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Just wanted to thank all of you who write for this site. Thanks for the effort you put into your work and the hours of entertainment you give me. I promise to always give you an honest, and hopefully polite, although I am often blunt, review. Please remember that a review isn't to put you down, it is to hopefully offer something helpful.

Just put up my very first story, Paya's House, with a big thanks to Stupe for all her help as I've never written anything before. Reviews are MOST appreciated.

And here's a bit about me:

Living in the USA, in the great south central plains where you can just forget any weeny yard ornaments 'cuz they are going to end up blown in your neighbors pasture. We have awesome thunderstorms, tornados, an occasional substantial snow, ice and even earthquakes. Nature rocks here! I was born in the northern tier of the states, but the blood has thinned and I consider myself a southerner now.

Female, very happily married for 43 years (to the same awesome man), and possibly the oldest author here. I realize some of the references in my story (stories?) will be obtuse to younger generations. For example, the word 'pump'. How many of you have used an old fashioned hand pump for water? If you've not, you'll wonder how that relates to the scene where I use it. Oh well - LOL.

Lover of nature, mother of many cats, former equestrian, avid organic gardener, Jill of all trades, and retired now.

Sci-fi fan since birth. Had a torrid love affair with Mr. Spock, the original mind you, too bad he never knew it.

Thursday March 2, 2017

Having tech issues. I can read reviews via email, but cannot respond to them. The reviews are not being posted in my Traffic Stats. I've submitted the issue to tech support. So sorry that I can't respond to your reviews right now. But I can read them and appreciate your thoughts and contributions. Thanks!

Friday February 3, 2017

Wow. I haven't updated this in awhile. What's new? I'm retired now, drawing my Social Security and have started a little cottage bakery business. I make cakes and cupcakes for special events. It's fun, usually. Gives me a chance to be creative. I worked really hard to find the most delicious recipes for cakes and frosting.

Took a sabbatical from writing for a time, but back in the thick of it with a new Yautja tale that's a bit different from my usual. It's called Remnant, which I find isn't an original title at all. LOL But an appropriate one for the story. Still living in the same place with hubby, dogs, cats and a few fish.

Having a few health challenges. Nothing major, just things that need managing. I'm grateful for my life, my husband, my relatives, my friends, my pets, my writing, my readers and my home. Hope all of you are doing well.

Monday July 13, 2015

Cannot upload my latest chapter. How frustrating! I had it written and then went on vacation to the cooler north lands for a week. Came home to internet down (probably due to a severe storm). Got the internet and phone service fixed this morning, then had a run through the chapter and made some changes. Went to post it and ... nothing but error messages. Tried multiple times. Oh well. Will post it as soon as I can. Life is still good!

Sunday October 12, 2014

Apologies for not posting a chapter for a bit. Had a small stay in the hospital with a bizarre episode known as Transient Global Amnesia. Very weird thing which seems to affect those who suffer from migraines more frequently. Anyway, back in the saddle and feeling much better. Started writing Chapter Five this evening's different. Better I believe, but I'll leave that judgement to my awesome readers. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Don't know how soon it will be ready to post, but soon.

Saturday June 14, 2014

Been a long time! So, I stopped writing fanfic in order to take a stab at writing something 'for real' and you know what? After a couple false starts I didn't write anymore! My muse just took a long vacation and I have missed my characters so very much. So, here I am again with a new little story started. Don't know if I shall ever be a 'real' author. For now, I am content to be here, indulging in my little fantasies.

Wednesday January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!! I apologize to all for the bit of a rush that takes place in the last chapter of Paya's Purpose. I needed to end it and it was obvious to me that I could have gone on and on and on... So, I'm leaving the working world for a sabbatical and I'm going to try writing something to be published - perhaps as an e-book. Sci-fi, of course. Have started on it already. Will be a slow go as I'm being meticulous. It's a little side story I wrote but never put out on any forum. Will have links into my other stuff if the reader has read it :) So wish me luck!

Thursday October 17, 2013

Taking a bit of time off from writing. My father is getting ready to leave this life. He's on hospice which is very helpful. I'll be back to writing soon I think, just unable to do it right now. I'm sure you all understand.

Friday September 6, 2013

Sigh, computer back in for fan repair. Getting new one asap. Appreciate all the reviews for latest chap of Pay A's purpose. Damon you auto correct!

Tuesday June 11, 2013

Hope all of you are doing well! The heat of summer has struck here. I've been quite busy between gardening, landscaping projects, getting ready for a garage sale and work. Still, I've found time to work on Paya's Purpose. The next chapter is delayed however as a fan quit working on my laptop and it is in the shop. I'm on an old laptop right now but just cannot write on this keyboard - yuck! (Picky isn't she?)

Tuesday March 5, 2013

The next update of Forbidden Fruit will be delayed. Just got the computer back from having a small repair. I KNEW I shouldn't have thrown it at the damn cats! This evening I'm doing a bit of work from home and will also be working through the weekend, so begging your patience. PLUS - have had a stinkin' cold.

I was just telling my hubby that I had a new review for the story and he quipped that I should reply, "Thank you for leaving a good review. A Predator will not have to visit your house now." ROTFLMAO! That man is SOOOOOO funny. He keeps me in stitches most of the time. You should hear what gets blamed on Preds around this place!

Monday February 25, 2013

Just have to say it - for those of you who believe you know where Forbidden Fruit is going and have reviewed and PM'd me, mostly anonymously, all upset about it - nope, you really need to suspend judgment and READ it. :)

Friday February 22, 2013

I start a new job next week! Two weeks vacation has been nice but I am ready to go back to work! (My bank account is ready for that also) The new job is much closer to home which will be wonderful!

Tuesday February 19, 2013

A big BOO RAH for Captn' Razz for figuring out the challenge in Chapter 7 of Forbidden Fruit. For those who may need a hint - Google Marvin the Martian. And a big THANKS to MajorBachman for pointing out trio of significant errors in that chapter. They have been repaired. It is a beautiful springlike day. We planted a Fuji apple tree this afternoon and I planted some sweet onions in the garden. Thanks so much to all who read and enjoy, and a special thanks for those that review!

Saturday February 9, 2013

Kicking back with a glass of vino this evening. I once again find myself unemployed - laid off. I'm hoping that I'll be rehired eventually back where I was when things are in better shape there financially. In the meantime, I'm enjoying some time at home with my hubby. Have the company of two cats right now - Mistique is on the chair arm and Storm just hopped upon my lower legs which are enjoying the support of the recliner. Just enough room for the laptop. So, I have more time to write for now and even thought up the plot for another story to hang off the Paya framework. To all of you under the snow in the northeast U.S. - hope you can get dug out soon, and that you have power! I read that some of you got three feet of the white stuff! ACK! So glad to be in a more southerly locale. I have tomato and pepper seedlings under lights in the garage again. Planted sugar snap peas in the garden. It's a bit early, but worth a chance! I can always throw mulch over them, or remay cloth if it gets too cold. Thanks to all of you who continue to read and comment!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just wanted to let you know that I'm working on ideas for continuations for Sally, the girls, our Hunters, Duncan and her clan and even Melanie. Just need to take a break to sort things out. I had originally thought that the second story would get us through the Chivas - but alas, I had gone down too many side-tracks for that to efficiently happen. So we have a very planned out story in Paya's House and an eventually very unplanned story in Paya's Blessing. Planning let me tell a very cohesive tale. Not planning let me explore and go down some unexpected pathways. There must be some pleasant place near the middle?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, no matter which holiday you celebrate, and if this is not a holiday season for you - hope you are enjoying your day! A very cold wind is upon us with the promise of freezing rain and then snow later. The birds are enjoying the seed and water fountain outside, the cats are playing with their Christmas toys and I have a hot cup of cinnamon spiked coffee - all's right in my world. What a wonderful day to snuggle up with my honey and enjoy a relaxing holiday. Have a simple and easy Christmas dinner planned. We visited our families in November and early December, so just a quiet day here with the two of us and our cats. I have plenty mapped out for the continuing adventures of Sally and crew, so stay tuned! Blessings to all!

Friday, November 2, 2012

My thoughts and prayers are with those of you who live on the U.S. east coast who have been affected by hurricane Sandy. I've heard from a few of you that you are ok, and am very glad of that! My heartfelt sympathy for those of you going through trying times. I hope your world gains some sense of normalcy soon.

Wednesday, October 16, 2012

The new job is going exceptionally well. Still finding time to write, but not as much - darn it! Bless all of you who read my stories, you help me to continue them, and to you who take the time to review - a huge thanks - you INSPIRE me and often cause me to think. Your reviews do have an impact and I am very grateful to you for them.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bree51 is also declared an 'oinker'.

Monday September 3, 2012

So tough to answer questions from fans who don't have a login! Not complaining, though. You guys are awesome! Ooman: Nope, not a professional writer. Paya's House was indeed my first stab at writing. My real profession is sort of somewhere in the pages of that story. And you are such a fanfic pig! I release a long chapter today and you write back, "more". LOLOLOLOL Oink oink to you! I'm working on the next chapter, maybe half done today. I've also been writing another chapter but it is for later in the story. I start a new job in two weeks, not sure what that will do to my time. But it is a dream job as far as the kind of work that I do and I'm very excited about it! I promise you guys that I WILL continue to write though. Geez, it got up to 108 here today! I'm ready for Fall.

Sunday August 26, 2012

Lord Almighty it rained! Yesterday, last night and this morning! And I'm wondering how many of you will figure out that I released two chapters today? Then and Eleven. Muhwhahahahahaha! Well...they were both ready and I've only released a single chapter in the past three weeks, so I thought you guys might appreciate a twofer. And, it doesn't matter what order you read those two chapters in - it works! Or at least I think it does.

Tuesday July 31, 2012

Satan telephoned today. He said he'd like his weather back.

Today at 1700 it was 112 degrees F in the city. Out at my place it was 104 degrees F in the shade. Whew! The outside kenneled dogs have trees, shadecloth and a water mister during the day (plus a wading pool) so they are doing quite well. We bought an underwater pump for a few dollars and created a running recirculating fountain for the birds from an old horse feed tub and rocks. Looks quite nice, if I say so myself, and the sound of running water is bringing birds in in droves - also a few rabbits! I had purchased a solar pump earlier but the results were rather miserable. So for a few cents of electricity the wild birds have water. We are in a horrific drought again this summer. I fear that we are entering one of our every-thirty-years-or-so multiple year droughts. It will be a gardening challenge! I had already begun some xeric landscaping last year.

No update for Paya's Blessing this week. I am working on a rather longish chapter while watching the Olympics. Hmmmm, so I guess when you read that Sig'dan did well on his floor exercise you will forgive me? LOL So many handsome young men with very fit bodies - how pleasant! And I know some of you are avidly watching the women's competitions. I wish they would televise the equestrian sports more (former Dressage student here). But I guess if I'd take cable or satellite TV I could watch that. But no! It is my simple protest against sitting on my ass too much in front of mostly idiotic shows. Instead, I'll sit on my ass with the computer on my lap Actually, I just came in from working in the yard and having a nice swim in the pool. (Watch out Phelps!)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh my it is hot! 108 here today. At least we were blessed with a bit of rain yesterday to ease our drought. This is the second summer in a row for severe drought for us. I'm looking into some dryland farming techniques for the garden next year - and some varieties that manage lack of rain a bit better (so watch it flood next year). On the plus side I have a bushel of tomatoes for the second time to process in my kitchen, and have been harvesting squash, peppers and cucumbers. I planted a row of mixed flowers and herbs for the beneficial insects this year. The cosmos in that row are nearly 12 feet tall, and blooming - amazing!!!

Well, hubby finished the first story, Paya's House, and said he enjoyed it - smart man! I'm only a few chapters ahead of you on Paya's Blessing and that is a bit scarey. However I do have an idea file full of the concepts of what I want to have happen in the tale, so hopefully all will be well. Thanks for all the reviews and PM's on the story - your comments are always helpful.

Blessings to all of you!

Sunday June 24, 2012

Had to share do you know when you are perhaps too absorbed in your story? This morning my husband and I were having coffee on the front porch. I happened to kill a fly that landed on me and my beloved remarked, "Are you going to take a trophy?"

My husband has become an awesome sounding board for my story ideas, perhaps too much - lolololol! I was rather shy of telling him about my stories but he is enjoying reading them and commenting also.

Got ripe beefsteak tomatoes from the garden all sliced and waiting for the crisp bacon that hubby is frying. Bacon and homegrown tomato sandwiches - it doesn't get much better than that!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Decided to start posting updates at the top so you don't have to scroll down every time. Happy Summer Solstice!

I'm overwhelmed at the positive response to the beginning of Paya's Blessing. No, I've not seen Prometheus yet, waiting for it to come out in DVD as I get very overwhelmed by things that are horror on the big screen, and I'm concerned from the trailer that it may be too intense for moi.

Thanks to you wonderful readers for all your encouragement and many times thought-provoking reviews.

The garden is doing well this year, began eating fresh tomatoes about two weeks ago. We are harvesting zucchini, basil, cilantro, sweet and hot peppers, swiss chard and cucumbers as well. Most meals I eat nothing but veggies, and hear the Yautja scoffing at me in the background.

An outdoor kitty is missing. I suspect coyotes or a bobcat. We live on the edge of the suburbs and right next to a wild open area. Most nights you can hear the coyote pack. I hate having cats outdoors, but these were barn cats that moved with us and the inn is already full inside the house with four kitties living in delicate balance with each other. He lived a good long life and hopefully came to a quick end.

Sunday January 29, 2012

I hope this finds all of you who read this doing well. It's a sunny winter day here, with temps going up into the 60s. I'm getting ready to start seedlings for the garden this afternoon - Tomatoes, Basil, and flowers. They will grow in my garage with a bit of bottom heat and lights. Cold frames don't stand up to our straight line winds well. The rest will be direct seeded after the frost threat later in the spring.

I'm beyond thrilled that so many of you are reading my story Paya's House. As I noted at earlier in my profile, it is my very first story. Well, not counting the one I wrote in sixth grade. Which was a huge hit mind you - NOT! I do recall making up rather gruesome tales and entrancing the grade school boys with their grossness :) It is a tremendous challenge to make a story out of my thoughts. My first attempts, as Stupe can attest to, were rather primitive. It actually took writing the detailed smex scene - yup there is one coming up - pardon the pun - to free my use of words to the point where they became a story. I've still a long ways to go, but having a blast creating my own little world of intrigue and desire. The story also lets me run on about some pet peeves of mine, as you'll see. So anyhoo, thanks for reading. I encourage you, from the bottom of my heart, when you read a story's chapter to please take a moment and make a review. I remember the first time I reviewed - it can be rather intimidating. You don't have to think up something particularly original or witty. Such give a comment from your heart. The author will be so appreciative of you - even if your, I trust you will be kind, comment is critical. I know I don't comment on every story out there as all of them do not interest me, but the ones that I do follow, I do review.

Enjoy your blessed day!

Update 3/29/12

So far, the most read chapter is the Yautja-fart chapter - who knew? And here I thought it would be only read for the sex. Ah, but I just uploaded quite a bit of violence and mayhem this evening, hope it is enjoyed. Oh, by-the-way, I DO NOT write a chapter a week. I've been working on these babies for months - just had a damn good head start before I began posting. Had to be pretty certain I could pull off a story before I tried posting one.

Spring has come quite early this year, the fledgling tomatoes are in the garden already, I'll be adding the basil this weekend and I'm watching beets, lettuce and swiss chard pop up. Everything managed to survive the flooding rains we had a week ago. No sign of the carrots that are interplanted with the tomatoes yet, but they are slow starters.

May All be Well in Your World.

Update 5/22/12

So, I've posted chapter 23 of Paya's House and everyone that has reviewed so far seems to be handling the sad part (trying not to be a plot spoiler here in case you've not read it yet). It was hard for me to write it and admittedly I cried. It is what the plot commanded me to do, however. I'll release the Epilogue this week. And then on to the second part of the story! I've already begun plotting it out and also writing the first chapter. Will take me some time to make sure it all fits together before I begin publishing.

Just for fun - the story contains quite a few hints that something was not well with the character that makes up the sad part. I'm so surprised that no one seems to have picked up on that.

I did a bit of of research for this story. There is significance to the mask markings mentioned in the first chapter, and the weapon markings in the epilogue. Can you figure it out?

Ulfr's mate P'ya is speaking real words. Can you find and translate them?

What hanging from the statue of Cetanu's neck?

Lots of folks got the Blood Eagle - Gagr's execution method.

The garden is growing amazingly quickly for this time of year. We had a very early spring. I harvested strawberries a full month ahead of schedule and already have tomatoes and peppers setting on the plants in droves. Having to water already though. Looks like another drought this year. I feel sorry for the farmers and ranchers and also grateful that I no longer have livestock.

Hey, you know those carrots I planted in between the tomatoes? They love it there! I had read that was a good combo and it sure seems to be.

Life is good!

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