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Author has written 4 stories for Detective Conan/Case Closed.

Name: (Do I have to? *Coughs nervously*) I've been known by many names: Alrik/Rye/Euric and recently Finn. (Although to be honest, I've been referred to by my friends both in real life and online as Finn for almost a year now...)

Age: 21

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 5'11''ish

Hobbies: reading, writing, graphics designing, eating (favorite one! :P)

I am:

- a nerd (and dang, I'm proud of it! *cue the evil, maniacal laughter*)

- scared of moths (Don't laugh...or you'll die... *Coughs nonchalantly* Come again?)

- a bookworm

- child at heart

- a food lover (I cook too... *shows burnt toast*)

- a Third Year College student (4 more years 'til I end my Medical Degree! Chyeahh!! *Fist pumps galore*)

- a Narnia buff (Don't diss it! *cue male yandere laughter*)

- an aspiring novelist (says the one who spends his time writing fanfiction than working on his own originals)

- into writing AU scenarios (not that it's too obvious by now)

PS: I have been PM'd about my gender a lot and most if not all people had assumed I was a female supposedly by theway I write. I'm stating it here and now that I am of the male persuasion.

I know I write a lot of angsty/emotional fanfiction but I guess, this is because I'm one of those guys who isn't afraid to show their vulnerabilities. I don't mind shedding tears if something makes me feel awfully sad. In fact, I find it more of a strength than a weakness to understand and be able to express what I feel rather than hide behind the guise of being 'macho' or an 'alpha male'.

Current Stories

Of Mysteries and Thievery:

Set in a timeline where Shinichi and Kaito are bound by ties of blood. The premise isn't exactly original by any means but it is a story that for the longest time had been one of my favourite to tackle and write about.

Sadly, it's been a long time since I've written a chapter and I have to admit, it's been increasingly hard to write anything within these past few months (more like almost a year). Real life can sometimes suck the creativity out of someone and I have to apologise to those who have added this story to their favourites and/or follows.

But let's face it, the prose has some major issues, the dialogue isn't particularly believable and the chapters are more or less vignettes of tears, mental breakdowns and a whole load of emotional baggage that have an inkling of a plot tying individual chapters together.

In the near future, I do hope to revisit and re-write the story from the ground up. However, for the timebeing, I have to apologise for the lack of any foreseeable updates in the future.

Arashi no Me:

What can I say, I've begun to adore some of the ideas and themes from Naruto and decided to mix it up with Detective Conan. However, I guess Detective Conan fans aren't exactly that happy with me mixing the two universes together if the lack of response, review or follows indicate anything.

Even so, I am pretty much writing this story for the enjoyment of my sister seeing that she doesn't mind having Shinichi or Kaito within a shinobi world setting. I really hope you guys give the story a chance though. I've really tried to improve the way I write dialogue and I hope that the current interactions between Eri and Shinichi as well Shinichi and chibi Kaito approximate real-life dialogue to some extent.

Although I am trying my best to stick with the stock characters from DC to form the clans and characters of this Naruto'fied DC universe, I may need to employ the use of some OCs from clans specific to the Naruto-verse. After all, the story is a pseudo-crossover of sorts. Please bear with me...

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Arashi no Me reviews
[AU/Crack/Pseudo Cross-over] In which Shinichi finds himself an orphan, the village pariah, a shinobi and a jinchuuriki. In which Kaito is known as the village prankster from the age of seven, Shinichi's last living relative and a carbon copy of his late cousin Keijirou-nii. Themes, settings and terminology may be heavily borrowed from Naruto. You were warned!
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[DCMK/Big Hero 6 cross-over] In which a detective and a thief wakes up in a world completely different from their own. Stuck in unfamiliar bodies and with foreign memories resurfacing every now and again, they must come to terms with the ever-increasing possibility that Kudo Shinichi and Kuroba Kaito were never their real identities to begin with.
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Two files were all it took for Kaito to find himself closer to destroying Pandora once and for all. Two files were all it took for his life to be thrown into deeper peril than it had already been in. Two files were all it took for him to find out that he, Kaitou Kid, and Shinichi, the Great Detective of the East, shared a bond they never even knew they had: the one of brotherhood.
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