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Alright you son of a bitch, who ever you are, in charge of this ''so called'' fan fiction site. I want my stories back. Go ahead, take away my account for cussing you out and calling you a two faced, two timing cowardly little pissant. I really don't give a good god mother fucking damn any more. You've taken away, let's see, music bands, nc-17, bloopers, and GOD knows what the fuck else. But why, WHY IN THE FUCK, did you have to take away the fic I wrote as a tribute to my uncle, who was the greatest man I ever knew, I never got to say goodbye, I never got to see him one last time, never got to hold his hand, hug him, do anything everyone deserves to do with a loved one. So I Wrote a story for him. And you have the GALL to take it down. What in the fuck...It wasn't blooper, nc-17, musical band, none of that shit...all of those I rather enjoy greatly I might add...Ah, fuck this. And fuck you too. You can have your poser fiction site. Your little, ''I decide what is or is not fan fiction, WORSHIP ME!'' site. Have fun playing god.

I'm building mah own little crew here...Bob the kittieh is first. *holds up stuffed leopard* and then Bob the walking stick. *Holds up five foot long stick* Then there's Bob the little green alium man. He has a ray gun. -=odod=- Then there's Bob the evil clown. Bob and Bob and Bob and Bob. *huggles all* =^-^= Then there's Skully the skeleton in my closet. *Pets Skully* Then there's Munkay. *Brandishes purple teddy with blue skulls all over him* I loof Munkay! o^_^o Imma make a list. Bob and bob and bob and Bob and munkay.

Bob the little green alium man. ô¿ô

Bob the stick. `|

Bob the stuffed Leopard. (83

Bob the clown. Ffn won't let me do Bob the clown's hat, so I'll make it upside down. He'll look angry...but he'll be smiling, so he'll look evil.
(8) My bad, the top of his head makes up for it a little. He just looks weird.

Skully the skeleton in my closet. (8=
Munkay the purple teddy with blue skulls. He doesn't have an emoticon ye. ;_;

And thas my crew so far. More will be added as they join.

-=revises long ass profile=- XD



fweeeee. O_o;;

http:///shivamerrick/UnstableXD.html XD!!!!!!!

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The Dream reviews
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