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Poll: So I've figured out how to make polls. MUHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAA. Alright, the quest-chin: Who is the most fabulous Sith of them all? Vote Now!
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I'm Commodore (Formerly Captain, but I got a promotion) Aureis, but please, call me Captain (because it's easier to type and also so that people I've known for a while don't need to type Commodore). I'm not exactly new here, but I am much too lazy to do stories...

I have now completed my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, and now hold a BSc. I will be moving on to do a Masters.

Well, that's this short introduction is over- but no, you cry, you haven't said anything about yourself! Well, poo, I guess I haven't. I'm from the Internet, so anonymous in essence, but here, have some of my likes and dislikes instead:


Star Wars (Especially the Old Republic Era)


Mass Effect

Frank Herbert's Dune saga

A Song of Ice and Fire

The Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit

Isaac Asimov's Foundation series


The Mote in God's Eye, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

The Alien/Predator universe


Iron Man

Good Food

Scuba Diving




And, of course, writing!



Jane Austen (AAAAARRRGGGG how I hate her writing so very much)

Fanaticism (both religious and atheistic- yes, there are fanatical atheists; they're the guys who get up in your face and start denouncing your God)

Bad Grammar (Damn it, I'm a Grammar Nazi, I can't help it!)

Government- my main quarrel is with the American one, for now

Bad Drivers- Need I say more?

Chewing gum under the table

Arrogance- but only when carried too far

Alright, well, ta-ta for now!

Captain Aureis

FORUMS I RP ON (besides mine):

Check out my forums!

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