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Update 6-6-2012 With the mass purge of fiction taking place at, I want to remind readers that DDG/POV/Socket-Verse has an archive on Livejournal which can be found at -- Femme4jack

UPDATE 1-14-2012 Femme4jack is continuing the storyline found in Dark Nobility, and has planned 4-6 additional chapters to bring that story to a close, the first of which is now posted.

Welcome to the Points of View & Dathana de Grey AU Transformers fanverses. We are a multi-author community playing with the concept that Cybertronians need organic energy (in the form of sensations and feelings from sentient organic beings) for the very survival of their sparks.

Many of our authors have their of accounts. We encourage you to check them out!

The Points of View verse was originally created by Femme4jack and Aniay. The stories on this account include both the original POV verse stories, as well as AUs from the original verse.

The experiment was continued by Gatekat & Femme4jack in the ongoing story Dathana de Grey (Shades of Gray in Gaelic). We also have created prequels and stories far in the future. We have been helped by many others whose names are on the various chapters.

Content Notifcation: Nearly every story here has some form of Mech/Human explicit relations. Our verse contains xeno (mostly human/transformer), and sticky mech/mech and mech/human sex. Please note individual chapter warnings for dub-con or non-con, or other triggering content. All content will be clearly labeled. One of our purposes for this verse was to explore how power dynamics impact choice, consent, free will, and love. In addition, the DdG storyverse often has allusions to or actual occurrences of mechpreg.

Brief outline of the Points of View verse lore
*Cybertonian sparks need to feed on organic energy obtained through the sensations, emotions, and perceptions of sentient organics.
*Through much of history this was done through enslavement of organic sentient organisms (without the acknowledgment that they were alive or sentient) into spark energy generators.
*Wheeljack learns, while on an expedition to an organic world, that organics are not only sentient, but that the energy was obtained was through torture that lasted 5-10 times longer than a sentient organic's normal life span. He is joined by Perceptor and Alpha Trion, and they create a new way of powering sparks through symbiosis with willing organic partners.
*A group of organics travel willingly to Cybertron to act as first spark symbiots
*Cybertronian society becomes deeply divided on the issue of rights of organics and socket connections
*Alpha Trion creates Orion Pax with specific base code to protect the rights all sentient life, organic and mechanoid
*Orion Pax becomes Optimus Prime. His first act is to declare organic generators illegal. Later he declares any form of organic slavery illegal and finally grants them rights as Cybertronian citizens.
*Megatron rises in rebellion with a slight majority of Cybertronians, leading to the war.

Events of BV 2007
*Some of the events of BV 2009, but very much AU (The Fallen is not a character in our Fanverse)
*Prime requests the US and other governments that they be allowed to enter into socket symbiosis with certain humans. These governments agree so long as individual humans consent.
*Prime offers all humans on base socket technology because of its multiple uses (medical, battle, communication, data transfer, etc.), but does not inform the base at large of the primary function of the interface, which is revealed more gradually in individual interactions between Autobots and humans.

The following story order is suggested:

Prime's Dilema

The Cost of Living

Brighter than Hope (Wheeljack's Story)

Points of View

Before Dathana de Grey

Dathana de Grey (Shades of Grey) chs. 1-62

Full Circle (can be read before or after Dathana de Grey - tells the story of Prowl, Jazz & Primus (and Miles) from the beginning of Cybertron to well in the future.

The Naturalists: First Christmas

Dathana de Gray ch. 63-77

The Witch of Diego Garcia

The rest of Dathana de Grey

Dark Nobility

any others (some of which are AU from POV or Dathana de Grey)

Thanks for reading! Please review and let us know your thoughts and ideas.

UPDATE AUGUST 24, 2011 (Pertains to Dathana de Gray/Dark Nobility Storylines)

Gatekat and Femme4jack have decided to discontinue their collaboration in the Dathana de Gray fanverse.

We want to thank everyone else who contributed to the Dathana de Gray fanverse: Aniay (the original co-creator with Femme4jack for the POV verse that helped spawn Dathana de Gray), Chai16, Wilderness, Zomgitsalaura, Fallentaiyoko, Prophetbot, Ace_of_the_arts, Antepathy, Laulun-siivet, sakon76, thepheonixqueen, Flybystardancer, baka_no_neko and Karl Wolfemann.

We also would like to thank Nessus for her amazing artwork that accompanied the series which can be found on in the archive at Artist: Nessus and the artists who accepted commissions for various characters: Yamatonix11, SJWerst and Alteride.

And most of all, thanks to all of the readers who have left such encouraging feedback on the project.

From Femme4jack

The past year and a half of writing has been extremely creative and fulfilling; I have had the opportunity to delve into subject matter that has been intense, exciting, and very moving to me. I apologize to our readers that our collaboration is ending. Over the past year I have truly come to love the characters in these stories - the ones I wrote, Kat's characters, and the ones whom we shared. I am deeply grateful to Gatekat for the time, creativity, and energy she gave to this project in terms of writing, and also all she did behind the scenes in terms of keeping this monster organized.

I may, at some point in the future, continue do some solo writing or collaborations in this fanverse, including its existing storylines (Dathana de Grey and Dark Nobility), but not until after some other projects are complete. Any such stories will be posted on the sockets account on, and at All of my other stories can be found at femme4jack on, femme4jack on Ao3, femmefics on dreamwidth, and femmefics on dreamwidth.

From Gatekat
Confirming the above; and I are not going to continue our joint writing Dathana de Gray, or any Socketverse. I still have stories in the verse that may be finished with others, though no promises. Specifically Alpha Maestro and Kin of a Different Kind with , No Regrets for Love with and The Saboteur Kneels withbut I'm pulling out of human/TF xeno for the most part. There is more artwork that is being commissioned, so there will be occasional posts here of that.

It's been an interesting first year in the fandom for me. Full of the good and bad that comes with any fandom. Full of learning. I'm still not entirely sure what to think of it all, but I'm still writing TF. So I'm not going far even if this is very different from my home fandoms.

Everything non-DdG is posted on Gatekat.

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