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Updating my profile, because it was completely screwed up . . . .

Hello! I'm Arciadrian, but most people just call me Jake. I love to write, and it takes up quite a bit of my time. Among my bad habits are writing on more than one story at a time, and losing interest in a story halfway through. Because I also have a FictionPress account, (also posting as Arciadrian) Not all of my work is here. A little more about me, since you went to all the trouble of clicking on my profile. I live in eastern Washington, in the beautiful mountains near the border of Idaho. Hobbies include writing, (duh) Reading, hiking, swimming, and piano.

I've had a few people suggest that I do a little section on the movies and stuff I like, so here you go:

Favorite Movie: Avatar, though I refuse to write anything for it. I know it wouldn't be good enough.

Favorite Book Series: At the moment, I'm at a tie between the Night Angel Trilogy, and the Inheritance Cycle.

Favorite Author: I must say that would be Christopher Paolini.

Favorite Actor: Umm, no one's ever asked me that before, so I has no answer.

Current Favorite Writer on FF: The wonderful Serindraxx, of course! After her, several notches down, since none could match her awesomeness, would be Studentor, and probably Silverwolf05.

Favorite Video Game: Zelda!!! XD

Current Stories:

Immortal Bloodlines: After being granted the ultimate gift, Anak, Sole, and Sirius, children of the Titans Oceanus, Hyperion and Krios, have pledged themselves into the service of Poseidon, their adoptive father. But service to a god is never easy, especially when a civil war threatens to engulf Olympus.

MoonBane: The third installment of the WolvesBane trilogy, this is the final part of the tale of Zeke the Werewolf. After being bitten by ancient Werewolf Ira Del Cor, Zeke met up with Koer, another "child' of Del Cor, after changed Matt and Aaron, they took down the tyrant. In part two, they met up with an imitator, who had named himself Dolor Del Cor. With the help of Tenebre, one of Dolor's Werewolf soldiers, they were able to defeat him as well. In part three, the Pack learns of an ancient being, the First Werewolf. Around the same time, a werewolf names Lykanthropos meets with them, and explains that he will protect them from a rising threat, the possibility of a truly immortal Werewolf.

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Jackson, Where's My Paycheck? by theharshlightofday reviews
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Oromis and Glaedr are dead, leaving Eragon alone in a turbulent world. When he is captured by Galbatorix's new pets and separated from Saphira, can he rely on his brother and some new friends to get him out? And what lurks in the Spine? COMPLETE!
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Ganondorf grabbed Link's shoulders and pulled him to his feet. The man held the Hero's back against his chest, leaned over and whispered in his ear. "As long as you breathe, o Hero, I will always live on." Revised.
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Future Imperfect by Silenta-Atestanto reviews
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The Legend of Zelda Hero of the Golden Goddesses reviews
Centuries after Twilight Princess, Hyrule is overrun by Gerudo, and the race of humans appears, forcing the other races into segregation. After the new human government begins to hunt down all non-humans, Link sets out to awaken the Three Golden Goddesses in the hope that they can put an end to the injustice.
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