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Gender: Female!

Hair color:dyed...haha

Eye color:really dark brown...unless the sun hits them

Birthday: September 3rd

Age: (almost!) 14

Siblings: none

Interests: reading, singing, listening to music, being with my friends, acting stupid, writing

What was the last book you read?I'm in the middle of reading "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

What's your personality like? I'm quiet;I'm loud;I'm silly;I'm serious;I can be your best friend;Or I can be your worst enemy;I'm pretty much everything haha

Who do you have a crush on? =x

What was the last thing you thought?What to put for this question...that was what i thought.

What's it like being you? no comment.

What are your thoughts on writing? It lets me vent my feelings by putting people into predicaments that could be worse or better than my own.

How tall are you? Um…5 feet 4 inches

What book are you currently reading? Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

What music are you listening to? Right now...45-Shinedown.

What was the last website you visited before fan fiction? i believe?

What was the last thing you cooked? ider

What color are the walls of the room you are in? boring white =p

How many different programs are on your computer right now? 5

Have you ever been water-skiing? nahh

What is the weather like? Rainy =p

Are you going an vacation this summer and where? Illinois

Anything else? no?

Who is the most special person to you? my mother

What's your favorite childhood memory? any with my family

Scariest moment of your life? idk

One word that would best describe you? insane

What is your favorite month in the summer? august...because it's getting closer to Fall =)

What is the nicest thing anyone ever said to you? idk

What does your user name mean : means that i'm a fan of strange days at blake holsey high?

What is your favourite Disney movie? The Nightmare Before Christmas

What made you smile today? my friend...haha

Last thing you said out loud? I think i was yelling at the computer

Last rainbow you saw? I saw one a few weeks ago.

A Strange Week reviews
Josie is having a strange week. First she's waking up and getting to class EARLY. Then she's falling in love or has been in love XO with someone unexpected! What happened?
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 9 - Words: 2,604 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 2 - Published: 6/19/2010