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Hello everyone I'm Alilbitgoth. Well I am just a little bit goth. I have a love for the paranormal world.

I first started reading FF in early 2000. They were about the Anita Blake series and after that I got hooked. I would lurk around this site for years but finally decided to sign up.

I'm not really a writer per say, I love to read and edit more than write. I have a background in news writing. I use to be and editor and writer for my college paper.

I'm and 80s & 90s kid so I pretty much like a lot of shows and movies from those eras.

Fan fiction I'm into:

Sailor moon, Power Rangers, Appleseed, Boys Over Flowers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ninja Assassin, Faith, Hana Yori Dango, Vampire Knight, Tekken, Resident Evil-Video Game, Twisted, Walking Dead

these are just some of the fanfiction I read most often. I love the hot passionate, romantic fanfictions. Although, if there are good humorous ones I'll read those too.

Couples I ship:

  • Dacey/tuhad- Danny & Lacey/Tut & Suhad
  • Bangel- Angel & Buffy
  • Richonne- Rick & Michonne
  • Miko/raika- Raizo & Mika
  • Tomberly- Tommy & Kimberly
  • Serena & Darren
  • Seoul Couple- Ga Eul, Yi Jeong
  • I'm currently writing my first fanfiction called, Sexual Seduction: The downfall of Tommy Oliver. 2nd story- Nothing like your mouth

    8/30/10- Hey, guys I haven't forgot about the story. I am writing chapter 3. The original one I wrote for 3 was originally going to be about Kim talking about the history of their relationship but for some reason, That wasn't the way I wanted it to go so I'm starting over but I'm incorporating some of the original, into the new. Thanks so much for the feedback and to those who subscribed. I'm glad you enjoy the story. I'm already having ideas about another story but I want to finish this one first before I do another one. So continue to check back! LATER!!!!

    12/27/10- well I'm back again. I hope everyone Christmas was great and you got what you wanted. My power Ranger story has been put on hold due to Rain Bi. I just wrote my first Ninja Assassin Story with mika and Raizo. I hope you guys like it! Thanks for all the reviews on Downfall and I will be getting back into it. Here's hoping 2011 brings Good luck to you all Happy New Year!!

    2/14/11- Hello all. I 'm back with an update. I'm working on chapter 2 of NLYM. I've been kind of stuck but I think its now starting to flow. I also will be revising the 1st chap. cause I'm nit picky about stuff I write and I tend to find mistakes after I've published or turned in something. I want to have it done before valentine's Day but I doubt it. So if I don't have it up till then, keep bringing the reviews and have a Happy Valentine's day. HOLLA BACK!!!

    6/5/11- Well summers here and you know what that means, RED HOT READS!!!. I just love a hot steamy summer story don't you? I'm sorry for not updating sooner, I've just been into other things. I've just gotten into Korean Dramas and already there is a story brewing in my head for the Epic, BOYS OVER FLOWERS. So far (bi) Rain, Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong have my undivided attention. I have over 800 words done for chapter 2 of NLYM so I'm still working. I know you guys are patiently waiting. LOL! I promise this chapter will be done before the end of hopefully next week. LATER!!!!

    10/3/11- October is here!!! which has my fave holiday. I freakin love Halloween. THANK YOU JESUS!!! I finally finished NLYM chapter 2. Raizo was being stubborn. He kinda didn't want to talk so you can blame him for the chapter being short. LOL! I kinda started chapter 4 of sexual seduction so be patient. There is another story that is sort of in my head about Joongbo, That's Kim hyun Joong and Hwangbo. I have joined other fans of the lettuce couple. I noticed we don't have a category for the show We got Married maybe we need to change that. So until next time, Later!!!

    11/4/12- WOW its been a year since I updated. To my Ninja Assassin fans, it will be completed. I started chapter 3. A lot of my stories or ideas for stories come to me through dreams. Also, I need to fully immerse myself within that world. I've been out of NA world for a while and been in other worlds which has my complete attention. I've started a Boys Over Flowers story but I won't publish it until I have it finished. I'm writing Joongbo stories too. I did start chapter 4 for Tommy Oliver but I stopped cause I didn't like the way it was heading so I might start that chapter over. Right now after finishing the Drama Faith, I'm having min ho fever for a while. I hope everyone have a great Thanksgiving and don't pig out too much.

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    Nothing Like Your Mouth reviews
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