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Hey all,

ok so here it goes, I love twilight, its a little fantacy world I escape to when all else fails and life is well boring.

I'm really enjoying using fanfiction as my creative outlet. I like to play around with the characters and make things a little more the way I like.

I actually can't keep to a choice when it comes to my favourite character, it changes constantly. I do however always have a soft spot for the wolfpack. I just think life would be

boring without them, they're the life and soul of the books and films.

I'm not in anyway anti Edward or the Cullens, not at all although my current main fan fiction may seem that way don't be fooled

I LOVE reviews they mean a lot to me, they also make sure that im not just writting a boring load of crap. So if you read then review.

I warn you now that I am dyslexic, my grammer and spelling are not always quite perfect. Sorry.

I would beta my work but that would result in it taking longer to come out and well im as impatient as anyone reading them is basically.

At the moment I'm being pretty good with updateing but I always warn you that I do 12 hour shifts and I get lost on my days off just relaxing. Saying that the more you review the

faster I will get back to writting...hint...hint.

OK im done blabbering on.

Ok heres my new fic called Forever is over and I've put my other fiction on hold so this is now my main focus.

Its a Jacob fic but there will be plenty of the cullens and other wolves to satisfy all appetite.

I am now a member of staff at the WAYWARD PUSHERS woo!

Im standing alone but tall as a wolf girl. My interest is mainly in Jacob and Bella fiction but I also dabble in other pack related fictions.

http:// the fic pusher. blogspot. com/

just take out the spaces and have a peak. then message in if you are interested :D

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