? Well, because I'm lazy damn it! :)))) A story rarely catches my attention but when it does, I turn into a whole new person XD The kind that would stay up all night just to finish whatever it is that I'm reading... so to those that I have read their work, hahaha XD simply put, it means that I really loved it you lucky bastards =))))

- I'm a sucker for dialogues. My friends say that I have a good sense of humor. Okay, my sense of humor may not be the best but I think I'm not that bad. And I'm good at expressing humor through dialogues so please don't be bothered if my stories would contain 95% dialogue and some rare descriptions. It's actually the main reason why my stories are loooong. I'm not good with descriptions. I really envy those who write beautifully and their words are able to literally bring you to another world.

Well enough of the reading and writing shit...

OTHER things about me:

I am not smart, I have average intelligence...

I am weird, in a good way... hmm... I don't think there's a good way, I think the proper term would be "in my own way" but I don't think I bother anyone with my weirdness though...

I have friends... who are as weird as I am (maybe even weirder...) but that's why I love them

I suck at MATH and I hate it :))

I love to eat although I'm not a glutton LOLOLOL but I'm faaaat... really fat and I'm tiny hahaha oh god... that combo.

I love PATRICK STAR!!! he is so awesome... he is the perfect impersonation of myself.

I'm an Ichiruki fan hehe and I believe that one day Ichiruki will prevail-- no wait, it already has since bleach really is about the unique bond of Ichigo and Rukia soo no argument there hahaha XD

Besides Bleach I also like (no, I love them) SNK, Tokyo Ghoul, Another, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun :D and many more but these are on top of my list hehe (like right now haha) :)

Well, i guess this is good enough for now... Have a nice day People!! Tugs tugs tugs *randomly dances*!!!


Okay, as you can see I have written these stories...

My life is a big 'What if'

- Actually it's not a story anymore, it's a NOVEL seeing as how long it is. (sorry about that, I was thinking of revising it or making it shorter in a very distant future so basically, this is more like a draft in which I make sure that I get the whole story down on paper first. So that in the future, I'll be able to edit this... but that would be in a very long time since I haven't had the time to write it again because I'm busy with other stuff... :P) Although, maybe you're wondering why put up a draft? Why not just finish it first? The answer to that is because I want to know what the story lacks and sometimes my reviewers point out things that I never noticed while writing. I want my readers to be there with me as I and my story progresses. That helps me a lot. Anyway this is the FIRST STORY THAT I'VE COMPLETED and I am VERY PROUD OF IT. And for other trivias or info about this story, I wrote it in the epilogue (in the longest Author's note I've written with all my heart and soul poured into it )

For One More Day With You

- This one is still in progress but I have a lot of thoughts about it like scenes in my mind and hopefully I can all patch it up together. Then there is the ending, I have already an ending in mind, which is good but I'm not yet contented with it. The story was inspired by proposal daisakusen but I wanted to add a different twist in the story itself. I know this is going to be tough because I'm not really into romeo and juliet but that is the most I'm familiar with when it comes to Shakespeare's works (damn it Ichigo, why does it have to be shakespeare!?) aaanyway, the story title was suppose to be "For One More Day" but I decided to put "with you" on the end to distinguish it with Mitch Albom's book which was about his mother and by putting "with you" I wanted to emphasize the love story. The love story that yes ended but given another chance :D But does changing the past really change the future? And I know a lot of you are asking why they broke up, that was always bothering me 'cause I don't know either and myself has been nagging me not to publish this unless I have a full proof back story but I know I'll figure it out as the story progresses AND right now I have an Idea about why they did broke up, I just hope it'll be worth a reason. (I had this problem when I wrote MLIABWI, like I didn't know why Ichigo left, gawd... what is wrong with me!?) Haha well, I really like my progress in this story so far... hopefully the reviews AKA inspiration keep coming and suggestions are very much welcomed :D

The One Behind The Mask

- For this story I wanted to emphasize love between two people that are completely opposite of each other. I wanted to tackle mystery, revenge, and stuff like that... It's a little dark but through my writing style I try to make it light. Plus, I also already have an ending in mind for this one but I rarely get ideas to help me patch what I already wrote to the ending. Your suggestions and reviews are AGAIN very much WELCOMED :D But for this one, it was inspired by um... Ichigo's mask hahaha, I wanted Rukia to have the mask this time, I think it's cool that way. Unfortunately, I rarely get the right mood to continue this. I'm sure I'll write again someday, I just need to get rid of my writer's block, at least for this story anyway. Because while writing this I wanted to try something new like action and treachery and stuff hahaha which is weird because that's not my forte but, you can't blame a girl for trying hehe I'm open for anything (or at least I try to) :D

The Day I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

- Hana Kimi. hahaha That was the first inspiration of this story. Well actually, it's To The Beautiful You that really inspired it but it's still hana kimi. Basically, it was the plot line of these two. You see, it was aired in one TV station and I was thinking, "Gosh, this station is so obsessed with Hana Kimi, I'm not surprised if they actually made their own version of it." Then, while watching I'm beginning to feel bored of the plot line, I mean, okay, we get it. The girl was inspired by the boy so she went to an all boys school, pretended to be a boy, in order to inspire him. At first I was wowed by the courage, then after awhile my views became different and if you look at the plot in simple terms, the girl seemed desperate for the boy. I mean, she went through all that trouble, for him? And I just rolled my eyes and thought, how come it's always like this? Girls pretending to be boys to get the guy!? (example, Hana Kimi, Uwasa no Midori-Kun, She's the man, etc.) though they may have their own reasons for doing so and pursuing the guy wasn't the priority but what the heck!? Then I was like, I want to see A BOY BE A GIRL for the girl and really a girl not gay hahaha let's see them pull that off hahaha but then that would be hard because male features are very hard to hide especially if you are really a guy and not gay (because there are beautiful gay people :D Lalo na dito, magugulat ka mas maganda pa sayo yung bakla. haha XD). And thus, this story appeared! hahaha so it was sorta inspired by Cheeky Angel too :D Funny series that was haha XD Plus I've been seeing a lot of Ichiruki gender bending in tumblr hahaha it's kinda weird because I really love Rukia AS A GIRL. She's my girl crush and whenever I see her as a guy, I cringe. hahaha yeah, no offense to the people who love male Rukia :)) but it's just... if you ask me? How about NO? hahaha XD And I'm not sure if I said this in one of my fics but I love how I portray her. The kind of person you would want to have as a friend, sister, mother etc. haha Anyway, I just want to clear out that, I'm not a fan of Yuri, I just want to prove that if girls can go through all that trouble being a guy then guys could do the same. How hard could it be??? :))) And while writing, I still imagine Ichigo as a guy and the flashbacks help to keep that in mind. Anyway, I hope you'll read this and keep reviewing. So far, I think I'm getting pretty good feed back. I wish it goes on smoothly. That's all. Your opinions are very much appreciated. Thanks so much!

The Eve Project

This was greatly inspired by the movie 33d invader. Yes, I watched it but please don't judge me. Even I, myself don't know why I watched it. Anyway, what could be better than a girl from the future asking you to have sex with her in order to save the word!? I mean, that is bizarre and can be quite funny too I guess. Anyway, so far I have the story flow of this pretty much in my control so yeah, I'm more focused on this one (for now) compared to my other stories. And I would just like to point out that I'm not entirely sticking to the original story's (or movie's) flow so no copyright infringement there hahaha XD Plus, I really didn't like the movie very much but I can totally say that it had A LOT OF POTENTIAL TO BE BETTER. I'm not trying to be an ass or anything but that's just my opinion. I decided to make my own version. It may suck for other people just like the movie did for me but at least I was able to let out my frustrations and my thoughts on how I think the movie would have improved. So far, I've been getting good reviews for this story so I guess I'm not doing such a bad job and I'm also enjoying the writing experience, although sometimes it gets a little dull and I get writer's block and it completely ruins the feels. But then again, there are parts in my mind that I'm excited to write and publish. I hope a lot more people will continue to urge me to write this one. I have really many ideas prepared for this one so I hope everyone will get to see them. If I'm going to be honest, so far, (and I'm not going to be biased with my first story) this story of mine is my favorite among the others. Although I love all of them, this one just flows smoothly and I like that.

Not Another Cinderella Story

This was simply a one shot because I have nothing better to do at that moment and it was inspired by Ce.elle's The King's Mistress although, I can assure you that her story is way beyond better than mine haha and plus, my story is sort of a classic Cinderella with a twist. Also, I had this phase when I was really in to royalty, kings and queens, palaces and all that shit. Plus, I wanted to write a one shot, for once and it ended up still longer than what I had expected. Damn it. Nothing much else to say but that.


- I cry when I write the sad parts in my work because it helps me to get the emotions right making it easier for me to come up with the character's lines.

- I reread my story and sometimes it makes me laugh... weird huh? then I tell myself, "I can't believe I came up with this!", makes it even weirder huh?

- Why write only Ichiruki stuff? Well I really like their interaction. Bickering and yet totally protective of each other. It's very unique and the fact that they are total opposite of each other is soo cool. From status, different worlds, sun and moon, etc. I love them so much, They are PERFECT! Opposites, I'm a sucker for those kinds of stories haha. And besides, I really like Rukia!! I mean, she's different in Bleach compared to how I depict her in my stories but that's how I picture a perfect female character and how I depict Ichigo is likewise the perfect male hahaha okay... enough said... It's complicated but that's how it is... maybe I'll write stories about different characters in the future but that depends... i can't really tell :P BUT TRUTH IS... Actually, I really have my own characters when writing, and I literally use them when I write my stories then I change them to Ichigo and Rukia before uploading the stories in this site since I'm writing a FANFICTION for BLEACH. Yeah, the reason I write ichiruki is that it's the closest relationship that can depict perfectly my OWN characters' interactions. Nonetheless, I don't think my OC's hate me hahaha cause I keep the original copy of the stories with me, with their real names and appearances :") They're my beloved babies just like how Rukia and Ichigo are Kubo's babies. It's just hard when the jokes and some features are not applicable to the bleach characters so I have to change them buuut... it's alright :P

So now, in these stories I would like to thank all those who have read, favorited, reviewed and alerted :) Thanks a lot for your support. Because of you guys, I feel really loved :"

My life is a big 'what if' by me :D


For those who haven't read it yet, please do :D It would really make me happy if you did and review, I mean tell me what you think. I'm pretty sure it's worth reading (on my opinion :D) It's my first ever work so I'm really interested in your opinions and suggestions. Just please, no flaming or insults, if you're going to give me negative criticism, I'll gladly accept them just make sure it's reasonable but if your goal is just to insult me and my work then it'd be better if you just KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT :( I mean, I hate those kinds of jerks who criticize and insult your work and they haven't even read it yet D: don't you agree?! And btw, I AM AWARE OF THE MANY GRAMMATICAL ERRORS IN THE STORY hahaha XD I've reread it a few times and I still cringe whenever I notice the mistakes and I'm like, "Woah, was I drunk when I wrote this?" Then I realize that after I write, when I reread them, the errors become invisible to me so I have to reread it again after a long while so that the errors would appear haha something like that. So I'm so sorry. I'll try uploading newly revised chapters if I have the time to make it more convenient to my future readers. Because I get it, sometimes we can't help but become GRAMMAR NAZIS hahaha XD Anyways, for those who are planning to read it, here's the summary (sorry, I suck at summaries but here it is anyway):

-- Seven years ago a girl named Rukia moved in the neighborhood. She was, according to everyone's perspective "perfect" since she was beautiful, sweet, smart, and not to mention rich. However, everything was going great until the day she met Ichigo, one of her classmates who turns out to be her neighbor as well, who got a chance to see the true side of Rukia who was... well... just like everyone else, not so perfect. After being accused by her of being a stalker, Ichigo ended up being Rukia's partner for an economics project, which was a completely bad twist of fate for Ichigo since Rukia wanted to do something Chappyish for the said school work. That pissed him off big time but nonetheless he had to comply. And so, they had no choice but to work together, bickering and mocking each other in the process. Time passed and they got to know each other better. Unconsciously caring for the other and eventually falling for each other. She gave him everything and he did the same but then one day Ichigo had to leave and he promised to come back. She waited but he never returned. Years passed and she now lives with her seven-year-old son. But what happens then if they meet again? With him having a girlfriend now and her living life without him, will they admit that they still feel the same way towards each other?

- So this is the full summary of the story ( the kind of summary that explains more than it should =)))) Again, I'm not good with summaries :P), btw the story is told starting at the present and it shows the events through flashbacks so no need to be confused. Now if you're still not contented with the summary then READ THE DAMN THING XD and if you have questions, just pm me :D I'll reply if I could :)

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