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I'm Foxy'sGirl, biomechanical engineering student, avatar enthusiast, how to train your dragon fan, and zombie survivalist.

Come find me on tumblr (warning, just recently attempting it, tips are greatly appreciated, I'm practically impaired) and ask for drabbles. Seriously. I'm hoping to write me some drabbles:

Chasing Thunderstorms Continuum Timeline (Because I realize it's probably confusing at this point):

Chasing Thunderstorms Chapters 1-37

Stages of Grief Chapters 1-26

Chasing Thunderstorms Chapters 38-39


Chasing Thunderstorms Chapter 40

Braced Chapters 1-24.5

Stages of Grief Chapter 27

Braced Chapter 24.5

Chasing Thunderstorms Chapter 41

Foxy's fanfiction flowchart:

If you read Plans...

I have a snippet of our drawn out correspondence that explains everything:

Hi Plans,

Long time, no see. I’ve had a good few years growing up and learning about well…everything I didn’t know when I wrote you, and you seem to have done alright for yourself too, making so many people love you. Good for you, really, I only wish you the best.

But you see, Plans, I’m having this issue. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not you, it’s me. It’s some rift between seventeen year old me and current me that I can’t seem to ford. She was the one who loved you, the one who saw so much in you. I need to work on being a better me now, and I can’t do that with you staring in my rearview mirror.

We had a good run, really. We were together for so long, and learned so much together. We got serious, even dabbled in a sequel, but it was never meant to be and now we’re stuck in a limbo where I can’t see your name without getting flushed and embarrassed and wanting to run away. I don’t want this to be so awkward, Plans, and I don’t think we can ever be friends.

And I tried. I tried to nod at you in the hallway and agree when someone said something nice about you. I tried to remember what you taught me, and all I learned just being around you, caring about you. But I’m sour, and sore, and not a big enough person for all of that. See, it’s really not you, it’s absolutely me.

But I can’t move on with you here, I want people to stop associating me with you. I want to be someone else but “Plans’s Writer,” you know? I don’t want to just be your author forever, I want to see the world, and be a crazy slutty girl who writes drabbles on whims.

I don’t regret the way we got to know each other, and I don’t regret my time with you. It helped me grow as a person and I wouldn’t change any of it. But Plans, really? Do I really need you peeking in? Do I really need to live somewhere that I see you every few days, peering at me and reminding me of that tender and terrifying first time? Do I really need to see your face in every new review, in everyone who keeps reading?

I want to separate, amicably. So let’s be adults about this, if you’re capable, which I’m not entirely sure about. I’ll give you until June 30 to move out, let you have as many wild flings as you want in the next few weeks. But June 30, you’re out of here, non-negotiable. I need my space to grow and improve, without you staring me down.

Thanks for understanding,


Note: As of June 30th, Plans has been taken down from the site. Thank you all for your enthusiasm regarding that story, I appreciate all of you who helped me grow more than you know.

If you read Chasing Thunderstorms...

And you don't mind an M rating and more than a little angst and drama...

The first sort of sequel for Chasing is finished, it's called "Stages of Grief", and I have to say that it is absolutely what I am most proud of as a writer thus far, so I'd love it if you stopped in.

But you don't want to dig into a huge angsty mess (and you don't mind an M rating)...

"Braced" is finished and I promise that it's not a nest of angst. It's goofy and fluffy and full of all sorts of good feelings as opposed to the near constant clawing for happiness. Not that it doesn't have it's dramatic moments...but overall, it's a laughing story. And a smutty story, I'll be the first to admit the smut got a little bit out of control there...

And you just want a smutty oneshot...

"Poof" is absolute PWP, and feel-good PWP at that.

I've just learned that I've been nominated for something called the Fanfiction Grammy's. First off, whoever nominated me for that, thank you so much, I am immensely flattered and I wish I knew who you were so that I could thank you personally. Secondly, the more times I'm nominated, the greater chance that I have of advancing, and I'd appreciate it if anyone else feels that my stories are worth it!

Currently, Stages of Grief has been nominated under Best Romance and and Chasing Thunderstorms has been nominated for Reader's Choice. If you guys agree with these nominations, I'd really appreciate anyone who feels the need to second them! Also, Reader's Choice winners are determined by votes, so starting July 14th, if anyone cares to go vote for Chasing Thunderstorms, I'd be pretty excited, to be completely honest.

You can find the website at , and that's where nominations and voting are taking place. Your support would be immensely appreciated.

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