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Hi, I'm Connor. And I'm TOTALLY scratching EVERYTHING I said beforehand.

I love pokemon, Megaman starforce, Ranma 1/2, The world god only knows, and alot of video games.

I LOVE to think of stories for all of these. But I never post them because I just get so lazy. xD

like for example...take the pearlshipping fic I have uploaded on here.

Updated when? XD

Moving on, I now have uploaded a second story.
I call it Reverse Reverse. The name itself can have some story representation...but it was much better suited for the original story idea. Which I couldn't justify and make like I can this version. But its still the best name I have come up with. Because I suck with names. XD

I love symbolism, and even though I'm a guy, I somehow come off as a peppy girl online...

oh btw, I'm 17 years old, NOT 16. That was a long time ago...xD

1/28/13 update-

Now I'm almost 18. Boy how time flies... but in anycase...

A few things about me and my stories. (mostly stories).

First of all, I love genderbending as a genre. Its just so much fun.

Reverse Reverse: You all know this already xD

Unamed story: A Rich boy wants to go on a journey with pokemon, but his parents have other ideas. They force him to stay home and do well in school since they’ve never agreed with doing a journey. This boy is good at many things, excelling in grades, sports and etc. He is popular and handsome, attracting a girl or two from time to time. Yet he rejects every girl the few times he’s been confessed too. He assures them that he’s not gay or anything, yet he never shows any interest and has increasingly gotten more quiet and not as active in school activities for reasons unknown. One day however, him and his friend go out to the lake during a school field trip (leaving the main group), and they all expereince a sex change for some unexplainable reason. After taking in the situation, The boy decides to abuse this sudden change of gender and “run away”. Will this end up helping him in the end?

And that’s it for that story. I find that this one has personal reference to me…Though without the genderbending. XD

I have one more story idea planed. And it’s completely unrelated to pokemon and doesn’t have genderbending in it. Amazing no? xD
It’s a story for Megaman starforce. A continuation in a sense. I feel like megaman starforce 3 was a good ending to the series…but I do want to see the characters more even though I know that. So in accordance…

(Placeholder name.)The birthplace of Noise:
Not too long after the events of Megaman Starforce 3, Waza has sent out Megaman and the newly revitalized Acid and Ace to clean up leftover crazed wizards and viruses from the excess noise. Megaman does most of the battling while Ace coordinates the effort wanting to avoid EM wave change due obvious reasons. During the battle Megaman starts to gather an extreme amount of noise from the huge amount of enemies, and then decides to try and access the meteor server that’s…not there anymore. Because of that, when he launches the noise he gathered into space, it comes right back down on him and hurts him extensively. Not to mention releasing more noise back into the world again…What will become of this predicament?

and thats it. xD If you wanna talk to me or something for any reason, just PM.

Oh, and eventually I'll have Reverse Reverse Updated.
I just gotta type it -.- xD

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Sometime after the events of Pokemon Platinum, 3 kids get sucked into a similar yet different world, where a lot of things are reversed. The Pokemon living there are the same species as the ones at home, but they have different abilities that will make the kid's lives a living headache. Worse yet, the Pokemon aren't the only things that changed...They've all been gender-swapped!
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