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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, and Harry Potter.

So, for those of you who are reading this, assuming anyone is reading this, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, or Naruto

NOTE: if you want to learn a little about the stories I've written go to the very bottom!


My name is Emily, and I live Somewhere, Earth! Woo! When I'm not digging through mounds of homework, I write, (obviously) read, (fanatically) play basketball (I just love to condition NOT) and hang with friends (woo!) My favorite author is Maggie Stiefvater, and favorite movie is Stupid Crazy Love. I'm a hopeless romantic and my stories therefore are (all? i think?) romances. Umm, what else, favorite number is five, color is green, season is fall, time of day 11:11. Yup.

Also: I'm kind sorta awful about updating. Okay, rephrase, so you dear readers don't all head for the hills: I truly attempt to update every two-ish weeks. There's just this whole, I have homework and catch up on sleep on the weekends which also happens to be the time i'm suppose to be writing thing, that tends to blow the whole two weeks thing up. BUT, reviews do help (although I do, time allowing, attempt to update with or without reviews.) because I feel like people actually care whether or not i am writing.

Naruto Pairs:

NaruHina, I think Naruto and Hinata together make the most pure and honest couple, and with his outgoing personality, and her shyness they just fit perfectly.

KibaHina, I like Naruto with Hinata better, but Hinata and Kiba are pretty good too. His roughness works with her shyness, and although he is no Naruto he is a pretty good match for Hinata.

SasuSaku, this is by far my favorite couple. Period. Everyone says Sakura is whinny, and a fangirl and all this, but if you ask me, in Shippadun, when she is smashing apart the ground, she isn't exactly whining. There is something about her courage to stick with him and his coldness yet hints of that certain something for her that makes them work.

ItachiSaku, Itachi is kind of like the second Sasuke. He works for Sakura but it's not as good. But it works.

KibaIno, so these two don't really have much of a background with each other, but they both have an abundance of spunk. Their outgoing, tell it like it is attitudes would make them be the perfect couple.

NaruIno, First, I think Naruto and Ino look good together. Then, as far personality it's the same sort of thing as KibaIno, that outgoing personality match.

GaaIno, Gaara and Ino I think are the best for each other. Don't ask me why. It's just like that.

ShikaTema, Shikamaru is so laid back he needs someone with attitude who can understand where he is coming from, but still give him a kick in the butt and make him really do something.

NejiTen, Um, may I say perfect?

Harry Potter:

HarryGinny, they were meant for each other in the book, so they are meant for each other in my mind

HarryLuna, Harry lost his parents, and luna lost her mom. This connection brings them together, and I think it could bring them together in a couples relationship.

NevilleLuna, they are the oddballs. I think they could be oddballs together.

RonHermione, They have that great, bestfriend to girlfriend/guyfriend thing going for them.

DracoHermione, Can I say opposites attract? With her innocence and his ... well, uninnocence it's perfect!

The list could go on and on, but I'll stop here.

Couples I don't like:


Orochimaru Sakura: I just don't get these two together.

Orochimaru anyone but Tsunade: Tsunade, if even her, is the only one who can handle Orochimaru

Sasuke Hinata: I don't get it, I don't like it ... I am a strong SasuSaku fan :)

Konan anyone: I don't like Konan:P

NejiHinata: Creeps me out, just sayin.

Harry Potter:

Voldemort with anyone: Hey, it's the most evil evil person there ever was in the wizarding world, let's pair him with someone ... no

Ron and Pansy: I do like Hermione Draco, sooo much, but when you switch it and make it Ron Pansy I don't like it ... oh how my brain works :)

Uhhh, I could continue but I don't think I am going to bore you that much


In the Hands of the Enemy

COMPLETE!!!!! This is a Sasuke/Sakura story about when Sasuke decides he needs an heir. It is from Sakura's point of view and is suppose to show what would happen if Sakura is determined (in her head) that she shouldn't and can't be with Sasuke, that it is a disgrace to her and Konaha to be with him, but is longing (in her heart) to be with Sasuke because she loves him. It shows what, in my opinion, would happen if he decided to open up and let someone in. Note the sequel to this story is going to be up SO SOON. As in THIS WEEKEND. I PROMISE! I'm writing it RIGHT NOW! It will be called In the Hands of the Traitor.

In the Hands of the Traitor

This story is not online yet, but will be this weekend, and is the sequel to In the Hands of the Enemy! I hadn't planned on writing a sequel at first, but I just couldn't not write more to the story, and so when the idea came, and things started coming together in my head, this piece came. Voila!

Sakura had accepted her fate. Her year- her life- would revolve around one day. One twenty four hour increment that she spent with him. Yet when the Akatsuki attacks her hometown, Sakura finds Konoha isolated and headed towards destruction, with only one man to turn to for help. Can Sakura convince all of Konoha to accept Sasuke, and let Sound help them? Or will the land she loves, with everyone she loves in it, go up in flames?

All to Not

This story I have one, possibly two chapters of, but I haven't written it in a really, REALLY long time. I also don't believe many people reviewed/followed/whatnot, so I probably wont get around to doing much with it. Sorry!

Stay With Me (oneshot)

COMPLETE!!!!! This is another Sasuke/Sakura story. It is a oneshot about what would happen if, after killing Orochimaru and becoming enemies with Konoha, Sasuke feels a need to come back to Konoha. He is immediately captured. Does he get a visitor? Of course he does! This has some poems that I've written :) it was inspired by Breathe Me by Sia (WHICH I DO NOT OWN!)

Is This Worth Feeling?

The idea for this story came from TheAwkwardBystander, and (because she refuses to write it) I decided I would. It is a Neji/TenTen. This is written in first person and is from TenTen POV, as she deals with losing the closest person to her and what she does to cope. (but... there is also a twist) which you will have to read to find out (you wont have to read very far to find out though) Yep :) Note: I'm also really bad and updating this story, due to a lack of freetime, and well, being me and being bad at updating. If i get some gumption, or reviews, or a mix of both, i'll try to get back to this one. Promise.

If you want me to write a story on something or with some couple or a oneshot or whatever talk to me because I am all ears!

Kay, I'm done now :)



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Loss is like a hole in your chest. Like some animal has eaten your heart out yet left you alive, so that every day you could wish you weren't. Neji made me lots of promises; he kept all but one. He hadn't stayed alive for me. Neji/Ten
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Sasuke has yet to decide whether he is insane or not. He had come into Konaha knowing he would be captured. He hadn't even put up a fight when the Konaha nin had captured him. Will Sasuke find the reason he came back before it is too late? Oneshot.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,550 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 4 - Published: 7/21/2010 - Sasuke U., Sakura H.