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Author has written 3 stories for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Half-Life, Halo, Darkness, and Terminator.

Note as of October 31, 2011.

Alright, I have a lot of explaining to do, so I'll try to be as concise as possible.

The reason I have yet to update is not because I'm busy, though that is a part of it, but because I'm writing all the chapters at once, while I'm busy. Additionally, due to my foolish idiocy of writing up MORE stories, as the current count is five I think, though there are only three in here. So yeah, I think they're all 25,000 plus words at this point. I'll post the associated storied below, and their current status for now.

But yeah, I deeply, deeply apologize for the long wait. I also apologize for the fact that, at this rate, they'll MAYBE be complete by mid september. Sorry.

That would be all. Carry on.

For the purposes of this profile, you may know the following general information about me, myself and I. One, I am, at this point of time (May 15, 2011) a teenage male with questionable levels of sanity and even more questionable dress sense, living somewhere around the third large planetary body from the sun within the Sol System. Two, that at this point in time, (again on May 15 ,2011), I am currently studying to for my college entrance exam, with an interest on going into the sciences, or medicine, which is technically part of the sciences. I think. Three, while i haven't actually said much, that information is already enough to track down the 3 or 4 other profiles I have in the internet and, if you do manage to find them, you get a cookie! Or if you're just really bored and insist on hunting a person down in real life for no real reason.

Right, so I have recently been hit by idea blitzkriegs, and so now have two lists. Current Stories, and Planned Stories. CS being those posted, and PS being what I plan to post.

Current Projects

1. Price of Unity: Next chapter currently at 5,000 words.

-Also under rewriting to clear up the horrendous grammer in the beginning. Blegh

2. Sins of the Father: Third Chapter currently at 6,500 words. Almost done, but for the fact of two or three scenes I have yet to fully make. It concerns the Diagon Alley scene, and is all packed into one chapter.

3. Mutually Assured Advantage: Terminator-Half Life Crossover. Technically speaking, Second, Third and fourth chapters already done. I'm just dealing with the other stories before this one.

4. Chessmasters: A Tiberium Wars-Code Geass Crossover I had no intention of actually creating if not for the damned folks over at spacebattles. Revolves around what would happen if Kane and a portion of Nod were to mysteriously find themselves in the CG world. First chapter done, second chapter halfway at 5,600 words.

} 5. Unnamed One Shot: Fallout-ME crossover. Won't say anything on that until the stories are posted up.

Planned Projects

1. War of the Five Powers: A Tiberium-Red Alert crossover that, like Price of Unity, takes itself seriously in the specifics, but due to the ridiculous atmosphere of the RA series, doesn't take itself very seriously in general day to day life. It's plot will, like the Price of Unity, be the logical conclusion should both universes merge. I've gotten the general specifics down, and I'm just waiting for an opportunity to start writing. Timeline of the Tiberium universe is right after Kane's Wrath (No points on how the universes got connected), and the timeline of the RA verse is somewhere around the time the Soviet Union began to try and take France. Original content coming in with the personalities of each respective Commander, and the specifics of the war which was not, in any specific way, elaborated upon.

2. In the Beginning: I find it sad that there aren't a lot of fanfics about The Darkness, so I've endeavored to create my own oneshot about it. Considering the Darkness' own nature, and the fact that it will have aspects of both the Videogame and the Comics, I have made my own personal canon on the Darkness' origins.

3. The Beating of Black Wings: A Harry Potter - Sandman one shot/vignettes (Still not quite sure). At this point, it currently focuses on Voldemort's relationship with the very thing he runs from the most. Death. Whether or not I'll add the rest of the family, and whether or not I'll add any other characters besides Voldemort, is still up in the air somewhere playing with Delirium's curls and Dream's books.

4. Harry Potter and the Blacklight Virus: This is, quite literally, the first fanfic idea I had. It says a lot about a person when, the first thing that he wants to write about, is what would happen if Alex Mercer and the events of Prototype had occurred in the HP verse. Poor, poor Harry and not so poor Voldemort won't know what hit them, not that it's gonna be THAT kind of fic. I don't do that anymore. The tittle is currently a placeholder until I can think of something witty but, for the most part, I am making this happen eventually. If Prototype 2 adds anything useful, and won't complicate things, i'll probably add them as well. However, current plan is just Prototype 1.

That, is all that I have planned right now. I may have an urge sometime to write a story entirely devoted to vignettes, or merely a oneshot to explore some idea I had when I wake up, but, for now, that's pretty much it.

Besides this, I don't quite know what else to say. So instead, I won't say anything and will let you out of the door now. Please tip the catgirl waitress when you leave, she has to feed her catbabies you know.

Which now makes me want to write something anime related. Haruhi Suzumiya maybe? Well, we'll see I guess.

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