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Heyy Red6 here! hopefully u like my story so far. sorry for the late updates!

name-Red6(hahaha!!! nice try but no!)

gender-girl!!!!! and dont you forget that!!!!



oh and my best friend is queenofthebloodmoon

well i love-bleach, , final fatasy (all of them!), and devil may cry (all of them as well), um... i keep forgeting but you get the picture!

favorite bleach characters-- renji, momo, kenpechi, and rukia and more but i dont want to type much right now ;)

foods-pancakes, pizza, and much, much more!!!!

i luv to swim, and i luv soccer! and horse riding, and rollerblading oh and one more thing...

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and also the Three Legendary Wolves(bleach) , and a crossover bleach and devil may cry(3)

the Three Legendary Wolves-- three girls with wolf genes. three guys fall for them! OMG!!! OC characters= Max, a black wolf(darkness); Jamie, a red wolf(sun); and Alice, a gray/light blue wolf (moon) humor

bleach/devil may cry(3)-- Christina is a devil hunter, and dante's childhood friend. but when they end up in the soul society and they are demons lurking around will all of the soul reapers accept them so they can save soul society from total destruction. mean while Virgil is teaming up with Aizen and the 10 espada. action adventure

bleach-- kya is the ;eader of the crimson pack. but when both of her brothers betray and leave to join Azien. only her, her best friend-kiku- and her pack must join the soul society to stop all of them.action adventure

bleach-- kana and hana are unkonwn soul reapers in karakura town but when they are captured by azien they must escape. but first... they mess with them! Humor

well what do ya think? well it sounds stupid now but when i publish it you. will. love. it!!!!!!

well i have to go. love to all my fans!!!!--from-Red6

if you love bleach then copy this and put it on your profile(if you dont have one put it on a word document!)

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