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Author has written 2 stories for Merlin, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Hello people who are visiting my profile :)

Name: Bridget Friste (its a pen name and the name i use when strangers ask me if i want candy :) )

Age: Young Adultish... means teenager

Place where I live: Texas, USA Thats right, be jealous!

Fav Movies:

1) Lord of the Rings (the extended edition but the unextended edition works too :))
2) Alice (ALP XD)
3) Pirates of the Carribean! (Orlando Bloom just makes it so much better!!!)
4) Star Wars (4,5,6 only the first 3 are okay... but not cool enough to make the list!)
5) Mulan (yeah... that's a kids movie but its still epic! ;))
6) Inception (yum... Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Fav Books:

1) Hush Hush (ANGELS!)
2) Harry Potter (because he's Harry Freakin Potter :) )
3) The Hunger Games (killing kids is fun right?)
4) Bloody Jack (killed by pirates is good! ~ The princess bride they got something right :))
5) The Ranger's Apprentice (it's for kids, and guys but still i freakin love it!!!!!:)))
6) To Kill a Mocking Bird... (IRL)

Fav TV:

1) Merlin (oh so good!!!! Bradley James will you marry me?)
2) Avatar the last airbender!! (another kid's show but so epic!! i wanna be a fire bender now! even though thier supose to be evil...)
3) Burn Notice (he's a bad actor but its sooooo addicting!!!)
4) Everybody Hates Chris (ooooh so funnY! I now say DAMN like Chris Rock :))
5) The Nanny (oh... I love the butler!!! XD)
6) Buffy the Vampire Slayer (best. show. EVER)
8) Supernatural (helllooooo castiel)

Fav Quotes (from everywhere):

1) "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." ~ Friedrich Neitzche (this is probably the only quote that's serious :P)
2) "If you were half as smart as you think you are, then you would be twice as smart as you actually are." ~ That lady in the City of Bones! (BWAHAHA! I didn't get it at first!)
3) "Hello...Zuko Here..." ~ Zuko (I was about to write his whole monolouge but thats too long so if you want it scroll down :))
4) "Do you think I sit around doing nothing?!..." ~ Merlin (again the whole monolouge is down below! :))
5) "Gwen says your cooking." ~ Merlin (actually anything that Merlin says is amazing! XD)
6) "How long was I in there?!" ~ Zuko (from sanctuary writen by momothelemur! I freakin love her!!)
7) "Let's hunt some Orc!" ~ Aragorn (that's something you use everyday! ;))
8) "AAAAWWWWOOOOGGGGGAAAAA!!!!!!!!/je ne comprends pas, je suis anglais, YAY HEY! " ~ Bradley James (if you don't get it go to Angel, Colin, and Bradley go on a roller coaster ride on youtube!)
9) "It's like a silver sandwhich!" ~ Zuko (oh God, *shakes head* I can't get over his adorkableness!)
10) "And don't suggest a giant slide, or a trampoline. Cause we've already tried those..." ~ Voldemort in a very potter musical!!! (anything from that is hillarious!!!)
11) "They're taking the hobbits to Isengaurd" ~ Legolas (if you haven't seen that youtube video GO WATCH NOW!)
12) "Out. For. A. Walk. BITCH!" ~ Spike (anything spike says is hillarious!!!)
13) "TRY STAKING YOUR MOTHER!!! WHEN SHE'S COMING ON TO YOU!" ~ Spike (you see what I mean)
14) "Wouldn't it be hillarious if Zuko had a gay friend who couldn't firebend named Kuzo? OH and he's socially awkward too!!!" ~ Lena (she's really weird...)
15) "I get shot in the leg and I don't get cookies?!" ~ Reid (from Criminal minds! LOL)
16) "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition" ~ Castiel (SUPERNATUAL!!! *FTW*)
17) "ON A BENDER" ~ Castiel (pretty much anything Cas says deserves to be on this list)
18) "Hey, ASSBUTT!" ~ Castiel (see what i mean?!)

Zuko quote from above "Hello, Zuko here. But I guess you probably already know me, sort of. Uh so, the thing is I have a lot of Firebending experience and I'm considered to be pretty good at it. Well you've seen me... you know when I was attacking you? Uh yeah, I guess I should apologize for that, but anyway I'm good now. I mean, I thought I was good before but now I realize I was bad, but anyway... I think it's time I joined your group and taught the Avatar Firebending.
(Camera zooms out to show Zuko is talking to a big frog. The frog croaks)
Zuko: Well, what's your answer!? (The frog jumps on Zuko's head, then leaps away) Zuko: Yeah, that's what I'd say too. How am I supposed to convince these people that I'm on their side?! What would Uncle do? (imitating Iroh) Zuko, you have to look within yourself, to save yourself from your other self. Only then will your true self, reveal itself. (normal voice) Even when I'm talking for him, I can't figure out what he means. What would Azula do? (imitating Azula): Listen, Avatar, I can join your group or I can do something unspeakably horrible to you and your friends. Your choice. (normal voice): I guess I'm not that good at impersonations."

Merlin's quote! "What makes you think that I sit around doing nothing? I haven't had the chance to sit around and do nothing since the day I arrived in Camelot! I'm to busy running around after Arthur! Do this Merlin, Do that Merlin! And when Im not running around after Arthur I'm doing chores for you and when I'm not doing that! I'm fulfilling my destiny! Do you know how many times I've saved Arthur's life?! I've lost count. Do I get any thanks? NO! I have fought griffins, witches, uh bandits! I have been punched, poisined, pelted with fruit and all the while I have to hide who I really am because if anyone finds out Uther will have me executed! SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE IM BEING PULLED IN SO MANY DIRECTIONS I DONT KNOW WHICH WAY TO TURN!!!" lol!

Working on Hold On and thinking about a Supernatural fan fiction

If you haven't ever watched Buffy you will not get this next part. There is an episode called Once More, With Feeling. So freaking funny! :) Me and my friend Lena (from the above quote about Zuko's socially gay and squib XP) love Buffy so we made up parodys of the songs from the musical, with Avatar people. Here's a few of the songs :D

Zeta Fuego (Ze fire) ~ Lena ~ to the tune of Walk through the fire

[Zuko singing]

Dad hit with fire and burned me,
that's when my soul turned black
Now I can't feel,
And uncle eats too many meals
I want my honor back

Now the Avatar calls to me
to capture him with mighty flame
he can't save the day
then I'll melt away
it will never change

So I will walk with the fire
Theres no one to I can turn
and I'll walk with the fire
and let it-

the burden I bear is weighing me
this'll be hard, I've no doubt
I want to cry
I'm on the edge of my demise
I should help Katara out

[random ominous narrator] (that is exsactly what she said... serious)
Now he's drawn to the lighting
but he can never learn
so he will walk through the fire,
and let it-

Being bad wont do a thing to change him
If we fought I couldn't maim him
he is like my son
and so I care.

What if Aang can't defeat them?

Water witch is right we're needed
he's only mastered water,earth, and air

we'll see it through that's what
we're always here to do

So we will walk in the fire
'cause where else can we turn?
and we will walk in the fire and let it-

all at once, they turned from me
shut me out into the cold
my anger never goes, my eyes won't even close
my feelings are never told

someday he will meet his maker

I'll never kill him, only save him

I think Appa's brain is still in park

No, I'll kill him, no use to save him

I think this line is mostly filler

he's still hung up on his burn mark

these endless days are finally ending in a blaze

cause we are caught in the fire
the point of no return
and I will walk with the fire (zuko)
and let it burn
let it burn
let it burn

I've got a feeling ~ Me ~ I've got a theory

[Katara --> Aang]
I've got a feeling
that your a stalker
and it's really gross
I'm like your sister

[Toph --> Aang]
I've got a feeling
that I like you
tatoos on your head
it makes you sexy

[Zuko --> Katara]
I got a feeling
we should work this out
you're getting pissy
now really stop that stupid pout

It had to be benders
some fire benders
which is ridiculous
'cause you were burned
and people tricked aand hate the war
and nation pride and I'll go over there

I've got a feeling
That I love Appa...

I've got a -

[Zuko] (God I hate this verse so much, it doesnt flow with the beat >:()
I've got a feeling
I should say she makes me glad
I could tell him I love him
but would he get mad?

[Katara --> Zuko]
I've got a feeling
that your a bastard
how could you face you everyday?
What's in this place that makes you stay? (Zuko looks at Katara)
same old tricks
why should I care?

[Sokka --> All]
Why do you guys
have to be confusing?
You people are doing all the fighting?
We have to stop it
to be the comet
and the firelord
way am I ignored?

[Aang --> All (Iroh in { })]
We can't face it if we're not 'gether
{we need to be together}
We'll beat them when their better
there's nothing we can't slove...

Lets go kill this motherf-

:) the last line's my favorite! :D

Hi guys it finals week so i wanted to share with you some epic fail Final Exam answers!!!

Me L.A. Final Review:
Simile- nonpeople doing people things

Lena, Geography Review:
How were the Himilayas formed? "Well, like a million years ago there was a place called pangea and then it broke apart into a bunch of peices, but one piece (inda) came around and splattered into asia causing a whole big mash up and splatter and that splatter is the himilayas."

Me Geography Review:
What country invaded all the others in World War II? "That country that's like the firenation... wats it called? JAPAN!!!!!!"

Carmen Spanish Review:
"{insert upside down ? here} me gustan camisas con colores oscuros o claros?" [For all you gringos that means Do you like shirts with dark colores or light colores?] "Uh... Me gusta compre(with accent) uh... colores." [I like i bought colores.]

Matt, Geography Review:
What are the main rivers in Russia? "OH SHIT WE NEED TO KNOW THAT?!!?!?!"

Zach, Geography Review:
*at front of class* What is the abreviation for the group who wants to put Israel under Palestain control? "Uh... *pelvic thrust, sits back down*

Roberta, Geography Review:
Where is the Niger River? "Uh... In Niger!" Where is Niger. "Uh... East Asia" (Niger is in africa)

Carmen Spanish Review:
Conjugate the verb "Saber" in present tense "Se... uh... Sabidontknowanythingafterthis"

Ryan, Spanish Review:
Practice for Spanish Oral "That sounds dirty"

Me, LA Review:
Pun "A Stupid Joke"

Me La Review:
Pathos "Emo's appeal."

Me LA Review:
Tradgic Hero "a sad protaganist who has emotional probs."

Guide to the perfect fan fiction, by Bridget...

1) Must be over 100 reviews (i feel like such an asshole for saying this and a hypocrit but really i hate reading summeries)

2a) If its a ship fic it must be about two people i really see together (for example, Zuko and Katara (ATLA) or Ariadne and Arthur (inception)
2b) A friendship fic that has no romance what so ever!

3) Must have a decent plot and if its an old idea! Spice it up! (For example in momothelemur's Sanctuary Katara is forced into marriage with Zuko... except this is post war and the fire nation won! *gasp*)

4) If it is a romance IT CAN NOT BE BETWEEN A CANON CHARACTER AND AN OC! (mostly because the oc's are mary sues...)
exception to rule 4 - if the character hooks up with a lot of women/men (example dean from supernatural) then that is alright just... make sure she/he is a one night stand...

5) In romance you must have a 2 part problem or 2 problems! Not a problem after problem after problem ad infinitum (Tip: use the two characters getting together as the break between the problems. The first part/problem to bring them together, the second to make them stronger)

6) If you are going to make a character get raped... make it part of the plot... and realaistic (If you are going to have someone raped do not make it when there is a high stake kidnapping or assassination attempt on her/him or thier boy/girlfriend... just really... dont)

7) In romance... do not make the girl (or guy in an mpreg) be preggers... Please... just dont... its so OVERUSED! and annoying... unless its a family fic and you are writing about thier children/family fluff

8) Please start with default characters (this is a term i recently come across and i LOVE it, it means start with how the characters would be where your story and the canon touch, if the characters are changed please give them a reason like if Zuko oh say developes feeling for katara then make it because oh... they were writing letters to each other :)

9) Do not make them move too fast (dont like, *just had first kiss* OH NOW ITS TIME TO GET MARRIED! *facepalm*)

10) If you do include a oc, do not make him/her take the spotlight, unless it is relevant to the plot make sure thier minor! (such as an in inception, They can work another job and have to interact with a new guy or two, but dont make the character come in and steal all the thunder)

And those are my ten rules to awesome fanfiction! Happy writing:)

~Bridget ;)

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