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“Life is strong. It’s all around us, yet it can fade away in a second. Our life is precious and we take breaths to keep us going but what we don’t realize is it is the breaths that take our breath away that are the ones that want to make us want to live our life.” ~unknown MMAD Fan.

Greetings to all and a New Season!

My name is Athena it really is no joke. My full name is way to long. I have SIX middle names, yes, my family is crazy. Both parents majored in Greek history so thats why my name was Athena or Clio a greek muse. Clio is now my third middle name. Loopy, I know. I live in CA but travel to Europe for dad's wine business monthly it's wonderful but tiring when on a 10 hour flight or more when listening to dad's phone calls all the time and not understanding all the foreign languages like Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Greek, Spanish,and more. I know some French and Italian, but other than that I am very stuck. Sucks! My Dad lives there with mom and comes to visit me and my job here! So I can travel there and go to party's and play the good daughter and dance with everyone! Sucks again! Really it does you have no idea!

I am now 28 living with my boyfriend and love Harry Potter among other movies and stories like, James Bond (know-it-all), Classic Films, and more. I don't love all ships but I am a huge fan of MMAD. So all my stories are about them pretty much. I am also a walking IMDb literally my favorite actress ever since I was 6 and saw her on stage is Maggie Smith. We went to see 'Lettice and Lovage' at the Globe Theatre, I didn't understand much, but my parents said I was captivated by her and I have been in love with her ever since. I know it's been a long time but when you like someone that much you don't loose it trust me. I went to see 'The Lady From Dubuque' in 2007 and loved it. But I have never personally got an autograph from her just a authentic one from Ebay, oh well.

I have great friends and a great life but a never ending passion for reading and writing stories along with drawing art for MMAD and other dreams.

Hope you enjoy, and never give up writing I have read hundreds upon hundreds (689 to be exact that has been in just favorites under bookmarks and more too, that I have loved but not saved sadly). You are all amazing it's shocking, you have such passion, it's marvelous!

Cheers and a Good Wishes to all and hope you have Family close by!


P.S. And, Yes I know that it is not Christmas!

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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