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Author has written 5 stories for Artemis Fowl, Yu-Gi-Oh, Doctor Who, and Winnie-the-Pooh.

Recent news: I have exams in January, and then again in May/June. There will be NO updates in May. Also, my profile will undergo yet another major change. I'll also be spending two weeks during the summer after my exams that I'm dedicating to The Cat's Cradle so you can be sure the story will be finished before the end of this year. :)

DON'T FORGET: You can decide how many chapters are in The Cat's Cradle! Pick a number between 31 [all chapters will be relevant] and 40 [at least five random chapters]. This will be up until (I think) the end of February. Thanks!

Name: Sarah - or SP, if you like username-based nicknames...

Age: Physically, 17; mentally, probably much closer to six ;) heh

Birthday: 3rd July

Tumblr: ex-amore

FormSpring: Pen2Papyrus

Deviant Art: ShadowedPuppeteer (note: I may be deleting this soon because it confuses me...besides, I have a Photobucket account so I just need to sort out my stuff on there)

FictionPress: ShadowedPuppeteer

I also write fanfiction for the Jonas Brothers so if you're curious...
JonasBrothersFanfictionArchive: sizzaJJ

Holy moly, one of my stories is on a community archive!! :O Eek, how excited!!! Seriously, though, go check out the rest of those stories - they are both amazing and heartbreaking. LONG LIVE THE DOCTOR DONNA!

Completed stories!

An Ancient Egyptian Cinderella.
- Yu-Gi-Oh!.
A one shot I’m intending to rewrite. Quite obviously, set in ancient Egypt. It’s a Pharaoh Atem story... this is again probably obvious merely from the title. I thought it was brilliant when I first wrote it, but I look back now and cringe... In my defence, the absolute oldest I could have been was twelve. So you know... for a twelve-year-old...
But now it’s been over four years and I can do so much better!
Note: Thank you so much to everyone who’s added it to their favourites! I hadn’t expected such a reception! :D

Something Missing.
- Doctor Who.
A few weeks after the Earth moved across the universe, Wilfred Mott wonders whether Donna remembers anything about the Doctor, even just as an unidentified hole in her heart.
This is basically an idea that came to me, not while watching Journey's End like you might think, but the episode Turn Left. Y'know the one with the alternate universe and the fun Italian family? I just wondered if Donna would remember anything about the Doctor, which led to some actual deep thinking, which led to me writing this story. But set post-Journey's End. Obviously. :)

Christopher Robin.
- Winnie-the-Pooh.
While Christopher Robin is packing up to go to university, he happens to stumble upon a very old friend.
Another short story from a tiny flash of inspiration. Partly based on Winnie-the-Pooh, partly on Toy Story 3, and partly on my own feelings and experiences, this is a tale about a boy who has grown up and finds a once beloved stuffed bear.

Stories in progress!

The Cat’s Cradle.
- Artemis Fowl.
Updated: 31/08/11
I’m not sure why I posted this when I did. I’d already decided to write at least most of it first... I think I’ll assume that I was bored. But hey, I’ve finally sorted out the definite plot! Hooray! (Cake for everyone!)
The Cat’s Cradle is a story about a girl called Quinn is determined to become Artemis’s first friend, and not only that but to unravel his secrets. She could never have guessed the truth. But then the world as she knows it collapses around her ears, and the further she is sucked into the world of the fairies, the greater the danger of her demise.
Sticking to a writing formula I favour, relationships are built up over the first few chapters, and then shit gets real and I throw them into such an awful mess... I feel quite sorry for them, haha. :P
But in my opinion, and with my not-so-great-yet skill, it’s hard to write random relationship-building events in the middle of OMGENDOFTHEWORLD events. Particularly the relationship-building events I have in mind for this particular story.

My next project

How To Forgive.
- Yu-Gi-Oh!.
A new student arrives at Domino High, and after humiliating herself in front of the entire class, Yugi and his friends befriend her. They quickly grow close, though she could never have expected their secret. But with the appearance of the legendary city of Atlantis, they all discover that there's more than the Pharaoh's name they don't know - and their friendship with Mayu was no coincidence.
Now this is a story I'm in love with! I love Mayu and the entire subplot I came up with (y'know, the main plot being season four and all). There'll also be a short story/one shot to accompany this, but only after I've put up the entire of How To Forgive so I'll just leave it here.
Also, this is a YamixOC story. Because it's in the modern day. That makes it 'Yami' rather than 'Atem'... if you get me.

The future of ShadowedPuppeteer

(The future of my stories has changed since I wrote this. Bear with me while I sort this out.)

To all Artemis Fowl fans: I am sorry to say that, at this moment in time, The Cat's Cradle is the only Artemis Fowl fanfic I plan on writing.

However, all you Yu-Gi-Oh! fans are in luck! I find so many of the characters fascinating that I can't help but be inspired. After How To Forgive, there is...
- a Pharaoh Atem X OC story (and it's sequel)
- a Mahad X OC story
- a Thief King Bakura X OC story
- a Seto X OC or a Duke X OC story (the love triangle is part of the plot so I'm not giving anything away)
- a Yugi story
- and possibly a Ryou story.
That's seven stories, folks!

Another fandom I have two stories for is Avatar: The Last Airbender. They are an Aang X OC story and a Zuko X OC story. The first one pretty much follows the show, like How To Forgive does with Yu-Gi-Oh!. However, I do have a series of canon-pairing ficlets I would like to write (as well as essays, over on my FictionPress account - but they're not there yet).

I also have a Harry Potter story planned, a Fred X OC one. My sister asked me to write it so there we are.

There are also a couple of Glee fics floating around in my head. However, these are a little different. There are three:
- a Blaine story (yep, just Blaine)
- a Blaine X Kurt series of one shots (guess who my favourite couple is)
- a ficlet/short one shot about Coach Beiste (because I adore her).

Thanks to a fairly newfound love of Eleven X Rose angst, I have been inspired to write my own series of non-chronological Doctor Who angsty one shots. Not limited to Doctor X Rose (my shameless OTP), I will branch out into all the companions (unfortunately only of the NuWho era - I haven't yet watched enough Classic Who to write them). There may also be the occasional humour, if I'm so inspired!

Finally, I have a story planned for Criminal Minds - a Spencer X OC one. This is the least planned one, so it'll probably be the last one published. Eventually, though!

Mixed up in all these multi-chaptered stories will be one shots, for which I don't have any plans at the moment. They always seem to be spur-of-the-moment deals, so we won't know until I put one up! :)


Generally, I read and write canonxOC stories. However, there are some fandoms in which I absolutely adore a canonxcanon couple (e.g. Jounouchi/Joey and Mai from Yu-Gi-Oh; Usagi and Mamoru from Sailor Moon; Miaka and Tamahome from Fushigi Yugi) so I may write some stories for them. Though I won’t read them. I’m not entirely sure why...
Not including The Cat’s Cradle, I plan to write the entire story before I even think about posting it here. I’m terrible with updating, and I know from experience that if I don’t get reviews on something then I become horribly unmotivated and go into a depression and ignore the poor story. (I’m not including The Cat’s Cradle because I was foolish and decided I could keep up with myself. Turns out, I can’t.)

As many YGO fans appear to do, I call nice Bakura ‘Ryou’ and Yami Bakura just plain ‘Bakura’. It makes it so much easier. Also it’s less syllables and I’m very lazy. XP
Also, I tend to think of the gang as about 17/18 - that is, seniors in high school. I might make them juniors, but that’s the youngest I’ll go within the story timeline, especially now that I'm getting older (dudes, I'm seventeen now!). Mokuba is usually 12 or 13, and Seto’s age is either the same or a year older than the gang's, depending upon the storyline. [Note: This is only if the story is set during school - maybe I'll write one set some years later!]

Pertaining to all stories set in Japan, I have a vague idea what the Japanese school system is like. All stories that have a high school in them will have all lessons taught in the same room, as is actual Japanese school stuff, but I put a five minute break between classes. ’Cause I’m nice like that. ;) Heh heh.

Why I write OCs
If I said I have nothing against canonxcanon pairings, I’d be mostly lying. I usually have a hard time seeing two characters together, except for special cases (e.g. Jounouchi and Mai in Yu-Gi-Oh; Usagi and Mamoru in Sailor Moon) which is a reason I create my own characters...but also because it’s just so much more fun. If you’re dealing with all characters who’s personalities are already set in stone, there’s only so far you can stretch them before suspension of belief becomes impossible, and there are only so many plots you can think up. With OCs, literally anything is possible [within the realms of that fandom].
Also, you may have noticed that my preferred fandoms are more weighted in male characters than female. This causes what I call ‘only-girl-in-the-group syndrome’ (TV Tropes may have an official name for it, let me know if you uncovered it ;) ) and, as much as I would like otherwise, I have very little patience for these ‘perfect’ girls. (Examples: Katara in Avatar; Téa in Yu-Gi-Oh; Holly in Artemis Fowl (though I do quite like her).)
And despite what you’re all thinking, I’m not jealous of all these girls ’cause I happen to have a crush on whichever guy. 1) It’s not my fault I like things with tons of bishies! I have a crush on the Tenth Doctor yet I think he and Rose are so cute and absolutely hated Martha for two years! 2) ... Okay, maybe a little. ¬¬

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll
I bet that heading got your attention, didn’t it? ;) Haha. Basically this li’l ol’ section is me warning you about various potentially mature content.

Swearing - Personally, I swear a lot. It’s very unladylike, and I do keep meaning to change it, but then something bad happens and I scream curses like there’s no tomorrow. (It makes me feel better, don’t judge me, okay?)

Sex - I have not had sex and do not see it happening in the foreseeable future. I will not include on-page sex unless it adds to and fits with the story; I won't even include off-page sex unless it adds to and fits with the story.

Torture and Gore - I suppose this will depend on the story. I am not a squeamish person (for example, the only time I flinched during House of Wax was when they peeled off the beautiful Jared Padalecki’s skin off... I had a minor crush on him at the time...) and I have no qualms with writing graphic scenes. However, it’s very unlikely I’ll come up with a story that calls for this. So the most you may have to put up with is Thief King Bakura ripping a few heads off. Imagine him shirtless if you like. ;)

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking - I admit I’ve had a little alcohol with my friends, but that’s all I’ll ever do. Smoking is vile and drugs are awful and ruin your body. (I don’t drink much...despite being such a heavyweight, haha. ;) ) But I might put them in a story. It depends, like torture/gore, what kind of situation the characters are in. I won’t mollycoddle you. And I’m determined not to be a total wuss of a writer and only write happy, fluffy stories where Bad Things Don’t Happen. PS; this also goes for death. (Though please, if you personally smoke or do drugs, don't think I don't like you. I do not judge a person by what they choose to put in their bodies.)

Perverted Jokes - I have a (in my and my best friend’s opinions) hilariously perverted mind. I could probably turn anything you say into something dirty. I think the conversations my friends and I have are all about video games and sex. (Maybe this has something to do with they’re pretty much all guys...?) But whatever. This means that, more likely than not, my stories will be abound with perverted jokes. Some may be subtler than others, but you can’t say I didn’t warn you when you come across a crude one!

Trigger warning - This applies to physical, mental, emotional, sexual, animal, substance (e.g. drugs, alcohol); and child abuse; self harm; rape; and suicide. I will not avoid writing them if my muse tells me the story needs something to work. However, for all of these, I will provide a trigger warning with the first chapter and the appropriate subsequent chapters.

Other stuff - I will tell you now that I am quite a liberal feminist with strong and stubborn morals. Therefore, I make an active attempt not to be any kind of -phobic; I make an active attempt not to be ableist, racist, etc; I make an active attempt to be accommodating; I make an active attempt not to be cruel to or about mental and physical illnesses. In my later stories (the unnamed ones), I will most likely try and educate readers. (Just so you know.)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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