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Name: Chooney
Ethnicity: Asian
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

So wow. This is the first time I've been on this thing in YEARS.

Random Things About Me:

My prime time T.V. are cartoons. I enjoy eating Wendy's at Mt. Baker beach. I also enjoy driving, because if someone else does, I get motion sickness easily. I only take long walks on the beach if we hold hands under the big fat moon. My attention span is as long as a goldfish's and my life long goal is to ride on the back of a giant tortoise oneday. Block parties are often on my hill this summer. I'm broke so a date that doesn't involve money is thrilling. Mood, setting and lighting is everything and if you know how to sew, don't tell anyone, cause they'll make you tailor their pants.

and yo mama loves me.

I'm going to be the world's first pharamcist/fashion designer, become the first ever asian and female president of the United States, un-third worldalize third world countries, find the cures to HIV/AIDS and the common cold then become the first liberal dictator of the universe.. alongside with Clark Webber.. and also have Orlando Bloom fall madly in love with me while I slowly drain his back account before he wants to sign up for a prenup ... Geez, they should make a movie about me.

And To All My Readers:

Anyways. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has stuck with me all these years even if I haven't updared my stories. I also wanted to thank the readers who stuck up for me when flamers were being nasty, but everyone, let's stick it to them and tell them they're being immature! So many stuck/sticks.. 0_o But really, thank you everyone and I apologize for not updating so soon/fast as I should and if I have ever disappointed you.

Expect more stories from me... and atleast TWO updates for any of my stories by this Chirstmas:

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Could It Have Been Different? reviews
Bankotsu always depended on killing to survive. Although he knows this, he comes across a girl who thinks differently. Would she make enough of an impact on him that he wouldn't end up killing her or is she going to be like the rest? OC
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