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FF Name: Kamen Driver

Also known in some forums as: Whaddaheck, Ash_Coolkid

A former student paper editor, but a newbie in creative writing.

A Jdrama and Jmusic enthusiast.

A member of the Animecrazy and HenshinJustice Forums

A big fan of: Kamen Rider, of course :P I have seen all Heisei Kamen Rider Series, two Showa ones (Black and Black RX), and the Shin movie. I've also seen the two American adaptations: Saban's and Dragon Knight.

Also a fan of: Super Sentai. Particularly Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (I am a self-confessed Shiba Takeru fanboy :P).

Also a fan of: Full Metal Alchemist. Too bad it already ended. I'm planning to write a post-series fanfic about AlxMei and their adventures in Xing if time permits me.

Also a fan of: The Gundam Metaseries! I love the mechas, but I love the politics more... After doing KR Valtere I plan to write another KR fic with some Gundam elements in it (called Kamen Rider Infin-8, details below)

Also a fan of: Detective Conan, Bloody Monday, Death Note, Battle Royale, Liar Game...

Currently Writing: Kamen Rider Valtere, a KR fanfic that is Den-O inspired (though some Double, Faiz, Kuuga and Kiva elements start to surface on the story plot) with a loose Spirit/Soul/Ghost motif.

No. of Episodes - Target: 50, Currently Brainstormed: 20, Currently Posted: 13

Episode Listing (Posted)

1 - A Ghastly Beginning! Night of the New Moon!
2 - A Ghostly Transformation! Start of the Test!
3 - Valtere's Fighting Spirit! The Rider's Story is Revealed!
4 - The Grave Maiden's Grave Plans! VOICE in Big Trouble!
5 - Nightmare in Paradise! Confrontation with the Maiden!
6 - Lost in the Terror Train! The Kamen Rider's Debut!
7 - Valtere vs. Horseman! The Kamen Rider's Debut Part 2!
8 - Saved by the Devil? Start of a Memorable Summer!
9 - Abominable Snowman's Summer Break! A Heart Frozen by Revenge!
10 - The Ice Demon's Tragedy! Valtere is Burrrrrning!
11-12 - The Werewolf's Desperate Cry! Irreversible Acts!
13 - Scary Apparitions! A Change of Plans!
14 - Fendere's Retribution! The Story of the Silver Rogues!

Unposted (Subject to Change)

15 - Is SpecTRe Falling Apart? Taguchi's Prologue!
16 - Brothers by Spirit! Reunion or War Declaration?
17 - Enter W-RAITHS! Summer Break Officially Starts!
17 - A Festival Tainted with Blood! A Family of Aguimas!
18 - She's a Not-so-little Mermaid! Charmed or Doomed?
19 - The Island Nymph's First Love! Return thy Soul to the Sea!
20 - Hell's City? "We can't ignore them any longer!"
21 - Legend of the Earth Daughters! Yui's Capture Plan Resumed!

Next Up: Kamen Rider Devias

Synopsis: God’s Blood – the ink that the gods used when they drew the Earth on a heavenly parchment. With that ink they drew water, rocks, plants, animals, and humans – everything and anything they saw fit. It’s the ink that brought forth creation. Now, suppose that one day, someone gives you a bottle of God’s Blood. What will you do with it?

Inspired From: Kamen Rider Agito and Death Note

Other planned OC Kamen Rider fics:

1. Kamen Rider Infin-8

Earth has become a melting pot of different races: Humans, Grongis, Orphenochs, Worms, and Fangires. 1/3 of the planet is under one rule: the Great Shocker Federation (GSF). The world is seemingly peaceful… until one man decides to disturb it – the internationally-renowned terrorist codenamed INFIN-8.

2. Kamen Rider AAA (A’s/Ace)

He’s smooth, slick, suave, and sophisticated – or at least he says so. He is RIDESPY’s self-proclaimed best secret agent. Armed with his own Masked Rider System, he’s out to take on the most “ridiculously impossible” missions out there. Move out, 007… because AAA is IN DA HOUSE!

3. Kamen Rider Flux

Strange wormholes had appeared around Kuroyami Prefecture, gating in deadly creatures collectively known as Raiyuusha (lit. “tourist”). Fearing the effects of humans’ contact with the Raiyuusha, the government decided to totally isolate the region from any outside interaction. Two months later, the remaining citizens of Kuroyami are desperately fighting for their life against the increasing alien population. One day, a man named Ookuchi Kento finds a small wormhole spewing out an odd belt buckle, not knowing that this discovery will make him an unwilling hero in the battle against the Raiyuusha… and the government itself.

Other planned projects:

1. Kinjitou Sentai Uraeiger

Aboard a giant pyramid spaceship called the Khala-Khalaba, the fearsome space terrorist named Ad’Onat brings his legion of Oorus Tribemen to conquer the Earth, after a failed attempt at a previous planet. Little do they know that Earth has been long prepared for such an attack: the Uraeigers, a secret organization specifically formed to counter their looming threat.

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