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Author has written 22 stories for Lord of the Rings, Harvest Moon, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Hey, my name is Lucy!
I listen to all sorts of music, watch many cartoons, and refuse to be an adult. Nice to meet you. :D

For starters, I want to thank each and every one of my readers. Thank you so much everyone for reading and following! Your comments and criticisms mean the world to me, and I hope to shape myself into the writer you all deserve!

I write mostly fluff. I'm a hopeless romantic, and I've a heart for tragedy. I'll try my hand at any and every genre I can! Hopefully, I can get lots of good practice and help here. :)

I don't own my avatar.

Update as of 6/29/15:

Want to get updates on a TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE otome game I'm writing? Wanna date a waiter? Come on, you Chase and Raeger fans, just take a peek~ :D

Links for the otome!



And if I'm not there, this is how I stand on everything else:

(A) I am working on original stuff when I'm not on fanfiction, so updates are crazy party all over the place yes.

(B) I'm feeling just insane enough to start rapid posting new stories. Not sure if or how that will turn out... but the likelihood is high.

(C) I'm a busy beta bee, so I've been doing lots of proofreading lately. Be sure to scour the HM feed for updates on those lovely stories!

(D) Thanks for reading!

Survivor : Harvest Moon : Adventure/Humor : T : On Hiatus

The reason this story is in a coma is because it is so dauntingly huge that I get queasy whenever I think about it. I'll definitely get back to chipping away at Castanet with poor, little Charlotte after I finish some of my other stories. My muse here is hibernating. I don't want to say indefinitely, but it's going to be a long, long, long, long time.

Molly & The Animal Parade : Harvest Moon : Friendship/Drama : T : In Progress

Currently updating!

The Wizard of Castanet : Harvest Moon : Family/Drama : T : In Progress

Currently updating!

The Secret World of Minori Little : Harvest Moon : Adventure : T : In Progress

I've actually been re-writing older chapters to more closely resemble the game now that it's out in NA. The story's kind of up in the air because of it. I feel like I should give it a rest and just POST SOMETHING DAMMIT, but I can't help but be awfully stubborn. Never fear - chapters are coming as soon as I get my shit together!

A Very Swan-y Sequel : Harvest Moon : Adventure/Fantasy : T : Not Published

The outline is almost completed, so I will be able to start this very soon. Thanks for checking in! :D

??? : Harvest Moon : Romance/Drama : T : Not Published

Yup. It's the next installment in that Classics series I have going. FINALLY. I just have to lay down my outline, and this sucker can hit the upload.

??? : Harvest Moon : Humor/Drama : T : Not Published

This may or may not be another sequel..? I don't know; don't look at me like that :c

??? : Harvest Moon : Romance/Comedy : T : Not Published

This could be any number of things. I have so many romcom ideas for Harvest Moon that I'm probably clinically unwell. So look forward to that.

Some Things:

For those of you who are particularly curious cats, I'm prepared to tell you a little bit about myself if you're interested. :)

Name: Lucy

Age: 21

Favorite Artists: Marianas Trench, A Rocket to the Moon, Vanessa Carlton, Ed Sheeran, Owl City, One Direction, The Ready Set, Tim McGraw, The Dubliners, Taylor Swift, The Last Goodnight, George Strait, Never Shout Never

Favorite YouTube Channels: PewDiePie, PeanutButterGamer, JonTronShow, danisnotonfire, dookieshed, NateWantsToBattle, JennaMarbles, nigahiga, SimplySpoons, TheMostPopularGirls, Paint, CutiePieMarzia, PBGGameplay, Dookieshed Plays, sWooZie, juliansmith87, Barely Political, CinemaSins, Screen Junkies, HISHEdotcom, Bart Baker, smosh, League of Super Critics, ProJared, grav3yardgirl, DYKGaming, Scykoh, SpaceHamster, The Game Theorists

Favorite Pokémon: Delphox, Gogoat, Charizard, Blastoise, Eevee, Umbreon, Bayleef, Cyndaquil, Totadile, Feraligatr, Ninetales, Corsola, Bulbasaur, Onix, Snorlax, Arcanine, Dratini, Suicune, Tauros, Jigglypuff, Smoochum, Haunter, Gengar, Magikarp, Gyarados, Piloswine, Mareep, Ampharos

Favorite Fandoms: Harvest Moon, Fullmetal Alchemist, The Lord of the Rings, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Pokémon, Durarara!!, The Legend of Zelda, Attack on Titan, Scooby-Doo, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Toradora!, Disney, Studio Ghibli

Likes: Warm tea, sunny mornings, walking in the rain, books with hobbits in them, video games with farmers, iambic pentameter, cartoons, cleaning, cheesy otome games, empty movie theatres, daffodils and daisies, leaves in a strong wind, tall pine trees, summer and fall, fast moving clouds, grocery shopping, snail mail, animals of all sorts and sizes, rock-paper-scissors, road trips, anime, hide-and-seek, cosplay, mustard with fries, languages, blasting music, tattoos, scarves, boy bands, piano music, video game/movie/television nostalgia, ticking off days on the calendar, learning new signs in ASL, standing in an open sunroof, theme parks, singing and dancing when no one's watching, moon-viewing on late summer nights from a rooftop, driving with all of the windows down, looking at peoples' shoes, spontaneous adventures, friends talking about life.

Dislikes: Tomatoes, antiquing, math, doctors, people reading over my shoulder, job hunting, too many questions in the morning, salads, scat and blues, not being able to strike a lighter, lies, wall paper, slushy grey snow on asphalt, concept of forever, birds who go for the eyes, hateful/narrow-minded/judgmental attitudes, writer's block, dead batteries, touch screens, falling down trying to roller skate, clothes when I sleep, money problems, gum drops, fighting, being alone too long, rubber balloons, cold tea.

Current Top 10 Songs:

1: White Houses - Vanessa Carlton
2: Aoi Shiori - Galileo Galilei
3: Swan - Galileo Galilei
4: Girls Like You - Eric Church
5: Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy
6: Fools - Lauren Aquilina
7: Here's to the Zeros - Marianas Trench
8: Lullaby - Nolwenn Leroy
9: Good Directions - Billy Currington
10: Avalanche - Walk the Moon

Favorite Quotables:

-Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!)

"This is pure hatred... and I will not let it take you."
-Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

"All I want now is to look at life.
You may come and look at it with me if you care to."
-Lord Henry (The Picture of Dorian Gray)

"Forgive me for doubting you."
"No, no; I would have doubted me, too."
-Thorin and Bilbo (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey)

"The suspense is terrible! I hope it lasts!"
-Gwendolyn Fairfax (The Importance of Being Earnest)

We'll take on any antic
Mini or gigantic
Anything we're thrown
Promise me you won't
Let go
-Random Encounters (Don't Let Me Go: A Yoshi Song)

Now why don't you go and tell your little
Blue or Gary or whatever his name is
-NateWantsToBattles (Muk You)

You can't be born again
Although you can change
Let's stay together always
-Laura Bailey (For Fruits Basket)

How would you cope if the world decided
To make you suffer for all that you were?
-The Naked and Famous (Girls Like You)

I am an artist
Please, God, forgive me
I am an artist
Please don't revere me
I am an artist
Please don't respect me
I am an artist
Feel free to correct me
A self-centered artist
Self-obsessed artist
I am an artist
I am an artist
But I'm just a kid
I'm just a kid
I'm just a kid, kid
And maybe I'll grow out of it
-Bo Burnham (Art is Dead)

Feel Free to Ignore This:

1. How about a brief introduction of yourself?

My name is Lucy. Cosplayer, gamer, writer, and general fangirl. I'm finally able to have fun on my birthdays again - a.k.a. drinking age at last! Pass the rum.

Introducing myself as an author, I'm a lover, a fighter, and lazy as all hell. I update when I feel like it - since you can't really do so otherwise. I carry lots of romantic notions, yet I never write smut. I love drama and the elements of mystery and suspense. I love curse words since I'm always searching for ways to expand my vocabulary, they give lots of creativity, and I don't understand censorship. Like, at all. What are we trying to hide? Haha, I love the human experience!

2. Fabulous! And what got you into fanfiction to begin with?

I used to frequent Neoseeker. It was the first website I ever registered for, and the friends I made there pointed me in this direction.

3. I see, so what kind of fanfiction do you like to write?

Anything. Quite seriously - anything and everything! I'm a very open-minded person, I like to think, so I'm hoping to write for every genre the site offers at some point. That includes all sorts of romances, friendships, and developments with my characters, too. I love mixing things up and keeping it fresh!

4. Do you tend to write the same pairings/characters? Or are you a fandom whore?

I never meant to, but most of my stories are Gill, Luke, or Chase centered. I love so many of the characters in Harvest Moon, but I can't help but gravitate towards the Castanet/Waffle Island crew. Especially Animal Parade. S'where my heart is.

In general, I only write for Harvest Moon. If I'm struck with inspiration elsewhere, I'll follow that muse, but I like this hub very much. Lots of room to explore without poking uncomfortably at canon. I don't like to change what's canon. I'll read it, of course, but it just bothers me when I try to meddle with it. Nej. Harvest Moon really doesn't have much canon, so it's perfect for me.

5. What is your most popular fanfic, and why do you think people like it so?

Definitely Her Scarlet Letter. I was totally blindsided when it took off like it did. I was just a high schooler trying to escape my homework with a side project, lol whoops. xD I think people liked it so much though because... they could relate? They were familiar with the material and were happy to see it mingling together. Other than that, it kept people guessing. Almost every chapter had a touch of suspense to it, and looking back - the writing isn't... terrible. But I was such a dick - I kept things hanging constantly. Good thing I updated often, yeesh. What a stressful story to read!

6. Forget other people, what is the fanfic you've written that you're most proud of?

I really loved writing Open for Business. As a story that started in fuckery, it kind of ended that way, but it took a lot of my heart with it when it ended. I'm positive I won't find my attempts at humor funny in the future, but it was a blast putting it to paper. Otherwise, I liked Joy Division. I wrote that all on my own offline, and I liked how it came together. It was a bit harsh though, so look forward to a parallel MollyxJulius story with happier tones someday soon. n_n

7. Do you find writing easy? Hard? What are the most difficult aspects of writing you struggle with?

I'm going to sound like a colossal prick, but here it goes: yes, I find writing very easy. It's second nature now. Whether it turns out good or not is more or less up to chance. I just ride the coattails and look back in quiet observance, finding what I did wrong and hoping to improve whenever I get the next new idea. What is incredibly difficult about writing are the dips in inspiration. I want to write every day of my life, so on days when I wake up without that spark, I am easily depressed and irritable. I'm not me if I'm not regularly writing, but all I can do is wait for it to come back to me. I've learned that now. Patience is such a virtue... that I do not have. But if there wasn't some kind of struggle, I doubt being an author would be half as interesting when chatting at family dinners. So there's that.

8. Write a few sentences or so of your favorite pairing or character.

Really? Now?! Aw, man, that's a new mindset. Okay, gimme a sec...

Maybe he was lazy. Most people wouldn't have said as much after witnessing him hurl some punk across the boulevard, but Shizuo was genuinely a lazy person. In the mind, where it mattered. He would mutter about his hatred of violence, but the Saints themselves knew it wouldn't be long before he lost himself to his anger again. He wasn't trying hard enough. To prove he wasn't the man everyone knew him to be.

Well, that was weird. But my mind always floats back to Shizuo Heiwajima or Tamaki Suoh at some point, so don't judge me too hard. xD

9. Are there any fanfiction trends/clichés you can't stand or are just sick of?

Right off the bat, I will tell you that I cannot stand when abuse is used as a trope. It's disgusting. When people use a dark past or turmoil of some sort to make their character 'broken' and 'sad' and 'in need of rescuing' and they're set up as a project for their love interest. Gets my goat like nothing else. Otherwise, Mary Sue types in general. Love triangles - OMG GET A NEW SHAPE OR SOMETHING. Or stories of 'I can change him!' Shallow characters who only exist to further the plot for the main character - who is usually a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Romance as an end result to a quest, like it's a reward instead of a constant challenge. Animals who don't act like animals - that's another one! Animals can get moody just like people, so what's with their strange, cartoonish demeanor in the cliché? But I think the main issue on that one is authors who just haven't been around animals enough, and that has some understandability to it, especially here in the Harvest Moon fandom. Not everyone lives on a farm.

What makes me the most upset though over themes or styles is simply lazy writers. People who just slap stuff together, beg for reviews, and never proofread. I take writing very seriously - it's my whole life! I wish people would give it more respect. It takes a lot of time and effort to churn out something nice, and fanfic writers are doing it for free and often without a care to who reads it - if anyone at all. It's a passion. I love that we can share our stories with the public, but people really take this area of entertainment for granted. And its ridicule in general gets really old.

10. Are you guilty of any of the fanfiction trends/clichés you now hate? Or any other ones?

Sometimes I'll write something silly and rather shallow - on the romcom end of the fanfic pool. I've grown up some, sure, but I haven't been guilty (at least I hope not, good Lord) of any of the things from my messy rant up there. Except when I was younger. I was heavily influenced by my family, and I was homophobic and sexist and close-minded for most of my life until these past few years. I really regret some of my old writing that had those ideals in it. I'm embarrassed. But I have a happy balance of acceptance and genuine love now as a person - and I haven't given up my spirituality to do so. So I'm happier and healthier, and I apologize if you were ever a victim of my early, teenage drivel. I am genuinely ashamed, but I have moved forward.

11. What was the first fandom you wrote for? Do you still like/participate in it?

Harvest Moon. Always and forever. xD But my first fanfic on this site was for The Lord of the Rings. Lovely fandom over there, but it's not my cup of tea since it stretches canon. I'm super sensitive when it comes to Tolkien lore, so I'm going to sit happy over here in Harvest Moon; thank you very much.

12. Name your OTPs or most frequently written pairings/characters and explain what it is about them you love to write.

Well, my OTPs are characters I don't write for. Like Royai and USUK. But here in Harvest Moon, I can't say that I have a favorite pairing since there are so many wonderful possibilities. For characters in general, I have to say the tsunderes. I can relate. xD Then characters like Julius - I am so obsessed with Julius. Don't even know how to start explaining that. He's so open and accepting and... the embodiment of true love. He's wonderful. Mira and Pascal are some of my favorites, too. They've captured a sense of melancholy in very different ways. But I love sassy bastards like Allen to meek girls like Candace to the bubbly Popuri to the stoic Vaughn. HM characters. Gotta love 'em all.

13. What would you call your writing "style"?

Um... arrogant? I'm terrified of having any kind of ego because I know it will ruin me, but I tend to get really superfluous when I write. Lots of cheesy, flowing descriptions. And my dialogue is pretty zany, I guess. When reading my stuff, I want people to relax, keep an open-mind, and just have a good time. I don't want to get too serious, even in tragedy. It's all part of the emotional roller coaster, and writing is kind of a game that way. That's how I like it.

14. Do you read other people's fanfics? If so, what do you find yourself reading the most?

Totally! When I'm not actively writing, I read tons of Harvest Moon fanfics. I even beta! I tend to stay away from the chapter fics lately though only because no one ever really updates (LIKE I CAN TALK). So I love new one-shots, but I like to go back to the old archives and read the finished stories. I'd totally review them, but I feel like I'm being creepy leaving feedback after a story has a layer of dust that's five years thick. Is that weird?

15. Name one thing you'd LOVE to write, but have been too afraid or shy to do.

Smut? xD Bahaha, no, but seriously. I'm an asexual, so I have nooooo experience, and I don't want it. It's pretty shameless, but when things get heated in my stories, I detach myself and just robotically type them on auto-pilot. That's why they probably seem soulless and devoid of all feeling - because they are. Personally, I can have a happy ending finish with a handshake or a hug, but I know a lot of people agree that they want to see more than that. Sort of confirmation. So I'll go the extra mile, but I won't be holding your hand anymore. I'm more or less pushing you down the hill and watching as you go, hoping the slide isn't too bumpy on the way down.

16. Do you have trouble taking criticism? Or worse yet, do you have the dreaded bloated ego?

I love when people tell me what I can improve! It's great! What I'm bad about is actually following their good advice. My bad habits run deep, so it takes eons to break them. Believe me though, I'm trying! And when it comes to ego, yes, I try to avoid that at all costs. I believe that there is no level of experience nor expertise that forgives a disregard to humility. There's always and forever something to improve, learn, or practice. The challenge is getting that humble attitude around a cocky brain like mine - it likes to believe it's special. It's not. We're all on this same track together.

17. When you write, is there anything that helps? Music? Quiet room?

I play music. It's constantly on and giving me inspiration. And I like to write from my bed where I'm comfy. If I'm stuck, I like to pace, write out diagrams and plot points on a white board to see what I can fix or where I went wrong, and I take lots of walks. Get out. Get some air. Don't come back until my head is screwed on right again.

18. What inspires you?

The sky. Wind.

19. Lastly, how would you sum up your fanfiction experiences and yourself as a writer?

I'm a total loon; that's a fair spot to start. xD I honestly can't see a day come when I'm not writing fanfiction for Harvest Moon. It's my favorite thing to do, and it's helped me loads in discovering who I am and who I want to be as a writer.

20. Tag some friends, because they'll hate you for it.

I was originally tagged when I found this on MoolightPrancing's profile after she followed one of my stories (bahaha, now everyone knows I'm a stalker), and she tagged anyone who had read hers. So I'm going to do the same thing she did and tag anyone who just read mine. It's fun and silly and just a pleasant way to waste your time and get your thoughts warmed up before writing, so I'd recommend it! Thanks for reading, and I'll see you around~

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