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I'm mostly on FictionPress, so go here: to check that out. Other than that, here's a little info.

Name: Alyssha

Age: Count back 15 years

Fave ships:

Lash/Will (Sky High)

Will/Warren (Sky High)

Lash/Speed (Sky High)

Lash/OC (Sky High)

Warren/Layla (Sky High)

Harry/Draco (Harry Potter)

Tom Riddle/Hermione (HP)

Fred (or George, preferably Fred though)/OC (HP)

Draco/Hermione (only if well-written)(HP)

Glorfindel/Erestor (LotR)

Legolas/OC (only if well written)(LotR)

Haldir/OC (only if well written)(LotR)

Wufei/Duo (GW)

Trowa/Quatre (GW)

Legolas/boromir (drrroooolllll)(lotr)

Ships that should die:

Warren/Mary Sure-OC( don't mind OC's actually heart them when i'm in a Warren mood, but I hate Mary Sues) (Sky High)

Tom Riddle/Ginny (HP).

Harry/Hermione (HP)

Hermione/Ron (HP)

Ethan/anybody (not that I hate Ethan, but...eeeeeeggghhhhh)(Sky High)

Aragorn/Legolas (There's too much of it, I find it boring)(LotR)

Anywhooo...working on a couple'a Lash stories (drool). Hopefully they should be up soon.