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Mieo, at your service! :D

About me, hm? Well, I would really like for the public's view on the quality of fanfiction to turn around a bit, so I'm hoping that my writing capabilities can help do so, while creating a name for myself within the fanfiction community. ^w^

Let's get down to business about the guidelines of what I write. I work as both a writer and reader of my own fanfics, so I write what appeals to me...and what appeals to me is a well-written plot, with a good lemon...or just a really well-written lemon, one or the other. lol So, obviously, the majority of my works will most likely be M-rated. Gotta' love that citrus-y tang! :D lulz

My fics are often short and sweet one-shots, hitting just where I want it to in the reader's thoughts with a swift and tidy closing. Occasionally, I will come out with a fic that isn't a lemon, but I can assure you, there is some lime in it, no doubt; it just all depends on what it is I'm trying to portray in the reader's mind.

I'm not much of judgmental person, so I don't have much of a stance on writing or reading shotacon or lolicon, I just know that I don't do it, myself; And although I'm not a yaoi fan, I don't have any particular dislike of it, either, so I don't really write or draw either of those.

Although, unfortunately (to some of you), I do have the tendancy to really take a liking to non-canon pairings. (Please, don't hit me! oAo;;) I can very well explain my reasoning in a message or e-mail, if this raises some disdain within you and you'd like to discuss it, since I'd rather not waste my profile space on that, here. :) Rest assured, however, that I do also support many canon pairings, as well.

I absolutely abhor OOC-ness. I do not support the insertion of OC's, with the only exception being in AU's (but, even then, I'm still not too fond of those, either); as I try to stay as true to the original creator's intentions as possible, with the only difference being the character pairing(s). Lastly, I detest crossover fics with a broiling passion.

With all this said, I DO take fanfic commissions, and so long as these personal guidlines of mine are abidded, and I'm familiar with the content and characters you request, then I may very well write you your fanfic. Although, I do not ask for money as compensation, instead I will ask for a fanfic in return of my own choosing, in which I will abide by your guidelines, as well...If I disapprove of your writing abilities, then I have all the right to deny your fanfic commission in the name of unequal compensation, unless you have something of equal value to offer, such as fanart, sigs, banners, icons, etc. (I love all of these! X3) Oh, and if I owe you a favor, then you get a free fanfic/fanart from me, without paying any compensation, and we're even, m'kay? :)

That's not terribly harsh of me, now is it? I think it's pretty fair with as much work as I put into my writings. Besides, if I did a commission that goes against my guidelines, I won't be able to become absorbed in the story, and hence a crappier fanfic for you, and I have no intentions of doing that to anyone.

Let me take this opportunity to list a few of the pairings I support from a few anime, manga/manhwa, and games, just off the top of my head, to give you an idea of what storylines I'm familiar with~ (I'll come back and revise it, later, I promise.)

Naruto: [OTP = HinataxSasuke] HinataxNaruto, HinataxItachi, HinataxKyuubi, HinataxSai

Hellsing: [OTP = AlucardxSeras]

Argentosoma: [OTP = RyuxHattie] TakutoxMaki

Neon Genesis Evangelion: [OTP = KaworuxRei] ShinjixAsuka

Devil May Cry: [OTP = DantexLucia]

Tekken VI: [OTP = LarsxLili] LilixJin, LilixJin

FFVII: [OTP = CloudxAerith] AerithxSephiroth, AerithxVincent

Bride of the Water God: [OTP: SoahxHuye] SoahxHabaek

InuYasha: [OTP = Adult!RinxSesshomaru]

Final Fantasy XIII: [OTP = LightningxSnow] SnowxSerah, Lightningx(ADULT)Hope

DeathNote: [OTP = MisaxL] MisaxRaito

Maburaho: [OTP = KazuukixKuriko/Rin/Yuna]

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3: [OTP = MinatoxMitsuru]

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4: [OTP = SoujixYukiko] YukikoxYosuke

School Days: [OTP = MakotoxKatsura] SekaixKnife (Looooooolz, just kidding.)

You may see a few recurring patterns I'm sure, lol. Well, I know you have your opinions about my choice of pairings, but this is what I like, so yeah. :) That's all I have to say for now. Need more information? E-mail or message me. ^_^



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Not only does Ryu Soma harm what he holds dearest, but he is unable to have even what he desires most.
Argento Soma - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 709 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/20/2010 - Complete