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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter.'s good to be back folks. Well, lets get down to business, ne?

Things I'm working on:

The Pack Series: It is, over all, a kind of dark fantasy series. The Pack is...well, it's just what it sounds like. It represents family, friendship and love. I know, sappy, but that's what it is, plain and simple. It's made up of the Black-Lupin family, the Snape family, and the Weasley clan, as well as the various people crazy enough to bond themselves with the members of the pack, respectivly. It also has a bunch of...twisted stuff.

1) Siri Lupin, the child of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. A half-breed shapeshifter, who takes the shape of a wolf/dog mix. (It could be because Remmie is a werewolf, or because Sirius has more magical creature blood in his family that most people have drunks...)
2) Chase Pryce, the child of Severus Snape and Autumnal Pryce, who was also consort to Voldemort and known as the Dark Lady. She's insane. Period. Chase is a vampire, though not as undead as he could be, and a seer. He throws up blood a lot...
3) Dean Thomas, one of Harry's obscure dormmates, is really the illegtimate son of Regulus Black. I kid you not folks. Read "Never Tell" for the full scoop.

It features, that I can currently reveal, Vampire!Snape and vaugely evil Dumbledore. Lots of others are 'less than human' but I can't tell you about it yet. But stuff will be added as I write it.

So far it goes in this order (But this order is subject to change as new stories make their way out)

Wake Me Up Inside- A Wolf and Dog tale. Remus needs a date to a family get together and he drafts Sirius.

Never Tell- Regulus Black shows up at Remus and Sirius' house late one evening needing help.

Puppets- A Snarky Vampire Tale.Some Snape/Harrystuff. Pretty much slightly insane Snapemusing on everything in his life,from theLupin/Black Clan, to the annoying Potterbrat, to his own son.

Should Have Been - Sirius shows up at the home that he and Remus once shared and finds, of all possible things, a son. Go figure.

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