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Author has written 10 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Hunger Games.

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Previously Ex.Mea.Sententia. and Turtle Rolling Downhill.

I'm 18 and I live in Australia. I used to be on District Fourteen a lot.

What the hell is District Fifteen?

In short, District Fifteen is a forum wherein you can legally collect and submit tributes for SYOTs. Seriously. If you don't post list chapters, it's legal. No more annoyed flamers digging at you for taking up chapters beggin for tributes. And the forum includes a chat, help with writing, backround info (including some insight by the lovely Clara [Claratrix LeChatham] and Nathan [nathan-p] on how to name your tribute) and a monthly prompt.

You should really check it out.

My Stories

Because these sections are apparently all the rage.


The River Runs: [multichapter] [in progress] I'm quite fond of this little fic. It started out as just a thing I did because I could. It ended up being way longer than I intended, giving everyone on the forum ALL THE FEELS and spawning a sequel and some other things which I like to call "the fic pile". See below.

composure: [oneshot] [complete] Love in the Hunger Games doesn't always end well. A weird little oneshot that started off with me wondering about whether anyone's still religious in Panem, and then I liked the hymn so it sort of centred around that. It turned out bloodier than I expected.

Dance, Boy: [multichapter] [in progress] Teo Dance just wants to live. But he gets in out of his depth, and now he's just clinging to what's left of his life, trying tot to get dragged under. This is part of the aforementioned fic pile, taking place three years after the SYOT. Mainly set in District Six, revolves around gangs and crime. Also conspiracies. But that'll be spoiling.

Bloodstained Flowers: [oneshot] [complete] The Games leave nobody unscathed. Especially not their victor. Started off as a little musing about a random (nameless) victor, ended up significantly bloodier and more depressing.

Comprehension: [oneshot] [complete] They are the Capitol's children. The Games are their teacher, their history, their inheritance. One Capitol citizen, her two children, and one dead rabbit. Written for the D14 General Prompt "Young". A little strange thing that started off with me wondering about how old Capitol kids get before they realise that what's happening on tv is real.

grace period: [oneshot] [complete] Maysilee and Mallory Donner's birthday always falls a couple of days after the reaping. Mallory celebrates sixteen birthdays and sixteen cakes with her sister, until her world falls apart. Written for Starvation's July prompt: icing. About the Donner twins.

Dust and Lilies: [oneshot] [complete] Mother don't you cry for me, mother don't you weep. Lay me down under the green, lay me down to sleep. District 8 during the rebellion. Written for Starvation's August prompt: lullaby.

Don't even worry about the PJO fics they're crap.


grace period: [oneshot] Maysilee and Mallory Donner's birthday always falls a couple of days after the reaping. Mallory celebrates sixteen birthdays and sixteen cakes with her sister, until her world falls apart. Written for Starvation's prompt "icing".

Interactions: [oneshot] Gamemakers on a sultry, boring afternoon midway through the Games always devolves into betting, gossiping and flirting. Written for D14's prompt "technology". Plus, I wanted to write a piece with the Gamemakers being actual human beings rather than the cruel orchestrators of violence. Technically they're both, but anyway.

Leave Well Alone: [multichapter] Renny's mother always told her that someday she'd get in trouble that she couldn't get out of. She just didn't think it'd happen exactly the way it did. Because I wanted to write a HG crime fic that was more humorous than Dance. Part of the fic pile.

Currently Untitled: [multichapter] [becoming AU] Rosanna Fairley's first love is books. But when she meets Elliot Marconi, she learns that nothing in the Capitol is ever simple. The house of cards is about to fall. A multichapter thing about censorship in the Capitol, part of the "fic pile" leading towards the AU. You'll see.

Currently Untitled: [multichapter] A shorter (short here meaning about 10 000 words) multichapter about the victor of the 60th Hunger Games - sort of a sequel to The River Runs. Part of the fic pile.

Currently Untitled: [multichapter] [becoming AU] Chess and Vance, friends since childhood, struggle through life in District Ten - famine, frost, fire, and teenage angst, all surrounded by ridiculously unromantic herds of cows. This is going to be the lightest of the fic pile, a calm before the storm that is the final installment. It'll probably end up being fairly short, and kind of comedic at points. To be honest, I've only written about 2000 words of this, but it's shaping up to pretty fun.

Scars: [multichapter] [becoming AU] Selby Thatcher isn't a kid anymore. She hasn't been for years. All the crap that's happened in her life has hollowed her out and filled her back up with cynicism and bitterness. Again, a short little thing, probably less than a dozen chapters, about Selby Thatcher. Basically, the creation of a badass.

Currently Untitled: [multichapter] [AU] Tensions have been rising for years. Gang wars in 6, famine in 9, 10 and 11, strikes in 3, 5 and 8. The Capitol itself is dangling by a fine wire. The house of cards is falling. Rebellion fic. Takes place about eight years after the SYOT - the final installment in the fic pile. It's going to be pretty damn dark, and I will bring back pretty much every character from the previous seven stories at some point. Expect deaths. In short - everything is going to go to hell.


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