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"Always let the world inspire and influence you, but never let it discourage you. In fact, the more the world discourages you, the more it needs you. As writers we have the profound privilege and responsibility to create a new world when the current one takes a turn for the worse. Storytellers are more than just entertainers; we're the shepherds of ideology, the street pavers of progress, and the scientists of the soul. If it weren't for people like us, who imagine a better world and are brave enough to question and stand up to the authorities that suppress them...well, we'd still be living in the Dark Ages that I was born into."

- Chris Colfer

Fellow readers and authors,

Like so many, I came to this website because I have ideas for stories based off the TV shows and books that I have enjoyed watching and reading. And though not all may agree with how I write or how I choose to describe my stories, I'm still thinking and writing.

Recently, I have been facing two of the challenges that any author (beginner or professional) has faced whenever he/she has an idea for a story: Procrastination and Creative Block. I know I have been slow in updating and adding to my story portfolio. I don't know whether to describe it as "lazy", "writer's block" or even "not making enough time", but I just don't know how long it will be before you're able to read the next story or chapter.

There is no amount of apologies that I can say to express how depressed and unsatisfied I am for not writing as much as I truly wish to do. I'm still writing, but it is all slow and gradual. I apologize greatly if I have caused impatience and irritation in you all; especially to those who have favorited and reviewed my stories.

Below this message is a list of ideas for stories that I hope to write and post up on Fanfiction. I can't say when I'll be able to post them, or if I've started writing them, but I hope just getting my ideas out for you all to see will be enough to slightly ease the tension and encourage myself to keep working.

Until I can gradually begin to post and update these future stories, I suggest you all find something else to do in your spare time other than wasting it waiting impatiently and checking day after day; read a good book, spend quality time with your family and friends, exercise your body and get healthy, study up on your school work, find something positive you can do to help your community and the world, start thinking and planning ahead for your future, work and improve on your own Fanfiction stories.

You only have one life in this world, don't waste it staring at a flat flickering screen. Get off your computer and I-phone; get up off your fat lazy butt; go out there and LIVE!!

Future Stories

Sonic X: The Next Adventure - Future Episodes

Episode 4: Sonic and everyone in Knothole Village and Acorn Castle wake up, only to find that they've somehow been changed into little children; Tails is a two-year old toddler and Cream is an eight-month old baby. Will they find a way to change themselves back, and can they still defend themselves when Snively and his Swat-bots launch an attack?

Episode 5: Sonic and the Freedom Fighters encounter a threat that burrows and attacks from underground.

Episode 6: Amy begins to think that the reason Sonic doesn't like her is because she isn't mature or beautiful enough. When a mysterious magical being appears with an offer to make her into a "true woman", she begins to act like a completely different hedgehog. But Sonic and the others dislike Amy's change in personality, and they begin to suspect that this "Fairy Godmother" is not what she seems.

Episode 7: Dr. Snively sends a super strong robot in an attempt to steal the Master Emerald. Knuckles fights to protect the emerald, but is knocked unconscious and injured. Will Knuckles submit to this strong enemy or will he fight past his physical pain and continue his duty as a guardian.

Episode 8: Sonic and the others fight their personal fears as they find themselves trapped in their dreams.

Episode 9: When a sense of overwork affects Knothole, Sally suggests a single day of relaxation at a nearby swimming lake. Sonic knows he's afraid of the water, but he doesn't want to look weak in front of Sally.

Episode 10: There's a literal change in the weather as Sonic and the Freedom Fighters suddenly find themselves in the center of a mysterious super storm.

Episode 11: Angered by Sonic's upstaging acts, Captain Geoffrey convinces Sally to hold an "Iron Knothole" competition: a series of events to determine who is the most athletic Freedom Fighter.

Episode 12: When Sally receives a mysterious message that she believes to be from her father, she ventures off alone to try and rescue him herself. Little does she, Sonic, and the others know that they will soon come face to face with an enemy that is more cruel, more sinister, more devious than they had ever thought to encounter.

(Warning - Future Spoilers)

Episode 13: A few days have passed since their first encounter with their newest enemy - King Razor and The Dires. Ever since, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters have suffered exhaustion from day and nightly attacks. Sally decides it's time to start adding new defenses.

Episode 14: After returning from a successful repelling of a Swat-bot raid, Sonic begins to act...strange. He's acting more aggressive. More shallow. More...dark. Is this really the same Sonic?

Episode 15: More double trouble arises, as Dr. Snively sends five robotic replicas of Sonic, Sally, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles that are able to anticipate and counter their every movement.

Episode 16: A trial is held in Knothole village. The Case: Sonic vs. the Freedom Fighters - for reported suspicion of aiding the enemy in an attack. Is Sonic really guilty?

Episode 17: Deciding to do a little reconnaissance, Sonic, Capt. Geoffrey, Tails, and Knuckles sneak into Dire City in robotic disguises. While in the city, Geoffrey meets a struggling enslaved waitress named Hershey. Meanwhile, Knuckles makes a startling discovery.

Episode 18: Cream and Cheese are kidnapped by three Dire soldiers. The Three Dires plan to use Cream and Cheese as bargain chips in order to attain the Chaos Emeralds. But when Cream and Cheese begin to get on their nerves, who will need saving in the end?

Episode 19: After Sonic and the others rescue her from the Dire, a beautiful teenage fox claims that she knows where the enemy is establishing a second base of command. But is this vixen really telling the truth, or are our heroes being led into a trap?

Episode 20: After Dulcy reports of a village being enslaved by the Dire, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters rush to help free this village. Upon arrival, they encounter a band of arrow-wielding rebels who also seek to take back their village's freedom.

Episode 21: Beginning their quest for the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Princess Sally, Capt. Geoffrey, and Professor Rotor leave the Forest Zone and enter the Mountain Zone.

Episode 22: Continuing through the Mountain Zone, Knuckles's loyalty begins to waiver between his friends and his duty as a guardian.

Episode 23: Not long after parting ways with Knuckles, Stopping to rest for the night in a cave, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters find themselves captured and imprisoned by small subterranean creatures who see them as intrusive giants.

Episode 24: Back in the Forest Zone, the Knothole Freedom Fighters work to take down a giant moving mechanical fortress. When the others are captured, the cowardly Antoine finally decides to swallow his fear and be the hero that he needs to be.

Episode 25: Leaving the Mountain Zone, the Freedom Fighters next soar over the vast wasteland called the Desert Zone. There, they encounter a settlement of people (called the Sand Blasters) who welcome them as honorary guests. Little do our heroes know that the Sand Blasters have a hidden agenda.

Episode 26: (Extended Episode) Sonic and the Freedom Fighters enter the loud, bustling and "civilized"Metro Zone: a megalopolis city where all music is forbidden, crime rate is at an all time high, social classes are divided, and the people are being taxed and suppressed by a tyrannical ruler. Instantly criminalized as trespassers, the Freedom Fighters are rescued by two rebels who seek to restore freedom, and music, to the city. As the Freedom Fighters race and battle alongside their new allies, Sonic begins to feel a strange familiarity with the Metro Zone.

Episode 27: Departing from the Metro Zone (after once again parting ways with Knuckles, Team Chaotix and Rouge the Bat), our heroes enter the swampy Marsh Zone where they encounter a group of swamp folk who are being threatened by one of Dr. Robotnik's old robots, Gator-bot!

More episodes to be added

Episode ?: (Extended Episode)The final battle has finally come. Razor readies his armies and weapons to begin his ultimate quest: the domination of Satamara and the complete erasing of all progress, government, and modern civilization. Summoning all their friends and allies, Sonic, Sally, and the Freedom Fighters prepare for the final stand against the combined forces of the Dires and Snively's swat-bots - knowing that if they fail, all of Satamara will be forced back into the dark ages of primeval savagery, struggle, and disorder.

Final Episode: The war against the Dires is finally over: King Razor and his dark magic are no more; the good and just King Maximilian Acorn has returned; the remaining Dires have been disarmed and banished from the Forest Zone; Dr. Snively has vanished without a trace; the enslaved Echidnas are all free; the Chaos Emeralds have all been recovered; and, best of all, the Blue Typhoon is near to being fully repaired and refueled! This means only one thing: it's time for our heroes to return to Mobius. Everyone is happy to finally return home. Everyone, that is, except for Sonic.

Sonic The Hedgehog: The Final Adventure

Two years have passed since the marriage of Sonic and Sally. The blue-blur is now both a king and a father of twins Alicia and Sonic Jr. . But, Sonic soon learns that the life of a king is not all it's cracked up to be; long dull meetings, stacks of paper work, and boring royal parties. Sure, he has a beautiful wife, a loving family, and a sweet castle home, but Sonic longs for the adventurous days of his old life; fighting and outsmarting bad guys, the cheers of praise from adoring crowds, one thrilling adventure after another! When an old "reformed" enemy (Scourge the anti-Hedgehog) offers to switch places with him for just a couple of days, Sonic is excited to have a high-speed adventure just like the old days. But this adventure may cost him his crown, his family, and even his identity! Can Sonic save the day before it is too late?

Disney's The Return of Elmer the Elephant

Years have passed since the day Elmer the Elephant saved Tillie Tiger from the burning fire. Elmer and his friends are now all grown up and Elmer and Tillie are still just as in love with each other as before. On the night of Tillie's twenty-fifth birthday, Elmer decides to take Tillie out on a date with plans for a SPECIAL surprise. But Tuff Tiger, a bully from Elmer's past, has other plans for Elmer and Tillie's night.

Rise of the Guardians: All Hallows Eve

Months have passed since Jack Frost helped defeat Pitch Black and became an official guardian. Now he, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Sandy the Sandman, and The Easter Bunny are once again called by the Man in the Moon to stop Pitch when he seeks to gain power by becoming the self proclaimed guardian of Halloween.

The Super Mario Bros.

Based off Nintendo's characters: Two run-of-the-mill plumbers are lured into another world where they find themselves picked as prophesized heroes destined to save a cursed kingdom, help a beautiful princess, and defeat a vicious tyrant and his evil army.

Pokémon: Past and Future

Episode 1: Ash and Pikachu are off on another adventure when they are summoned to the famous Pangaea Region by Professor Redwood (an old colleague of Professor Oak) with a special secret mission: to seek out and protect a new generation of Legendary Pokémon from falling into the hands of a ruthless organization known as Team Nexus.

Episode 2: Starting on their journey through the big city, Ash and Pikachu come across a back alley battle where they meet a trainer who is involved in battling with the illegal usage of Poke-drugs.

Episode 3: Leaving Genesis City behind them, Ash, Pikachu, and their new friend Julio set out to the location of Ash's first Pangean Gym Battle.

More episodes to be added

Archie's Weird Mysteries: The Leprechaun's Curse

Reggie Mantle is the type of guy who wants easy wealth without having to work for it. When the greedy prankster buys a treasure map from a strange man, he is led to the outskirts of Riverdale where he accidently finds...a pot of gold! Unfortunately, this gold belongs to a persistently annoying leprechaun (one that only Reggie can see and hear) who vows to make the high school teen's life a living nightmare unless he returns the gold.

Kids Next Door - Operation: G.A.L.A.C.T.I.C.

Nigel Uno (now a GKND Operative) has chosen to destroy his home planet, Earth, in order to prevent the "disease of adulthood" from spreading. Fortunately, the Kids Next Door of Earth were able to evacuate the populace (young and old) before the destruction. With their only home gone, what's next for them and the people of Earth?

Myth-O-Mania: Zip it, Zeus!

Based on the young-readers book series by author Kate McMullan. Hades, Greek god of the underworld, tells the story of how he watched over a most unique mortal and did his best to protect him from Zeus. Along the way, Hades witnesses this strange mortal perform miraculous feats and good deeds among men. In the end, this mortal performs a great sacrifice that will change the ancient world of gods and mortals forever.

Tales From the Cryptkeeper: Forbidden Shore

The Crypt Keeper tells the story of two familiar surfer dudes (Mike and Ben) who've won themselves a trip to beautiful sunny warm Hawaii. They believe this tropical paradise is free of ghost pirates, vampires, or any monsters. But when they decide to surf near a beach that's off-limits to the public, they soon discover that something is lurking beneath the waves.

Miraculous Ladybug: Cross-Roads

When an indecisive student is akumatized into a self-duplicating villain, it's up to Ladybug and Cat Noir to stop him. But how can you stop a villain who can literally be in two (or two-hundred) places at once?

One Final Froggy Evening

A man tells his psychiatrist about how a singing and dancing frog ruined his whole life.

The Pink Panther: Life-Pink On Duty

(Based off the 1993 cartoon) The Pink Panther is a humble trash collector on the beach. But cupid's arrow strikes when a beautiful panther pop-star (Namie Pink) arrives at the beach for a vacation. However, Avery Bravery, the beach's muscular life guard and major bully, also wants to attract the pop-star; seeing her as his chance to easy fame and fortune.

Bailey School Kids: Devils Don't Smoke Cigarettes

Or do they?When new student, Devlin Beeles, appears at Bailey Middle School, Howard, Melody, Liza, and Eddie instantly notice strange things going on. He smokes cigarettes that smell like brimstone, Ms. Jeepers can't seem to discipline him, and a series of accidents are occurring around the school and town. And strangely, Devlin seems to be influencing Carey (a girl who has a crush on Eddie) into smoking and doing bad things. Is Devlin just another bad kid, or is Hell brewing in Bailey City?

Winnie the Pooh: Big Brother Roo

A year has passed since the marriage of Tigger and Kanga. Little Roo is happy because now he has both a mama and papa. Little does he know that Kanga is about to bring a special surprise that will affect him, and The Hundred Acre Wood.

Wild Kratts: Back in Creature Time - Cretaceous Chaos

When Aviva announces that her "Time Trampoline" has been recharged, Chris and Martin are ecstatic to once again have the chance to travel through time and see creatures that disappeared ages ago. This time, they decide to do the impossible and visit the time of the biggest, strongest, and most wildest creatures ever to walk the planet: The Dinosaurs! Little do they know their enemies- Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, and Chef Gourmand - are secretly hitching along on their Prehistoric experience with their own plans.

The Snowman and The Snow-Woman

Based on the classic holiday children's book (and its sequel) by Raymond Briggs. On a cold snowy February 13th, a young boy builds a familiar-looking snowman. With tomorrow being Valentines day, the boy's little sister decides to make the Snowman a companion. Later that night, at midnight, the boy and his sister have a magical experience.

Lost Tapes: Mermaid

When a vacationing couple decides to take a romantic and relaxing private cruise near the Island of Sicily, they encounter a fearsome creature that has been long thought to exist only in fairytales.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

Episode 1: Five Years have passed. The Shredder is defeated; the evil Krang have vanished; the Triceratons and Lord Dregg's Hive have been chased from Earth; Bebop and Rocksteady are now on the side of good; April O'Neal and Casey Jones have left New York for college; Karai, with the now reformed Foot Clan, has moved back to Japan; and Razar, Tiger Claw, Fish Legs, and Baxter Stockman are nowhere to be seen. With crime now nothing but cases of bank robberies and store thefts, the now grown up Ninja Turtles find themselves bored, frustrated, and lacking purpose. Suddenly, the brothers receive a dream message from their long dead sensei and father, Master Splinter. The turtles are shocked when Splinters says it's time for them all to part ways and seek out their own quests in the world.

Episode2: Raphael, Mona Lisa, and Chompy head out to the wild deserts of southern Texas. It isn't long before they stumble upon a small town, where locals are being kidnapped and turned into mutants by Sub-Krang.

Episode 3: Mikelangelo, Mondo Gecko, and Ice Cream Kitty are living it up to Los Angeles, California. Here they meet a familiar ally (Bebop), and two familiar enemies (Fish Legs and Razar) who are planning to turn troubled teenagers into their own army of mutants.

Episode 4: Donatello moves northwards to Canada. He is ecstatic when he meets up with April O'Neal (but less so, with Casey Jones). They end up stumbling upon a secret lab owned by none other than Baxter Stockman, who is planning to restore, and improve, his insect mutation and turn others into his insect mutant slaves.

Episode 5: Alone in New York, Leonardo feels that he isn't strong without his brothers by his side. But when he receives an urgent message from Karai, he travels to Japan. There he comes face to face with the vicious Tiger Claw in a final battle to determine the leader of the Foot Clan.

Wishbone: The Twelve Barks of Christmas

It's Christmas Time in Oakdale, and everyone (even the book loving dog, Wishbone) is getting into the holiday spirit. The one person who isn't celebrating is old man Archibald Riley; a middle-age grump of a man who sees Christmas as nothing but a stupid day to throw away good money on useless store bought junk and on stupid charities. Instantly, this reminds Wishbone of a famous holiday novel, about a selfish miserly old business man who also sees Christmas as nothing but a "Humbug"! But his point of view changes when he's suddenly visited by three ghosts.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin's Nightmare Before Christmas

It's Christmas Eve, and David Seville and the Chipmunks (Alvin, Simon, and Theodore) are busy preparing for Santa's visit. Alvin, in his usual self-centered and trouble making ways, is looking forward to getting everything he wrote to Santa this Christmas. But Dave warns Alvin that he's been acting so selfish and rotten, he'll be lucky to get coal this Christmas and not a visit from...Krampus - Santa's vicious helper who punishes children who've been extra naughty and have forgotten the true spirit of Christmas. Alvin of course doesn't believe Dave. But later that night, Alvin gets a holiday scare he won't soon forget.

Batman: The Meeting of Two Knights

In the campy universe of 1960s Gotham City, Batman and Robin try to stop Joker, Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman from stealing the first ever built (though untested) dimensional portal. During the "epic" battle, the portal is activated and both the caped crusaders and the villains find themselves transported to a different Gotham City; the police are more competent and capable, criminals are more aggressive, and the city feels more dark and edgy. Holy Crossovers, Batman!

Captain O.G. Readmore Meets History

Based on the classic ABC Weekday Specials. The members of the all-feline Friday Night Book Club are all gathered; ready for Captain O.G. Readmore (president of the club) to wow and astound his fellow feline book lovers with another thrilling and riveting story. But they're all surprised, and disappointed, when the captain selects...a History book? Lickety Page (the youngest member of the group) proclaims that History is nothing but boring; there are no amazing adventures, no heroes or villains, and no tales of magic or monsters! Just then, in a flash of multi-colored light, Father Time (the legendary keeper of Time itself) appears out of the book. Outraged by the young cat's claim, Father Time takes Lickety and Captain Readmore on a journey through the pages of history's past, to show them how reading about the past can be just as thrilling as reading a good book!

Aladdin the animated series: Heart of a Tiger

Mirage is furious! No matter what attempt she makes to destroy Agrabah, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine somehow always manage to defeat her with! But, when she overhears Jasmine wishing that Rajah (her loyal pet tiger) had a female to love himself, a sinister idea begins to form in the evil cat-like sorceress's mind.

Men In Black - The Animated Series: The Good, The Bad, and The Bug Syndrome

When a small mysterious craft crashes lands in the middle of Central Park, Agents K and J are sent to investigate for any trace of who the occupant of the craft is. They are shocked to discover that it's a Bug vessel. Not long after, the two agents save a little girl from a pair of vicious Bugs. But after they save her again from the same two Bugs, they begin to suspect this girl is not as ordinary as she seems. The girl reveals herself to be the peaceful leader of a band of Bug freedom fighters, and has come to Earth for one reason: to find The Bug Queen. Can the M.I.B actually trust this "Good Bug"?

The Magic School Bus Grows Up

It's the first day of High School in Walkerville, and it's new students - Keisha, Carlos, Tim, Phoebe, Dorothy Ann (aka D.A), Wanda, Ralphie, and Arnold - are ready to start their first day as freshmen. However, the old Walkerville Elementary gang is feeling strange changes and sensations that they just don't understand. Lucky for them, a familiar science teacher (with a familiar magic bus) is ready to take them on a field trip and show them just what happens in the body when we grow up.

Deer Avenger

(Based on the classic PC hunting game) For thousands of years, man has hunted the creatures of the forests for survival and sport. But, after seeing his poor mother killed and cut up by the cruel hands of hunters, one deer decides to stop running and start doing some hunting of his own.

The REAL Story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel, The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. We've all heard the classic horror tale about the kind and benevolent Dr. Henry Jekyll, and how he became the infamous Mr. Edward Hyde. It is written that his intent was to "separate the evil and good in man", but what was the good doctor's REAL reason? Is the story about a good man becoming a monster? Or is it about a monster who was pretending to be a good man?

Portal: The Core Games

Years have passed since the annoyingly clever and persistent human test-subject, called Chell, left Aperture Science for good. Since then, there have been no tests, no kills, no nothing; just an average cycle of her and the personality Cores continuing experiments and restoring the Aperture building. One day, GLaDOS, the self aware and homicidal master A.I of Aperture Science, makes an announcement. Four Core units will be randomly selected to partake in a race/obstacle course/death gauntlet. The Challenge: Race through a series of test chambers using replicas of the Portal Gun. The Prize: One Core shall be granted the greatest privilege that any intelligent being (mechanical or biological) would want the most - Freedom!

My Little Pony: Quest for Harmony

A few months have passed since Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow were defeated, and Princess Twilight's coronation as the new ruler of Equestria. One would think that the adventures were over, but they were wrong. The spirit of the Tree of Harmony has tasked the Young Six with an important mission. The spirit has detected great disharmony in a far away land called, Foenum - a great continent that lies on the other side of the world. She has also detected the return of dark and violent creatures which were sealed away long ago. The Young Six are to travel to Foenum, find the descendants of the Champions who originally sealed away the dark creatures, and use their untapped powers in harmony so as to plant a new Tree of Harmony and defeat the dark creatures!

More stories to be added

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