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Author has written 22 stories for X-overs, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, Mario, and My Little Pony.

Real name: Sean Kelly

(I'm still MKSFan14. I've changed my pen name to what "MKS" means.)

Age: 21

Sex: male





The Mean Kitty (On Youtube)



the cute grils from Keroro Gunsou (It's not what you all think!) >:(




people who dis what I like

fan stories that were incompleted for a long time

rip-off artists (kick 'em in the shin and run off!)

Bad guys

My favorite characters cursing when they shouldn't be! >:(


Mother x child relationships

Kirby x Peach (Nintendo)

Chopper x Robin (One Piece)

Favorite Couples:

Sonamy (People believe Sonic is too shy to admit feelings for Amy) (They're so sweet together)


Knuxouge (Rouge has actual feelings for the Master Emerald's gulible guardian, and the weirdest part is she admires Knuckles' devotion towards the M.E.)


Kirby x Ribbon

Mario x Peach

Luigi x Daisy

and some other couples from games and anime

Couple I dislike: (No offense to those who do support the following couples)


Shadouge: Shadow the emo-hog may care for Rouge, but not in the romantic way.

Sonaze: No way.

Knuxade: May be of the same race, but no connection.

Knuxikal: Knuckles and Tikal are from two different time periods, in case if anyone forgets from Sonic Adventure.

Sonally: Don't know much of this couple, but I heard they broke up once or twice.

(Don't ask me to write a story concerning Sonic and another girl besides Amy Rose, because you won't get it! Same with Amy with another guy!)

Fan characters: ME! (Sean Kelly)

I start out in Cavalier Sean, thirteen years old, close to fourteen, I'm cowardly, get anxiety easily, and go on a treasure hunting adventure with my crew, some vegetable characters, and Mario and Kirby. I'd tell you more, but what'll be the point of people reading my story?

Appearance: Tall, skinny, pale skin (Not ghostly pale!), brown eyes, black hair.

Attire: Pirate clothes. Specifically, white short sleeved shirt, black knee-length shorts, yellow-orange 18th century vest, red sash (around the waist), black leather gauntlets, brown boots, red cape, wide-brimmed cavalier hat with many bright colored feathers, and a black belt with a gold buckle, holding my prized magic sword, Adventurer's Blade.

Weapons: Adventurer's Blade, dagger

Angus O'Kelly

Sean's ancestor from the late 17th century. He was an adventurer; sailed on a ship with crew and was the former bearer of Adventurer's Blade.

Appearance: Ghostly, slightly taller than Sean, has red hair and a short beard, has green eyes.

Attire: A black, wide-brimmed hat with feathers, a green sash over a chrimson-red coat with gold buttons. Under the coat, a tan vest, brown breeches, and black boots.

Weapons: Formerly Adventurer's Blade

Abigail O'Kelly

Angus' older sister.

Jeffrey Pea

Jeffrey is a skateboarder who speaks in a surfer voice (such as say "like" and "totaly"). He has long blonde hair and wears shades.


A green eyed girl and Sean's childhood friend, who grow romantic feelings for him over the years.

Appearance: Brown hair in a ponytail with bangs at the forehead, green eyes, an inch shorter than Sean.


Son of Kirby and Ribbon (From Kirby 64). This little cutie (I can't believe I said that) is 5 years old, inherited Kirby's pink physique, red feet, and his signature abilities of inhaling and taking one's power and floating. From Ribbon, Puffy inherited her wings (It gives him extra help when he gets tired of floating too long). He wears a red bow tie (Reference to Ribbon's bow ribbon in her hair). When the news of his birth reached from Dream Land, to Pop Star, to the whole galaxy, all that was pure and good was pleased. But King Dedede, still greedy and corrupt, wasn't. What with Puffy being Kirby's son. Kirby told Puffy that was fine to be afraid and if he could believe, he can be a hero and conquer his fears.

Needle the Hedgehog

Son and of Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose. He's 14 years old, and looks and acts like his old man and has his need for speed. He inherited Sonic's blue slick-back quills and Amy's pink bangs, has Amy's jade-green eyes and wears shoes similar to Sonic's; the only difference is that they have a lightning blot on the sides. Ever since he was told of his parents' past, he felt amazed and wanted to be like them. Sonic would enjoy that, but in his eyes, Needle will always be what he truly is to him: his dear son. (Aw...)

Marty and Penny

Fraternal twins of Mario and Peach. They are like their parents, but Marty inherited his mother's gold-blonde hair and Penny inherited her father's brown hair. Marty wear clothes that differs in design and color from Mario's: an orange short-sleeved shirt with a white shirt inside, blue shorts that hang below the knee, sneakers, but one thing remains the same for his hat: The same design as Mario's but orange. Penny's gown was like Peach's, but had no sleeves and was light violet.

Stories I have in store:

Kirby: Adventure Royale

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