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Hi, I'm Chez.

I like (When I say ‘like’ I pretty much mean I’m an obsessive fangirl...) Doctor Who, Sherlockkkkkkkk :D, Merlin, Atlantis, Casualty, Eastenders, Torchwood (where the '456' of my penname was inspired from), Three Delivery (which was my first ever fandom), Pokemon, and so much else. I completely adore Horrible Histories, the episodes, the songs, the beautiful, talented actors, and just the whole damn lot! So sad that Series 5 was the last, but they finished on a high, and bowed their way out.
I also love most of the comedy programmes and stand up on BBC3 – Russell Howard’s Good News for the win! Also loved Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education, Cuckoo, Some Girls and Pramface.

My friend (GirlOnAWire) has also recently got me into Pretty Little Liars and the two of us are OBSESSED. Majorly. And I've finally finished watching the whole 6 seasons (sob) so I'm now allowing myself to read fanfics as well as write them! And I'm really excited to start reading them.. If you don't guess from what I've written then my OTP is Spencer and Toby. I ship them religiously. Besides them I ship so many other couples, but they're my favourite :3

Oh, and I'm totally obsessed with the musical The Book of Mormon. Seriously, my boyfriend and I actually found a copy of the Book of Mormon in a second-hand bookshop and bought it because of the musical... not that either of us have actually read it

Favourite Films: District 9!!!!! Chappie, Maleficent, Elysium, The A-Team (I love Sharlto Copley, so much), Pride, the Indiana Jones franchise (Best one was The Last Crusade), Harry Potter, Skyfall, Love Actually, The Hobbit (and I loved the book which I forced myself to read before witnessing the beauty of Martin Freeman as a Hobbit), Tangled, 50 First Dates, The Great Gatsby (Luhrmann’s one) and a lot of others...

Favourite Books: The Hunger Games, Freshers, Autoboyography, Attachments, 13 Little Blue Envelopes, Fangirl, Lord of the Flies, Killing Floor, 28 and a Half Wishes, Prom Impossible, The Last Dodo (BBC Doctor Who book), Harry Potter, The Hobbit and lots more. (Check out booksanscreens on Instagram if you want to see more)

Music: Basically if I like it then I listen to it... Some of my favourite artists are The Gypsy Kings, Lily Allen, James Blunt, MIKA, Imagine Dragons and I happily admit I like Conchita Wurst and Aram MP3 (I love Eurovision).

If you’re wondering about the avatar, it is a piece of work by Tom Lewis entitled ‘The Legend of Kokucho Meadow’, from his collection ‘The Legend’. He is an artist loved by myself, after seeing his work pictured in a series of The Apprentice (another show I love.)

So, I made this account because I love writing and I enjoy sharing my stories for others to read. It really makes me happy when people read my work, and even more so if I get reviews. I also love reading other people's work because there are so many good fics out there and I love finding them.

I'll have to admit though, I'm a fairly slow updater with chapter stories. Most of the time my ideas fizzle out, or everything else gets in the way. My stronger area is oneshots, so I tend to write those more. I have so many stories on the go at the moment, but generally new oneshot ideas take priority over older ideas. However, once I get an idea that I really love I tend to write a lot, and rather quickly.

11th February 2013 Update: I've now finally decided to take down my two stories: 'Three Delivery Yaoi Story' and 'Three Delivery Play: Stronger and stronger'. I hated them, and I couldn't stand people reading them.

6th August 2014 Update: I took down "Pokemon Ranger Story" for the same reasons listed above.

8th September 2014 Update: So my Bugsy Malone story "The Enigmatic Tale of Louella" must have been on hiatus for over two years now, but I've finally got back into continuing it! (I promised myself I would finish it when I started, and I'm not going to break that promise.) Sorry for those who wanted me to continue it years ago!

So I’ve seen these on so many other people’s profiles and I decided to do one to put on mine to make it a little more interesting. Instead of using more than one character from the same show I'm going to limit myself to just one... :S
(As of the 1st of May 2016, I've updated it to include my current fandoms - the last question/story from my previous one can be found under the name "Extreme Fandom Crossover")

1. Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars)
2. The 10th Doctor (Doctor Who)
3. Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)
4. Moriarty (BBC Sherlock)
5. Wikus Van de Merwe (District 9)
6. Morty (Rick and Morty)
7. Agent Kruger (Elysium)
8. Jessica Jones (Netflix Jessica Jones)
9. H.M Murdock (The A Team [Film Version])
10. Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)
11. Zoe Hanna (BBC Casualty)
12. Toby Cavanuagh (Pretty Little Liars) [Ok, I know I said I'd limit myself to one per show, but I couldn't not have Toby in this list!)

You're out on a night out with 9 when you're savagely and drunkenly attacked by 5. What does 9 do?
You’re out on a night out with H.M Murdock when you’re savagely and drunkenly attacked by Wikus Van de Merwe. What does Murdock do?
Well... Maybe all the drinking that we’ve been doing hasn’t gone down well with Murdock’s medication, so suddenly at one point during the night he starts believing that he is Wikus rather than himself, at which he then gets extremely confused and lashes out (unfortunately I am the nearest person so I take the hit). I quickly phone an ambulance (for both me and him) and the next morning when I go to see how he is (despite my injuries) he’s apologetic.

What would happen if 11 got 10 pregnant?
What would happen if Zoe Hanna got Draco Malfoy pregnant.
Oh... wow... So, Zoe and Draco are in a pretty serious relationship (hush, the age gap doesn’t matter to them) and are thinking about the future. Zoe reveals she can’t have children, and Draco, being a wizard and seriously wanting a kid, casts a spell that they hope will allow them to have children. However it goes rather wrong, and instead of Zoe getting pregnant, Draco does instead. There’s a whole lot of panicking, however with Zoe’s medical knowledge and Draco’s magical abilities they work it out and bring up their child very happily together.

8 and 1 go to a strip club. What happens?
Jessica Jones and Spencer Hastings go to a strip club. What happens?
I cannot image either of them going to a strip club... well maybe Jessica if she’s hunting down Killgrave... Well maybe that’s what she’s doing, and Spencer is helping her... or Spencer got in Killgrave’s way and he hypnotised her...

3 and 2 are making out when 4 walks in. What's 4's reaction?
Jesse Pinkman and the 10th Doctor are making out when Moriarty walks in. What’s Moriarty’s reaction?
Urm... Ok, ahah. Not sure why Jesse and the Doctor are making out, but when Moriarty walks in he’s definitely going to be taking advantage of this situation. I mean, the Doctor has a time machine, and with Moriarty being a consulting criminal he’ll definitely want the TARDIS. Just imagine what he could do if he could commit crimes in the past. So he’d probably just kidnap them both (well, he’d get his men to).

6 falls in love with 5. 7 is jealous, what happens?
Morty falls in love with Wikus Van de Merwe. Agent Kruger is jealous. What happens?
There’s no doubt about it, Kruger wins this one. Sorry Wikus. I mean he’s a BAMF mercenary with a katana... so, you may want to grab Rick’s time machine and run for it.

12 pulls up beside you, and offers you a lift. Will you take it?
Toby Cavanaugh pulls up beside you and offers you a lift. Will you take it?
In his truck? Yes please! Especially if Spence was there too... I mean I know I’d be three-wheeling but it would be adorable to actually see them together.

Why is 10 afraid of 3?
Why is Draco Malfoy afraid of Jesse Pinkman?
Because Draco’s a wuss... and because there’s a hell of a lot of rumours about what Jesse’s done to people who get in his way when he’s doing business.

1 is getting ready to marry 5, when 9 runs in to stop the ceremony. What is 9's reason?
Spencer Hastings is getting ready to marry Wikus van de Merwe when H.M. Murdock runs in to stop the ceremony. What is Murdock’s reason?
Because Spence is meant to be with Toby!! That’s the only reason needed, right?

Give a title of a romance movie about 8 and 11.
Give a title of a romance movie about Jessica Jones and Zoe Hanna.
I don’t like this question... I can never come up with something cool, my head starts thinking of lame titles like ‘The Superhero and her Doctor’...

Fill in the blanks: "1 and 3 are in a happy relationship, until 3 runs off with 10. 1, heartbroken, has a short relationship with 9 and a brief unhappy affair with 7, then follows the wise advice of 12 and finds true love with 2."

Spencer Hastings and Jesse Pinkman are in a happy relationship until Jesse runs off with Draco Malfoy. Spencer, heartbroken, has a short relationship with H.M. Murdock and a brief unhappy affair with Agent Kruger, then follows the wise advice of Toby Cavanaugh and finds true love with the 10th Doctor.

Wow... well...

Spencer is just going along through high school with her friends (occasionally being terrorised by the anonymous ‘A’) until she meets an older ex-student called Jesse. At first they clash – she opposes his views about school and she’s really not keen on his smoking. However after a while they realise that actually, they both like each other. They eventually get together and, despite some objections from Spence’s friends, she thinks she may have actually found someone she’s going to have a future with. (Obviously she knows nothing about his drug making business with her high school chemistry teacher Mr White). However, after a few months he gets more and more distant as he begins to hang around with a new friend, a blonde English guy named Draco, who had been travelling around America and is now couch-surfing at Jesse’s. By this point Spence knows that Jesse has been ‘getting extra tutoring’ from Mr White, so after a few weeks of him constantly bailing on her she goes to see her chemistry teacher to ask if that’s where Jesse’s been. It hasn’t, so she gets increasingly worried. Late one night, after he’s ignored all 6 of her phonecalls she finally makes her way over to his house to find that Jesse, the weird English blonde and most of his possessions are gone. Spencer is heartbroken as she realises the two have run away together and Jesse never even left her a note. (He probably did, he’s not that harsh... but A got there first and got rid of it).

Spencer then swears off having boyfriends for the rest of her high school years to focus solely on her grades. ‘A’ becomes crazier in their terrorising and soon the 4 girls find themselves trapped in ‘the dollhouse’. With no clue where their missing daughters are, the parents desperately enlist the help of the A-Team, who manage to track down and rescue the girls. Murdock helps Spence out of the underground lair and she finds herself feeling attracted to him. She pushes the thought to the back of her mind, assuming it to be because he’d rescued her, but a couple of weeks later she finds she still can’t stop thinking about Murdock. She does some snooping in her parent’s study, finds a contact for the team, and arranges a meet up with Murdock – which she says is so she can properly thank them in person. They meet up at the brew, and sure enough Spence finds she feels the same way, if not stronger, meeting with him again. They talk for a while, getting way past closing time when Ezra finally kicks them out, and Spencer coyly suggests meeting up again, saying she had fun. They meet up a few more times, and eventually they realise their feelings are mutual and slowly establish that something is going on between them. However a few weeks later when the summer holiday starts, Murdock states that he and his team have been deployed on a mission in Los Angeles and asks her if she’d like to come with him for a couple of weeks. (Obviously Murdock isn’t really thinking when he invites her to come along to the place he’s going to be doing a mission in, but at the time he wasn’t exactly in the right frame of mind). Even though they’re not even officially together by this point, Spence decides it might be good to get away from her over-protective parents and the psychopathic A for a bit and goes with him.

However the hotel that they stay in happens to in the newly impoverished area and Spence is left on her own for long periods of time. After three days she gets bored of the cable TV and goes exploring, something Murdock asked her not to do. Everything seems fine as she walks through the main street until she turns the corner and bumps into an older guy almost twice her size. She apologises and goes to walk around him, however he steps out to block her path. She looks up at the guy as he looms over her with a sly grin. Starting to get worried, Spence turns around and walks back to the hotel. When she gets back into her room she looks out of the window through her curtains and sees the guy outside, leaning up against the opposite building looking up at her window. She quickly jumps back and, freaked out, spends the rest of the day inside. When Murdock gets back later that evening she decides not to tell him so he doesn’t get annoyed about her leaving the hotel. The next day Murdock leaves early. While Spence is still in bed there is a knock at her door. She answers to find it is the same guy she bumped into yesterday. Worriedly she goes to close the door, however he quickly pushes past her with ease and enters the room. Spencer tries to get him to leave but he ignores her, snooping around the room and then finally turning back to her, stating that she can’t stay cooped up all day. He then suggests that he shows her around, a sly grin on his face. Spencer declines, wanting him to leave, but he doesn’t take no for an answer and tells her to get dressed. She grabs some clothes and goes into the bathroom, locking the door and sitting against it. She tries to call Murdock a couple of times however they all go to voicemail. After a long time of hiding in the bathroom she emerges hoping that the guy would have given up and left. To her disappointment he is still sat on her bed watching the TV. Without much choice she leaves the hotel with him and he takes her through the streets, telling her about the place. After a while they stop outside a street stall selling barbequed food and he gets some for the both of them before delivering Spence back to her hotel. Again she debates telling Murdock when he gets back, however she’s not sure how to tell him. The next day the guy, Kruger, arrives again after Murdock has left and takes her out. The same routine happens each day and Spencer begins to feel a little more comfortable with him, not protesting as much when he shows up at her door. The penultimate day before she is meant to go back home, Murdock treats her out to breakfast, excitedly stating that he and his team are closing in on their targets today. After Murdock leaves her back at the hotel, Kruger turns up again. They leave the hotel and Kruger states that he wants to show her his place. Apprehensive, Spence follows him through the winding backstreets until they reach a large but derelict house. It isn’t long after they arrive that the house is suddenly stormed on by police. Unknowingly Spence is cornered and treated as a suspect as she is handcuffed and escorted outside to the police van waiting. Once outside she spots Murdock, who double takes when he sees her. He is shocked and somewhat disappointed. He stops the police from arresting her however doesn’t speak to her as he takes her back home that night. Once she is back home he asks her to explain, and not knowing what else to do she tells him the truth. Murdock accepts it sadly, and then leaves, telling Spencer that he can’t see her again. Once again, Spence is left heartbroken, and swears off guys.

It’s nearly a year later when prom comes around for Spencer and her friends as they finish their last year at school. The evening goes well until Spencer goes out to get some air and notices a slightly older guy routing around in the bushes outside the front entrance. She goes over to ask what’s wrong but before she manages to speak he jumps up happily, a long thin tube-like object in hand. He smiles at her and walks past her into the hall. Spencer, confused, brushes off the weird encounter and goes back into the hall to join her friends. After a little while someone starts screaming and suddenly students start to rush for the exit. Spencer looks around at her friends, realises Aria is missing from the group and rushes towards the noise to try and find her. Soon enough she finds Aria, standing worriedly behind the guy she saw earlier outside. Then she notices that he’s trying to calm down a strange creature that is hiding behind the buffet table. Soon enough he coaxes it out and holds his weird device against the band on the creature’s wrist before it evaporates away. He then turns to Spence and Aria and cheerily says bye before rushing out of the back door. Spencer hesitates a second before running after him to question him. She catches him just before he jumps into a blue wooden police box and he grins as she asks him endless questions. He then invites her to come inside the box which Spencer, confused but intrigued, accepts. As she walks in she gets the shock of her life to find out that it’s bigger on the inside, and the guy introduces himself as ‘the Doctor’. He explains to her the TARDIS and offers to take her on a trip. The trip then becomes several trips, and before she knows it she’s seen hundreds of new worlds, battled monsters she’d never even thought of, and slowly fallen in love with the mysterious but amazing alien she travels with. However once she realises how she feels she gets scared and asks to go back home.

When she gets back she tries to tell her friends about the Doctor, however they find it hard to believe everything she says about him when for them, prom was only last night. Although Aria admits that the guy is attractive she doesn’t understand how Spence could have fallen in love with him. Irritated, she goes back home and finds Toby Cavanaugh out on his porch. He asks how prom went and she finds that she can’t help telling him everything. He listens to her and admits that although he can’t quite believe what she’s told him, she should do what makes her happy, even if that means taking a leap of faith. Realising that he’s right Spencer rushes back to the TARDIS to continue her adventures with the person she loves...

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did... ahaha

Well I hope you like my stories, or at least some of them. : ) Please Read and Review! Reviews really do help so much. Even if you don't like it, please review and tell me why. Thanks!

Chez x

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I was struck, unable to move or speak. It was an appalling sight. Not just the fierce flames licking the crumbling brickwork, but the dense, black smoke lifting from the wreckage. The roaring of the fire drowned out the surrounding sounds; the shrieks of horror and someone's screaming. (Oneshot. Sue's P.O.V. Slightly inspired by Imagine Dragon's song of the same name)
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