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Guten Tag! Wie bist du?

Good day! How are you? I'm CC - a high school student who is equally as depressing as she is depressed. I should be doing my GCSEs... but wait, I am! How does this give me any time to write fanfictions, you ask? IT DOESN'T.

Writing is my main passion, reading is not. I don't even like to read my own works. However, should your fanfic impress me, I'll read it - all the way until the end. Unless I forget about it.

I like to read lemons, but I write the complete opposite. Go figure skating.

I don't write fanfics often, as I'd prefer original fiction (and there's the fear of getting characterisation wrong). Still, I hope my writing will impress you, the same way yours does me. Just remember folks, the characters in the stories don't belong to me. If they did, then why would I bother writing fanfiction in the first place?! DUH!

Welcome to my world...

Story Updates:

Family Portrait is being discontinued guys. I'm sorry, but I feel as though it's getting nowhere. And what with work and all... sheesh, how do older people do this fanfiction writing and get their stories up like every week? It makes no sense! Anyway, sorry! :(

Will I ever write/post fanfiction on this site ever again? I will write fanfiction, but whether I post it or not will be a different story. I'll post what a deem to be worthy!

My Stories:

Groove in the Louvre: After the events of Emperor's Treasure, Phantom R has lost all leads to his father. In the meantime, he goes back to stealing valuable pieces of art, and has set his sights on the Mona Lisa. Yet, not all goes to plan when faced with his rival in the Louvre.
Ah, a Rhythm Thief oneshot! My readers are gone hate me!

Hitomi Assassin: Kasumi is a runaway ninja - a nukenin. She'd do anything to be with her family again. Hayate gives her this chance, but she has to kill for it. She must kill Hitomi, the German girl who offers her more of a home, a family, and love than her real family has given her. Now Kasumi is burdened with the choice of whether to destroy her morals, or drag Hitomi into the life of a runaway ninja...
It's complete! I rather like this story too, if I do say so myself...

Family Portrait: [DISCONTINUED] It has been two years. The Mugen Tenshin Clan are in turmoil. The clan is target yet again for another clan's schemes. Shiden's life has been rapidly shortened, and his end is nearing. Kasumi is beginning to question reality, and her sanity. Murders of innocent lives all direct to Hayate. Ayane's jealousy and spiteful towards Kausmi is making her wonder if her life is worth living. Through all the grief and agony, the dream of having a happy family burns in Ayame's mind, yet the dream seems too far to reach...
Sorry guys, I've decided to discontinue this story. I'll still leave up what I have of it, just... it's not going to be continued. Hitomi Assassin is better as a stand-alone, don't you think?

My Son, My Husband and I: Ayame is finally able to spend a night with her husband - Shiden - along with the company of their upcoming child.
Fluffier than your hamster's baby cloud.

Sakura Schools! United By Fate! There's a new boy in Taiyo High School, Batsu. And he's hungry. Join him as he fights to save his mother with the help of all your favorite Sakura Schools characters, all before dinner time!
This is a parody of the UDON comics of Rival Schools. Things are crazy, and changed up a lot. Just go with the flow, man.

Chocolate Bunny! An Ikarishipping FanFic: Ash is throwing an Easter Party, and is inviting all his old friends! They each bring over someone else of their choice, but when Dawn brings Paul along, tension rises! What are Dawn's true feelings for Paul? What are Paul's true feelings for Dawn? And who the heck brought along Ria?! Will the party end in tears or romance?
Ria is an OC that a friend of mine made. Yes, she's annoying, we know. Still, fluff with a side of blood sucking vampires and Officer Jenny.

Favourite Quotes:

'IT'S OVER 9000!!!' - Do I even have to say?

'I've become a rebel by instead of eating cereal in the morning, I eat toast!' - Skizzy

'Come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough.' - Tanith Low

'This has been a good day so far, all things considered. I have the location of the Grotesquery and I got to kill Valkyire, which is admittedly is something I've been wanting to do since I met her.' - Skulduggery Pleasant

'I can see my house from here!' - TV Tropes on the Eastenders article.

'A bed! With a ladder! You can't beat that!' - The 11th Doctor.

'Argh. There was a piece of lettuce in the urinal. Who eats a sandwich while going to the bathroom? Seriously.' - Dr. Cortex

'Greetings. I am Alisa. Now I must terminate you.' - Alisa from Tekken 6.

'That was entertaining. (head falls off)' - Alisa from Tekken 6

'Sorry. See you next week. (flies off)' - Alisa from Tekken 6

'There is no such thing as coincidence. Only the inevitable.' - Yuuko, XXXHolic

'Please sir. May I have some more?' - Oliver Twist

'I know it's a fruit because it has fruit in the name!' - Cortex's minion in Mind Over Mutant

'Neck beard in a can! Got a problem? Spray some hair on it!' - Advertising voice in Mind Over Mutant

'Going around in a lingerie like that is sure to seduce more men than necessary. If you could, I'd like you to stop doing that. Of course, as the guy who loves you most in this world, it doesn't matter if you don't want to listen to me.' - The awesomely badass Makoto from Detective Conan.

'I sure hope those two meet again!' - Me after listening to the quote above.

'The number of people appearing in this episode is the least in the series so far.' - Conan, introducing Episode 151. (It was very funny to me.)

'I know how you can make a bad ting good.' - Rastamouse!

'That's simple. While Yoshiteru-san was shaving, he realized that the cord was about to fall in, and he tried to pull the cord from going in. But because he was nervous he pulled it inside instead. And then, from there he panicked and hit himself upon the metal handle behind him and "BZZZZZZZZZ ouch" and ended up like so.' - K. Mouri explaining how someone died... (Funny as heck though!!!)

'Kazuha! Take off your clothes for a second. Stop stalling and let me take a look! (he then runs over to her, pulling at her shirt, and I thinking looking down it too...) - Heiji from Detective Conan

'That's what I should have done twenty-two episodes ago!' - Emerald Burke (FFF).

'I can't see their faces, they've got cool glasses on!' - Gus Banks (Reverse Worlds)

'Can't wait to eat that monkey.' - Grandpa, The Simpsons.

'Everyone wants to be Jimmy. Kid wants to be Jimmy. Harley wants to be Jimmy. Even Conan wants to be Jimmy!' - Along the lines of something Skizzy told me...

'I'm placing you under arrest for murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and, I don't know, possibly littering.' - Again, Mr. Pleasant himself.

'Courage is a word that gives you the strength to do what's right. You can't use it as a reason to take a person's life.' - From the newly respected, Ran Mouri.

'I am Haibara Ai. Nice to meet you.' - From the always respected, Ai Haibara. (Generally, Ai says the coolest things!!)

'You're wrong again. I'm no brat. I'm Edogawa Conan. A detective.' - Conan. He really should say that to everyone who calls him a brat, and a lot of people do...

'It's scary to die after all, so I cut the remaining cords. Sorry.' - Ya think Conan? I was practically crying for you and Takagi because I thought you were going to die, BUT NOOO! You act like it's all casual, come down, and say that. I hate you.

'OH! YOU JUST SLAPPED A WOMAN!!' - Me, when Takagi slaps Satou. Yes, Takagi literally SLAPS Satou. Satou. SATOU!!!!! (It's a HUGE deal)

'anime girl but dont give give any nude girls or panty shots or anything. i just want a normal, clean picture of a normal anime girl. no trouble. no dirt. just plain clean. c'mon google you know you wanna. dont make me switch to bing or something. normal clean anime girl picture.' - Something I typed into Google images. I got two pictures... They weren't even anime girls...

'I love you Ami. I love you more than anything. More than everything. I know I'm not perfect, unlike you, but I need you Ami. I need you by my side all my life, I need to protect you Ami. I need to make you happy, and I will stop at nothing to achieve that. I love you Ami. And no matter what anyone else says, I will never stop.' - Louis from Ami, confessing his love to her!

'You'd better watch yourself!' - Helena, battle taunt! DOA2!

'"Hello!" "You're in my way."' - Quote combination of Lei-Fang and Leon, DOA2!

'"Shall I start?" "Do you want to die?"' - Awesomely hilarious quote combination of Gen-Fu and Leon, DOA2!

'"I am the winner!" "You are not my concern!"' - Quote combination of Jann-Lee and Helena! DOA2!

'I know, I'll delete it. Bye! Save, save!' -Pervy Conan... or should I say, Shinichi?

'Hell or Heaven - I'll escort you anywhere.' - Al Valentino!

'Dead or Alive? Not interested.' - Hayate, DOA5.

'I just threw RM across the room because his screen was polluted with your FLITH!!!!!!' - something Skizzy should have said...

'Hayabusa-san, what happened to your hair?! ...What happened to you?' - CC while watching Ninja Gaiden 3.

'Don't mess with me, I know what I'm doing.' - Chika's sudden line of awesomeness.

'It's up to you to decide who lives, who dies, who loves, who cries, and who gets attacked by radioactive sporks while on vacation in Botswana.' - PrussianPersephone

'I ain't nobody's Plan B. You either choose me, or you lose me.' - SWOOZIE!!! XD!!!

'And if Kim goes and tells her boyfriend, and he shows up at my house, Imma have to give him a preview of Matrix 4, and I don't want to have to do that.' - Swoozie, still a thug inside.

'Nobody's carried me since my mama!' - James, Pokémon, LIKE A BAUS!!

'I hate the word Homophobia. It's not a phobia, you're not scared, you're just an asshole.' - True story, Morgan Freeman.

'Time is money. If you're done shopping, then quit wasting both.' - Flippin' badass Malo from Twilight Princess!

'We're supposed to be in my bed right now, making some hot, sweaty, mattress-destroying man-love together!' - Dirty ol' Mayor Bo from xanauzumaki's TP Abridged series. Seriously, everything that creep says is quotable. No, everything in that show is quotable. And that's only the first abridged series alone.

'Watch quietly and learn.' - Raph to Link in SoulCalibur 2. One of the best cutscenes in gaming history.

'Of course.' - Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Everything that guys says is quotable. Everything.

'Stoke the fires!' - Original Link from the Skyward Sword prequel manga. Spent a good ten minutes laughing my ass off at that... XD

'Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.' - The Assassin's Creed.

'"Safety and Peace." "Your presence here deprives me of both."' - One of the most famous lines for the Altair x Malik shippers. Malik says some pretty amusing humourless things as well! :)

'Have no worries. Women provide little distraction.' - Leonardo da Vinci casually coming out of the closet.

'As the saying goes, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words are merely the smallest element of language capable of containing meaning and isolation and as such could never directly produce the four thousand newtons of force per square centimetre required to break bones.' - Michael Stevens sudden line of badassness...

'And as always, thanks for watching.' - It's a Vsauce thang!

'You were born original, why would you want to die a copy?' - Unknown... but still true!

'Y'know, we could actually be friends. If I didn't hate you so much or want you dead.' - The best way to make friends with people!

'Please, exit my life, and never return.' - Link in Xana's Wind Waker Super Abridged! (I could use this line a lot...)

'Rhythm King!' - An A Rank rhythm by Phantom R in Rhythm Thief!

'Whatever happened to chivalry?' - Phantom R questioning life today.

'I will tell you... in the afterlife!' - Napoleon in Rhythm Thief.

'The number of ‘followers’ you have does not make you better than anyone else. Hitler had millions, and Jesus had 12.' - UltraFacts getting deep.

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