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Author has written 21 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Sailor Moon, Gravitation, Harry Potter, and Final Fantasy VII.

I now have a live journal account for some of my original stuff. Please feel free to take a look and remember the author loves comments and suggestions.


It's finally happened!! I have self published myself!!! Please enjoy and comments will be amazing!


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Alrighty everybody, this next installment is going to be huge. As some of you might have noticed I haven't been updating very much recently. That is because Yugioh, for one, doesn't exactly strike my interest anymore, but I will still finish the two ongoing fics I have before I desert my Yami/Yugi love. As of this moment though I'm actually working on a huge Harry Potter project that I'm really enjoying. It's going to be a long one, folks, and I probably won't be inserting it into until I get a good portion into it. I'm at 120 pages and it's not even close to being over! The size of it was mostly in thanks to another Harry Potter fic I read that I absolutely love and it's near 900 pages!! After that I simply had to take on the challenge and it was only a matter of time until a suitable idea came to me.
On another note, if you should notice the link above () and come across a dead link, no worries everybody. I will still be self publishing - and I would simply LOVE LOVE LOVE if you would support me and buy my novels - but after checking out the proof on the self-publishing page I noticed there were a few twinks I missed after my first edit so I'll be going through that again before I put it back up. I'll let you all know when that happens!

Please remember that a novel is part of the author's soul and to treat it kindly. I absolutely hate it when I walk into Borders or Barnes and Nobles and see these little kids treating them horribly. I want to smack them and their parents upside the head. It takes a lot of courage to put something like a novel out there and to see it treated like that breaks me apart.

Secondly, I would just like to add my little tidbit only because I can. I DO NOT support those stupid Kindle pads. When I read I want a book, not a stupid, electronic, plastic tablet. End of story and I give it a huge D for Disaster for complete lack of thought on the subject.


Gravitation (Yuki/Shuichi, Ryuichi/Tatsuya)
Yugioh (Yami/Yugi, Bakura/Ryou, Marik/Malik, Seto/Joey)
Harry Potter (Draco/Harry, Severus/Harry, Sirius/Remus, Sirius/Harry/Remus, Severus/Harry/Draco)

Things I'm currently working on:

Out at Sea - This one is temporarily on hiatus until I finish Down to Earth. It will be finished sometime in the future - though I'm not sure how long that will be since I've lost inspiration for it - and after that my work in the Yugioh section will be complete.

Down to Earth - I know exactly where I want to go with this, but it's just a matter of getting to it. As of a couple years ago my novels have been more important to me, but since agents and publishers alike don't want to give me the time of day I use this story to fill in the downtime. I'm not sure exactly how many more chapters it will be, but I can successfully say it is more than halfway complete. If I had to make a rough guess, maybe five more chapters to go before I finish it.

Additional Works only Floating Around in my Head:

Gravitation: This is Me - Yuki goes too far one day and completely pushes Shuichi away from him. Shuichi wants to forgive him and forget the argument never happened, but Hiro's seen the end of Shuichi's pain-filled days and refuses to let him go back to the writer's arms, his own feelings for the pink-haired singer surfacing once more after so many years of repressing said feelings.
I have yet to start this one and at this moment I'm not even sure it's going to happen. As I've stated before, I am more interested in my longer project concerning Harry Potter. However, the idea itself still interests me, so who knows what the future will bring?

Harry Potter: Blood Life - Severus Snape is a half vampire struggling with his identity. Harry Potter is the vicotorious winner of the epic battle between the Light and Dark. Both are mates and don't realize it until a happy accident forces them together. But it won't stay happy for much longer...
Yes, this is my big project people! I don't want to give too much away on it at the moment, but I still have a zillion ideas with this fic and, as priorly mentioned, I'm not anywhere near halfway through with it and I won't be posting it until that point comes and I'm happy with the edits. Until then, you'll just have to wait in impatient agony. *insert evil laughter here*


Just as a teaser I've decided to put my novels up as well to see if I get any excitement about them. Any questions I will be more than ecstatic to answer for you, as long as it does not involve a free copy or giving away the plot. lol

Reflected - Charisse Harding is the typical high school girls with a not so typical bedroom mirror. It leads to the magical world of Lanais where lions, tigers, and bears have nothing on dragons, slakers, and gryphon. There she meats the dragon herder, Kaida who teaches her about this strange new world, and the dangers of it, well, she learns that on her own. Trouble follows her everywhere as soon as she steps through the glass, but she keeps finding herself drawn more and more to the mystical realm. Of course, that could have a lot to do with her mysterious heritage, one not even her parents know about.
There's only one thing to sum up this whole story:
Magic Happens.

This is my very first novel that I started way back in high school that first started out as drabble, but when I became more serious I went back, butchered it, and completed it a couple years ago as an actual novel.

Faded Glass - The Lanais hereloom that allowed Charisse the power of traveling between worlds has died out, but when one door closes another opens. It turns out her will and her own bit of magic that came with being the descendent of a powerful royal family didn't like that she'd been expelled from the dragon-inhabited world. With her dreams now being dominated by not just the Princess Lasista, but also the king himself, she needs to find what set off her magic to allow her back in.
As if all that wasn't enough, Charisse is now a senior and taking on a freshmen buddy who happens to have the hots for Kaida and her best friend has her eyes on Kaida's best friendWhat's a girl to do when saving the world, trying to keep her boyfriend, attempt to keep her normally happy-go-luck friend from getting too discouraged, and keep a semblance of normal life?

The sequel to Reflected. I haven't really started on this one, but the basic idea is there.

Red Moon - Hally Blair is the daughter of who was once the second most powerful werewolf on the west coast. She was raised to be the perfect mate, sent to the very best school, and was ready to do what every woman in the Den did before her. So why is it that the mate who picked her up as fangs?
Lucian is cool, calm, collected, and seriously in love with Hally. He's been searching for her for the past thirteen years and the very last thing he expected was to find her in the middle of a family of werewolves.
Events are set into motion that have Hally's past catching up with her much faster than she is ready to deal with. Nightmares are coming true and her worst fears are being revealed before the eyes of those she trusts least. And the whole world will come crumbling down around her.

This one came to me after reading the Twilight series and wouldn't leave me alone. As it turned out, I didn't want to stop at just one novel and came up with two books following the storyline, however there could always be more.

Silver Moon - Hally and Lucian thought they've earned their happily ever after, but the vampire William in the apartments threatens to tear them apart with the classic 'till death do you part with Hally being the dead one. However, with mysterious killings happening on the east coast and their home no longer safe, Lucian needs to make a split decision about where the best place to keep Hally would be until they can control William. She thought she was done facing the things that go bump in the night, but now she has to one more thing the swore she would never do again: unleash her own magic onto the world.

The second installment of the Colored Moons series. This one is my favorite of the two so far if only because some of my favorite characters start showing up, magic starts happening, and a whole bunch of major foreshadowing and plot points starts to happen. Gotta love that kind of drama where you don't know what's gonna happen next.

Blue Moon - Reese, the leader of the rogue wolves, has escaped his emprisonment and is coming straight for Hally. Partly responsible, his old Alpha, Asa had flown down from Canada with his Second and Third to help protect her. The fairy twins Tag and Hex have also arrived to lend a hand. Even her old Alpha Saiki is joining in, with ulterior motives of course. With all these people crowding the apartment complex Hally is feeling smothered and takes to sneaking off for a bit of privacy. On one such venture she runs into Kager, a kind stranger she immediately connects with and experiences a very deep pull to him. The hunt is on for Hally's would-be killer, but they should be careful: people are not always what they seem.

This one's plot changed a lot from how I originally intended it and I am so glad it did. It leaves the possibilities open and it's so much better. Always a plus. I can't really say much on it though because, like Faded Glass, I haven't actually started it and only have a very rough outline with a few scattered ideas. A lot can happen between planning it and writing it.

The In-Between - Job hunting sucks. No one knows that better than Kate Donovan. With her bad temper and tendency to insult upon rejection, finding a job for herself is one that's quickly becoming impossible. Just when she's about to give in she receives a myterious email that offers the job that's to die for complete with a hefty paycheck with housing in a dream come true apartment, furniture included. It seems the 'to die for' part was right on the money though when she comes out from another job interview only to have her life taken from her. Dead takes on a whole new meaning when it comes included with a strange group of allies, human-collecting psychos, and not to mention the super powers. Kate is out revenge and she's seeking the final death for whoever stole her life.

This is by far my favorite completed novel at the moment and you can be sure it's coming with sequels (ones I haven't written or thought up yet, but it will happen). I'm looking forward to completing this series the most. It's different! Kate's snarky attitude and the way she's sees things is unique and one I haven't seen in any other books and the plot twists will simply blow your mind.

Fairy Lights - Cecil Donally believes in fantasy, in fairies, and magic. She wants to believe that the impossible is possible and that's there is more to life than what she has in front of her. She also wants to believe her dad is still alive, but that's impossible. She saw him buried. Her mother doesn't understand her at all and her little brother is quickly turning into the next Porky Piglet. After a visit from her uncle and aunt, Cecil throws her things into a duffle bag and takes off, but she doesn't make it far before an unusual blinking light catches her attention and then she's thrown into the world beyond - Underneath the Veil. Magic is alive and fairies are very much alive and living among the trees and plantlife.
Not all is at seems though and Cecil needs to get back to her side of the veil before the bad becomes the worse. With the help of the magic dysfunctional fairy Hazeo and the fire inclined elf Dren, Cecil travels around the fairy world trying to find a way back home, but something else out there is also trying to not make that happen.

I've only got the first chapter completed on this one, but I really like how it came out. The second chapter has about two pages on it, but other than I've come to a standstill for the time being. It's one I've been messing with a lot lately, throwing ideas around, but so far nothing is sticking and I don't want to go too far before I decide to change things and have to rewrite a good portion of it.

There are several other ideas swimming in my head of course, but I'm not putting those up because nothing is conclusive yet. I have a couple of werewolves stories I've been messing with and have drabbles written, but until it becomes a serious fixation I'm not going to put them up.

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