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Hello all who see this, I am LovelyOblivian13 and here are a few of my likes: Naruto, Inuyasha, Romance stories, NaruHina, SasuSaku, my OC's Tex &Chiyuki & Pooka, my OC TexGaara

My dislikes: NaruSasu, NaruSaku, HinaNeji, or any pairing of Hinata without Naruto, people that can't keep their dmn opinions to themselves (Pardon my language. I'm rated T), girls that are total btchs, slts of any kind, or jerks, bad story lines, and not knowing what to write.

I'm a bit of a poet, but I really don't like to assume that I'm good. If you think so, send me a message. Oh! And Btw, my avatar is Gladiator Mice, it is a screen shot from a Family Guy episode..

I looked his way, and he looked mine.

I couldn't see that he was fine.

Perfectly content, with how we were

when I really wanted to be like her.

The girl beside him, with the pretty face and hair

sadly, all I can do is watch and stare.

I hated when she kissed him, or held his hand.

I hated when he mentioned that he was a lucky man.

All I wanted was to her, the girl he was dating.

Instead I was the girl, that was constantly debating;

Debating whether to jump, or to stay on the rail

Thinking that I would always fail.

I wanted to get away from him, from her, from my heart.

But all I could return to, was where I would start;

Start crying or screaming, throwing a fit

Because I've grown sick of it.

Seeing him happy with a girl not like me.

Seeing how she would set him free.

Knowing that, before the years end

an invitation would send.

Inviting us to be happy while to people were wed.

My sweet love, I'll cry in my bed.

We could have been something more,

But instead, your heart wasn't stolen nor,

taken, but given to a girl that made me hate.

Hate everything that I'd come to know.

But today, as I stand here in the snow,

I've interrupted this ceremony so,

I could say, that I will always love you.

You're the boy that I'll never get over.

Let me know whst you guys think. All comments are appreciated, but if you don't like it, take it easy on me. I already know I need work as a writer.

"I'm not content with loneliness, I've just learned to accept it."

So, realizing how depressing my poem above is I think I should put something happier. I need suggestions for a topic though. Private message me a topic and I'll see what I can come up with.

"There is no longer hope for me... my only friend is my blade."

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