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FIRST OF ALL! In all my stories, when I upload it gets all stupid and deletes my indentations on paragraphs, and when I try to indent with spaces on the editing for this site, the indents don't stay. Until I figure this crap out, no indents on paragraphs. Sorry :/ SECOND!! Sometimes I put hearts in the stories but the little "less than" sign dissappears, so random 3's are hearts, ok?

Name: Shannon
Age: 13
Appearance: Golden blonde hair that is a pixie on the left side and fades in length to shoulder length on right side,hair has red streak (strawberry blonde-ish) on right side, pale skin, green eyes that often appear gold, pierced ears (only one piercing), 5'2'' tall, about 100lbs. (and that's frickin' light for a 13 year old. It worries me, honestly...stupid genes)faint summer freckles, and glasses. (For reading, writing, and other such activities)
Gender: similar to most users of this site, I am a girl.
Favorite color(s): black, dark red, blue, purple, silver
Favorite musicians/artists: ADAM LAMBERT, Lady Gaga, My Chemical Romance, Owl City, Tokio Hotel, System Of A Down, and other various artists/songs.
Writing style: I think my favorite, most used fandom is Adommy. (Adam Lambert + TommyJoe Ratliff) I can write pretty much anything...fights, romance, comedy, lemons...WHOA, how'd the last one get there?! ;) just kidding, it was meant to be there.

Update: Until now, this profile has sounded pretty professional. If you didn't like it, read on for good news. If you LIKED it professional...well, if you read further, you're S.O.L. (If you know what that means, great. If not, eh, I'm not explaining.)

The Good (or possibly bad) News: I'm going to stop being so professional. This is a free site, dang it! Being professional just makes me sound uptight. So, more casual-ness below. \/ \/ \/ :D

About me: I'm a HUGE supporter of Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, and Transgender rights, even though I'm straight. LGBT-RIFFIC! (Say it out loud, you'll understand. :D) I'm insane over Adam and TommyJoe, and my nails are almost always painted. I love spring because of the flowers, but hate it because of bees. I love summer because I climb trees and catch fireflies, but hate it because of the heat and, yes, bees. I love fall because of the leaves changing colors and the mild tempurature, but hate it because of the high pollen levels (I'm allergic to pollen). I love winter for the sledding, snowball fights and making fires (I'm a pyro ;D), but hate it because it's so cold. I wasn't made for either intense heat or cold, and my astrological sign is Libra. (9/28/1997) I'm very sarcastic and love making jokes, but I also know when to shut up, because it's not being taken humorously. I'm straightforward and procrastinating. I'm a scatterbrain and have a good memory. I'm crazy and a freak. I'm contradicting, and also plain and simple, like an open book. I have so many sides I can't count them all, but somehow they all pull together to make me who I am. sometimes I wish I wasn't an "outcast" but nevertheless, I wouldn't trade it for anything. :)

Now that I'm done being sappy and deep, I think that's all I wanted to say about me! xD

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