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Author has written 16 stories for Misc. Books, Naruto, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Alias: Ally-Ann

Age: 15 (And a half!)

Birthday: I'm a June baby!

Height: Barely 5'3...

Favorite anime: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Hetalia: Axis Powers/World Series, Fruits Basket, Earl and Fairy, and I'm starting to like the looks of Bleach... *Might give it a chance*

Favorite movies: The Chronicles of Narnia, MILLENIUM ACTRESS, My Neighbor Totoro, and Paprika seems interesting... but the nudity thing... *Shudders*

Favorite books: The Sisters Grimm (No to be confused with the Brothers Grimm), Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, Mary, Bloody Mary, The Hunger Games (But only the first book. =/ )

Words Used to Describe Me: Witty, observant, pensive, argumentative, critical, empthatic, sensitive, intelligent, creative, expressive, dramatic, eclectic, sophisticated, fashionable, curious, and artistic.

About Me: Pretty much everything listed above. I have many hobbies, including field hockey, piano, singing, drawing, painting, writing stories and poetry, and playing Minecraft and SSX. Theatrical acting may be added to this list pretty soon, and I'm hoping ballet will, eventually...

I love politics and history, and I absolutely adore my A.P. European history class, despite loathing the amount of work I'm given. The Italian Renaissance and earlier are my absolute favorite time periods.

I love English as well, and though I don't particularly enjoy writing essays, I don't hate them, and I can whip up some pretty good ones if I feel like it. I like to write stories and such, but poems are my favorite, especially when they're short, to the point, and powerful. Lengthy, complicated poems are the worst; poems are meant to be understood.

Science is O.K.; I had to take Earth Science my freshman year (Last year), so now I'm in Biology, which, to me, is either very interesting, or kill-me-now boring. Microscopes are fun. *Looks through a microscope* Ooh, you're a cute little cell! Yes, you are Yeees, you are

I hate math. I hate it. I seriously believe that I have a disability with numbers; no matter how much I practice or get help from a teacher, I still don't understand. But I excel in everything else, so it's not like I'm stupid or anything...

I love to study about different religions, despite the fact that I'm a Christian. I don't mind reading about Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other religion; it interests me greatly, and I like to hear about how other believers of different religions view Christianity as well.

I'm going to be doing an online school. In a few days. Here's my education story:

After the first two weeks of public kindergarten in North Carolina, my mom pulled me out because all they were teaching was that "Cats and dogs have fur, and birds have feathers"; I knew this when I was three years old, people. I knew my ABCs, too. So, I was homeschooled until I was eight years old. We (my family) lived in Germany when I turned eight (Dad's an army chaplain), and I went to the D.o.D elementary school for 3rd grade (Also went to another school in Germany, as my dad had to switch to a different base 45 minutes away). Just before I turned nine, we moved to North Carolina again so that my dad could get his second masters's degree in ethics. I went to public school there, too, and a year leader, my family had to move again, this time to Virginia. The schools where we would be living were horrendous, and so my mom homeschooled me. After I turned thirteen, we moved to Virginia Beach, where I was homeschooled for one more year. And then, when I was fourteen years old and school time rolled in again, I begged my mom to let me go to public school again; I missed the social time, though my two best and closest friends are homeschooled. She decided it would be for the best, and she had heard that the VA Beach schools were phenomenal, and she let me go. It was an amazing experience, better than homeschooling could offer. Every last one of my teachers were astounding, cared for all of their students, and I thrived on learning. The feeling of being a part of something bigger is what I love about that school, and I had a lot of friends. Then, the July after school ended, I had to move again, this time to nearly the same area before we lived at the beach, and I was actually heartbroken about leaving my school, teachers, and friends.

The school that I went to after I moved was shabby from the beginning; my English teacher was vulgar, and when I say vulgar, I mean she was using sexual examples to go along with the definitions of SAT words. She also had several piercings up and down her ears, and not to offend anyone on this site with several piercings, but when you have a professional job, several piercings look ridiculous and immature; I can't help it, but that's the way the business world works. Have you ever seen an ambassador, lawyer, or doctor with piercing riddling their ears? Probably not.

My math teacher was nice at first, but never explained things very well-- even during 45-minute tutoring sessions-- and then she turned sour on me, and made my life feel worse. My chorus teacher also very nice at first, and then it became clear to me after a few incidents that she was absent-minded, unprofessional, and didn't care about the students, especially me. The only teachers that I loved were my history teacher and my French teacher, both of whom were very understanding, kind, and fair.

Because of this school, I was miserable every day of my life, and honestly, I believe that it was border-line depression; I frequently thought and stated that I hated my life, I cried often, I felt drained and exhausted, and I had given up on giving school my all; I started to hate learning, and my entire demeanor at home changed; I snapped at my parents frequently, I rarely smiled or laughed (Which is something that I did all the time, everyday), and I begged my mom everyday to let me stay home or get picked up early, which was rarely granted. And that's what that school has done to me.

But it's alright now, as I'm going to be doing Liberty University's Christian Academy online, I've had a looong break, and I'm ready to start learning again; I'll be able to take Mandarin Chinese now, too! Plus, if I continue with this academy, then at the end of my high school years, I'll already have my associate's degree. I'm feeling happier now, and I'm finally able to do all my hobbies again, all of which I haven't been able to do since the school year started, making it four months since I haven't drawn, painted, or written anything. =_=

So, public schools; they're not all bad, and some are even phenomenal. Just depends on location.

To anyone viewing my profile, feel free to ask any sort of quesiton(s) that you like!

ALSO: I'll start taking requests for anime/book/moviexreader stories! Here's a list of anime/movies/books I can do:

1. Hetalia

2. Naruto

Oh! And check out my account! That's where I post all of my poems.

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