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Hello everyone! Thanks for coming to my page!

Important Reminder

I am currently on hiatus as of... hmm... sometime in September? College has gotten crazy and I really have no time for writing fanfiction at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience--I know I have two unfinished chapter fics, and you guys must be wondering if they're ever going to be updated. Hopefully I get the time to do so soon! Again, I am sorry, miss you all, and hope you guys are doing fantastic!


Hiya! I am just a 20-something-year-old chick with a fierce love for True Blood. I have been writing fanfiction for many years now, but have taken quite a lot of breaks. I used to write Harry Potter fanfiction (before you ask me what my penname was for it, I had about 10 different ones over the years and on several different websites--no lie). The only one that I can remember is now known as OldXernes here on FF.net if you're a Harry Potter fan and you're interested in checking it out. Now that the series ended, I write True Blood (and I am not interested in writing a crossover; I tried that and hated it). I really, really, REALLY love True Blood. Most of my stories are rated M. Since True Blood is an NC-17 show, it seems almost silly and/or strange to me to not have True Blood fics rated M. If that's not your thing, sorry, but I am probably not an author you'd be interested in!

I love a plentora of different pairings in the True Blood universe. I write both het and slash, and I am considering dapping into femslash. I normally write one-shots since they are the format I prefer; however, I do have a couple of chapter fics in the works as you can see. In the past, I have always been horrible at finishing my chapter fics, but I am determined to finish the ones I am working on currently. One-shots will always have my heart, though. If you read one of my one-shots, really enjoy it, and would like to read more, please let me know and I will consider writing more.

If you've read my fics--thank you so much, especially if you've given feedback! I love getting reviews. It's very fulfilling and satisfying for me to know what my readers think about my fanfiction. Please feel free to let me know how you feel about my work, whether it be good or bad. I try and respond to most of my reviews, even if it's just to say thanks!

A note on my Franklin/Tara fics: I really like how their relationship is portrayed in the show. My F/T fics are extensions off scenes from the show, and they're one-shots. I enjoy Franklin's crazy, sadistic side. Just like Russell said -- he's a huge freak! I try and keep as true to his character in my own fics, so my Franklin is just as insane. If you like sweet Franklin who feeds Tara chocolate covered strawberries while they are in bed (and Tara is not tied up or something like that), then my fics might not be for you. All of my F/T fics have BDSM in them since that's how their relationship is in the show, and frankly (hurhur), that's the way I like it. Since episode 3x09 I am really not sure if I'll be writing anymore Franklin/Tara unless I have some amazing idea that absolutely has to be written. I won't say that I absolutely will not write the pairing anymore, but my motivation to write the pairing sort of died with you-know-who. ;_;

P.S.--I figured I'd put this in my profile since it's so specific. I am looking for a beta reader for a Russell/Talbot fanfiction. It is rated M and has slash content. It is a long one-shot fic (no chapters). I tap into the fact that Russell was an ancient druid pagan, so if anyone has knowledge of that and interested in being a beta reader for this piece of mine, please contact me. I will be forever grateful. Thanks!

P.P.S.--I am forteanagoria on Livejournal.

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