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Hold me, whatever lies beyond this morning

Is a little later on

Regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all

Nothing's like before

Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru (The song i keep singing recently, even the jap version, mainly to tease a friend of mine who doesn't have a PSP and is dying to play Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep)

Status: gamer, reader, drawer (or sketcher maybe?). and oh, although i play games i don't enjoy animes too much, so i'm not an otaku

have been playing Front Mission 5 recently. Is there anybody who knows how to get the Schneider wanzer parts? i have Darril in my team and it doesn't appear!

i'm currently writing fan fics for Final Fantasy 13, maybe Ace combat and Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep

I'll say thx to everyone who has spent their time reading my stories, and more thx to the one who has reviewed it, be it good comments or flames (it seems that i haven't received any though). And special thx to:

1. Lollypop2008 for being my first friend on this side, although i can't seem to contact her again for the mean time

2. The Rebel Mage: Also one of my first friend. Wish you best of luck for the release of your story

3. Marluxia 13, also known as Ghost Roach in the past. Has been a constant reviewer for all of my story

4. Gordon Anderson: Provides me with a lot of great helps, and i really enjoy the conversations with you

5. SebyDood: Another great friend of mine. Disappearing on the mean time

6. MuffledSnickers: A great inspiration and the best story provider i ever met.

I should have said this much earlier, but i kept forgetting, where's my manner now? (imitating Aqua's quote in Disney Town)

About me...

Age:14 (minus a month to be exact)

Personality: Shy, lazy, cheerful, friendly (despite the fact that i frown a lot) ignoring, pessimist

Hobbies: Games, readings, singing (i can't survive a day without doing this

Fav Game Genres: RPGs (action, strategy, normal, i love them all), Simulator, some adventures.

Fav music Genres: Pop, rock, metal, and uhh...argh, i don't know much about music soo...yeah.

Fav musician: Utada Hikaru, Sugawara Sayuri, Linkin Park, Afgan (he's an indonesian singer), Sum41, Avenged Sevenfold

I'm dying for Scanner right now, it's absolutely needed to make a DA account.

fav games: Front Mission series, Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series, AceCombat series, Armored Core series.

And oh, i'm not a constant reviewer so...fanfiction is more of my interest than a hobby or job. I might update once a month or even longer.

Medicine is officially removed as i must say that i'm such an idiot and a hypocritical person i wrote a yuri but i said i despises them. Feel free to laugh about it as i actually laughed too when my friend mentioned it to me.

At least, i admit.

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