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I am a Twilight Addict and a Harry Potter Fanatic.

I like Anime, Manga and JRock. I love reading novels based in 18th and19th century China.

For example: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See and The Concubine's Daughter by Pai Kit Fai

Some of favorite anime/manga I love to read fanfiction from are Gundam Wing, NANA, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam Seed, Fruits Basket, Dragonball Z/GT Video Games I read fanfiction for: Kingdom Hearts Also goes without saying really I read a lot of Harry Potter and Twilight fanfiction as well as Hunger Games and soon to join, Vampire Academy.


08/12/17: Edited Chapters one and two a little bit as I changed my mind on a few aspects and for better story plot. Sorry for the sudden change but I promise it is for the better. Don't worry not too much is changed just a couple factors people were a little confused about. :)

08/04/17: Sorry there hasn't been an update in a awhile, I got married in the July so it's been a little busy around here to say the least. Now things have calmed down and I'm getting back in to the writting groove. a new chapter will be out soon!

05/20/17: New chapter of HPLG is up! Chapter three is in the works. :)

05/19/17: Chapter 2 of HPLG is now complete and just needs to be BETA read and will be posted shortly after that. Yay! Chapter three has offficially been started as well and already a fair way into writing it.

05/18/17: The chapter is coming along, it's almost ready to be sent to my betas. I'm a perfectionist so it's taking me a bit to make sure everything lines up and my facts are right. :)

05/09/17: Chapter 2 is in the works and trust me you are going to love it. For those who are wondering how I am picturing Alexa in my head, I see Amy Pond from Doctor Who, when it comes to how she looks. Hence I used her as a cover image for the story I just added. :)

04/26/17: Chapter one of Harry Potter and the Lost Girl is now Complete and been sent to the Beta should only be a few hours now. :D -- and it's published.

04/21/17: Chapter one of Harry Potter and the Lost Girl is coming along progress was slowed down due to me having strep throat. Now that I am finally getting better more progress is being made. I am hoping to have chapters out every 1 to 2 weeks. Any delays I will keep you updated about here.

04/16/17: Chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Lost Girl is in the process of being written. Will keep you updated.

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